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"Sasuke Uchiha, what a lovely surprise,"

Sasuke stared evenly at the man seated across the room from him, refusing to show any signs of fear or insecurity. He would not allow himself to be distracted by the power that he could feel radiating off of Madara, and he would not allow himself to be intimidated by it either. He was here for something specific and he wouldn't be leaving until he got it.

"I needed-"

"Madara... Please?" A voice interrupted him, sounding tiny and frail. Sasuke paused, looking down at the pitiful figure of the third vampire, crouched low at his brother's feet like an obedient pup, with one wrist that had tried to reach for Madara's lips, but was now instead gripped firmly in Madara's hand. What a disgusting image the two of them made together.

"Hush, Izuna." Madara scolded, "Sasuke, please continue."

"I needed to speak with you." Sasuke announced, keeping his chin held high.

"Please, please... too full, please..." They both ignored Izuna's desperate mutterings.

"Speak then, and try to be quick about it." Madara said, not even sparing his brother a downwards glance, even when the man began to thrash and twist in pain. Sasuke did his best not to gawk at Izuna himself, but it was a difficult effort. He looked so miserable, so desperate, so in pain. He was clawing at his own wrist, and the blood dripped down in agonizing rivulets, bright red against nearly transparent skin.

"Well," Sasuke began, distracted by Izuna's behavior, but determined to get out what he had to say. "My blood, lately... It's been sort of... Well, suffice to say that I bleed more easily."

Madara smirked.

"It hurts, Madara! Madara, please!" Izuna was screaming now, and scratching himself anywhere he could, then thrusting the wounded area towards Madara, and all the while whining, begging, pleading, with such urgency, such open and declared need.

"Bleed more easily – when?" Madara asked, ignoring his brother as he twitched and contorted.

Sasuke bit his lip nervously, not liking the knowledge in those eyes and hating the continuous interrupting behavior from the vampire on the floor as it went on and on, increasing in both volume and intensity.

"No particular time," He lied, "It just... comes out more easily. The blood, I mean." His eyes couldn't stay away from Izuna anymore, and they went frantically back and forth between the two brothers, watching as Izuna cried, thick red tears that smeared messily against his haunted but perfect face. Insane eyes wide open as they stared up at Madara, a level of worship in them that made Madara seem like some sort of deity, and yet there was a yearning there that Sasuke knew was not for him to see.

"No, young one. I don't believe it's really all the time. In fact, I bet that blood of yours only acts that way when your darling brother is all puckered up and ready for a sip of it."

It was easy for Sasuke to fake surprise. After all, he hadn't expected to be called on his untruth. Still, he didn't like giving the elders so much information. They were known to be cunning... He decided to deny Madara's accusation. "I don't have any idea what you're talk-"


Madara sighed, looking quite annoyed. "Hold on to your lie for just a moment longer, if you don't mind, Sasuke." He yanked his brother onto his lap and sunk his teeth deeply into his neck, drinking gulp after gulp of blood until Izuna went feint and passed out atop him, with his bony bloodied limbs still hanging there in unnatural ways. Sasuke stared in horror.

"You didn't have to bleed him to death just to shut him up..." He whispered, cruelly disturbed by what he'd just seen.

Madara laughed, and I t was a sick twisted sound that Sasuke hated even more than he'd hated Izuna's noises of desperation. It echoed off the tomb-hollowed walls in a horrific way that was all terror and no mirth.

"Stupid boy," The old vampire said tauntingly, licking his blood-stained lips, "That's what he'd been begging for all along."


There were several ways that people did not like waking up. No one likes waking up to loud and unpleasant noises. No one likes waking up to a bucket of cold water. No one likes waking up alone after a night that they thought was meaningful.

For a vampire – that list was even longer. No one likes waking up with sun peeking through their window. No one likes waking up thirsty with the knowledge that they don't have enough blood left in their own body to hunt. No one- No one- likes waking up with a wooden stake pressed against their naked chest.

Unfortunately, that's exactly how Neji Hyuuga woke.

He blinked his eyes open, aware that firstly- the thick black curtains usually over his window were gone, and if he moved from his bed he'd be fried. Secondly – he'd been so busy the night before that he'd had no time to hunt. Thirdly – there was a wooden stake pressed against his naked chest.

