Chapter One

It was a Saturday afternoon and they were all in Kyoya's room. Everyoye, except Kyoya, was content. They were all talking animatedly, except Kyoya, and drinking tea. Kyoya, who would rather be catching up on work rather than spend more time than absolutely necessary with "the idiots," sighed dejectedly as he clacked away on his laptop.

They had shown up unannounced, and Kyoya knew better than to turn away the Suoh heir.

"What we need for our next theme is something…alluring, something powerful and seductive," Tamaki was saying, dramatically waving his arms and earning the attention of no one. "Something like…."

"Showbiz!" The twins said in unison. "Razzle-Dazzle!"

"When was the last time I went to the circus?" Haruhi asked herself, looking thoughtful.

Tamaki stopped and looked at her, an expression of pity on his face. "My poor daughter! Working so hard, never any time to have fun…Gentlemen! This weeks theme will be a three-ring circus! We must restore joy and innocence!"


Everyone turned to the girl standing by the door. She wore an expensive-looking suit in a light-blue color, the tight skirt stopping mid-thigh. Her long hair hung loose in bouncy ringlets and she wore sensible pumps. Lawyer?

"And who-" Hikaru grinned as he slid to her right and pulled her in.

"Are you?" Kaoru mirrored from her left.

"Ah," she smiled, slamming her elbow into Hikaru's ribs and digging her heel into Kaoru's sholess toes. "You must be the famous Host Club…I am Minako. I was sent to inform Kyoya-sama that his father wishes to see him…" She let the sentence trail off as her eyes bore straight into Kyoya, who had finally stopped typing and was looking at her in a way that was dangerously close to Shadow King Mode.

"Kyoya-sama?" The twins asked from the floor.

"How very kind of you to come all this way to deliver the message, Minako," Kyoya said with a chilling smile that sent Tamaki into a near-panic and the twins into Retreat Mode.

Minako's smile was just as chilling, if not more so as she bowed to her Young Master. "It is only my duty, Kyoya-Sama." Straightening up she said, "And now I must take my leave. Please hurry, Young Master, your father does not like to be kept waiting." And she was gone.

"Kyo-chan, who was that girl?" Honey asked, his lips covered in frosting. "She's very pretty!"

Kyoya sighed, already gathering his paperwork. "That's Kobayashi Minako, my personal secretary."

This pulled Tamaki from 2-D mode. "Ehhh? Mommy, since when do you have a personal secretary? Why didn't you tell me sooner? How could you replace me like that?"

Pushing up his glasses, Kyoya glared at Tamaki. "Don't call me Mommy. I have to go, I trust you'll have a theme picked out by tomorrow? Feel free to stay as long as you like…and next time, don't show up unannounced."

Kyoya sat across his father, hands folded primly in his lap, face carefully controlled into a schooled mask of composure. Mr. Ootori glared at his youngest son before beginning. "Have you been made aware of the situation regarding Westbrook Industries in England?"

"Yes, father." Westbrook Industries was a British rival company that was looking to expand in Japan…unacceptable to the Ootori family.

"Good. I want you to make the trip to London and smooth things over. I want results even if you have to spend the whole week there. I will not accept failure on your part, Kyoya…Understood?"

"Yes, father."

"Now get out of my office."

Minako was waiting for him in his room, her laptop propped on her lap as she sat on the couch facing the door. She looked up as he entered. "Your friends left a few minutes ago."

He made a sound of noncommittance and she continued."Kyoya-Sama, I have booked a flight for London. It departs tomorrow morning at 6:45 am. Assuming everything is on time and conditions are favorable, the flight will take twelve hours and twenty-three minutes."

"Very well," he said, hating that he couldn't take his bitterness out on her. She was much too organized. Nevertheless, he tried to find a fault with her preparations. "Have you made lodging arrangements?"

"Of course, Kyoya-Sama," she said, looking a little affronted. "We will be staying at The Montcalm on Park Lane. A car will be wating at the airport."

"What about a translator?"

"I will be there, sir. I am perfectly capable of translating during meetings…unless you'd rather I call someone else?"

"That's not necessary." He made his way toward the bathroom, towel in hand. "I expect my luggage to be packed by the time in done showering," he said over his shoulder.

"As you wish."

The minute the door was closed, Minako snapped her laptop shut and counted to ten. Then to thirty. Only then did she allow herself to open her eyes and make her way to the Young Master's closet to fetch the big suitcase.

The boy had such a nerve….asking, noo, telling her to pack his things by the time he was done showering his prissy self. Pfft….she was a secretary, NOT a house maid….but in this household, the lines just seemed to blur at the edges, making her whatever her current boss wanted her to be. She'd leave, but the pay was just waay to good to pass up. She'd be stupid to leave….to blast with her pride. Pride doesn't put food on the table, anyway….

She hummed to distract herself while she neatly folded and packed away a week's worth of clothing for Kyoya, along with his laptop and other useful paperwork. She stuck his passport into the small pocket of his carry-on bag and zipped it up, placing everything by the door. Then she turned and left to her own room to prepare for the trip as well.

Kyoya stood in the shower, letting the cold water run down his body. He hated that his secretary could get to him. He was her employer, dammit. He's supposed to be above her….well, there's an interesting thought…

He sighed and shut off the spray, picking up a towel off the rack and drying himself off brusquely. He needed to focus on his current objective: Get Westbrook to back the hell out of Japan. It was gonna be hard to focus with Minako there.

He wondered what she thought of him, if she though of him at all. She was older than him, twenty-one, and already an independent individual living away from her family. She worked hard, Kyoya hated to acknowledge it. She was good at her job. Very good.

And when things didn't go the way she planned…well, let's just say even Kyoya can be intimidated.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the room. Minako was gone and his bags were neatly stacked by the door. He smiled to himself as he got dressed. He looked over to the couch and frowned.

Minako had forgotten her laptop on his couch. He walked over to it and picked it up. She might need it. He should return it.

Meanwhile, Minako was pouring herself a drink on the rocks. Sometimes she was just tired of everything. She needed a way to release stress. Self-defense classes? Nah, she was already a pretty good fighter. Sports? Eh, they didn't really interest her. That left…drinking! Okay, she had no choice. Grinning stupidly, she took a big gulp from her glass and walked onto the balcony.

The night air was cool and she liked the way it felt on her body. She wore a thin silk robe that clung to her skin and barely covered her panties. It had been a gift from an ex-boyfriend. That robe, sadly, had been the only thing the man had ever done right.

She finished her drink and poured herself another one, making quick work of it as well. As she was pouring her third, a knock sounded on the door. "Come in!" she called, too lazy to open it herself.

The door opened behind her and she heard footsteps stop just inside her room. She turned to find her teenaged boss petrified, her laptop in his hands, his eyes wide. "Ah, Kyoya."

Her voice snapped him out of whatever thoughts had been running through his mind and he regained his composure. "Minako, you left your computer."

"Oh," she said, taking it out of his hands. "Thanks!"

She noticed that he had yet to move from his spot by the door. She cocked her head to the side, suddenly feeling mischevious. "Wanna drink?"

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