Oh, jolly.

"Naruto, love, what's wrong?" He asked, speaking very slowly, in the way that one speaks to a child holding a gun, or an insane man who has taken a child hostage.

His boyfriend didn't answer, he simply kept the steak pressed against Neji's heart with moderate pressure, breaking the skin just enough that Neji's energy was being wasted trying to heal it, but not enough for it to kill him or do him permanent harm.

Naruto's hands were shaking.

The next major discovery that Neji made was the reddish glow that seemed to be surrounding Naruto. Gone were the gorgeous blue eyes that he admired so, and demonic red ones replaced them. He looked deeper into those eyes and saw pure, unhidden distress.

"I don't want to do this," Naruto whispered, as tears raced down his cheeks.

Of course, of all the humans to fall in love with, Neji had to pick the one possessed by a vampire-murdering demon.

"Then don't do it," Neji said, sounding much more sure than he felt, "You're stronger than this, Naruto."

He could see the rage in the demon's eyes for a moment, and thought that whatever part of Naruto that was protecting him from being staked might have slipped away. Then, with a high keening shriek, Naruto threw the stake across the room, and leaped away from Neji, breathing deeply and roughly.

A moment later, he was closing the curtains, and then he curled into himself, crying miserably.

Neji didn't know how long the blond was there on the floor, but he had to admit, he was rather hesitant to go comfort him.

Nearly two hours later, neither of them had moved, but there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Neji said quietly, admitting an ashen-faced Sasuke who looked about as terrified as Neji had felt when he woke up.

Somehow, the first thing that Sasuke noticed when he entered the room was the slightly bloody stake sitting untouched in the middle of the floor. With several looks going quickly back and forth between the stake and Naruto, he shook his head and turned to Neji.

"I am already way too fucked up to even wanna know what that was about," He said, glancing again at the stake, "But did you know that when vampires from the same clan enter romantic relationships with each other, the similarity between the blood becomes so strong that they are literally sharing it?"

Deciding that he could afford the distraction in that moment, Neji humored Sasuke and gestured for him to continue.

"I mean, take me and Itachi for example, if we go on for much longer drinking from each other, then the blood in his veins will be the exact same blood that's in mine."

Neji nodded.

"You see the issue, then, yes?"

Neji sighed, "Of course. No two vampires have the same exact type of blood. That's what makes us so elite. We're all unique in our powers and strengths, which means that there are barely any sure ways to kill us." They both looked down at the stake then – one of the sure ways to kill a vampire.

"Exactly," Sasuke continued, "So if Itachi and I reach a point where our blood is that identical, it will start rejecting whoever has the most of it in that moment. I mean – painfully. It will literally start trying to force itself into the other person's body instead."

Neji was struck with the distinct impression that Sasuke was not just learning this from a book. The horrified expression on the Uchiha's face was a pretty good hint.

"You've seen it happen to someone, haven't you? That thing you're talking about. The needing your blood to get out of your body."

Sasuke nodded, glad that Neji didn't ask too many questions about how Sasuke just happened to know two other vampires in an incestuous relationship with each other.

"It scares me, Neji. I don't want that for me or Itachi. Already, we smell almost identical. Already, I bleed more easily when I'm around him."

"So what are you going to do? Stop drinking from each other?" It was Naruto who had asked it, and both Neji and Sasuke looked down at him in shock at the perfectly rational solution.

"I suppose I could do that..." Sasuke mused.

But Neji knew by the look on his friend's face that Sasuke wouldn't stop. He and Itachi were addicted to each other. They would keep on going exactly as they were until it destroyed them, exactly like he was doing with Naruto. It seemed that in the end, the Uchiha brother's would be the downfall of each other.

Neji wished he knew a way to help, but another glance at the stake on his floor and he remembered that he really had some domestic issues to work out first.

Sasuke seemed to be hearing his thoughts.

"We're just screwed, aren't we?" The Uchiha asked, dramatically collapsing to the ground, though his "fall" managed to land him several paces away from the stake.

"Screwed, huh?" Neji considered, "Yep. I think that's exactly correct."

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