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Chapter Seven

"Well, you actually managed to make some profit from the club while I was gone, Tamaki," Kyoya said through a smile as he carefully went over the club's figures from the week he was absent. "I'm surprised."

Tamaki brightened from his perch on the sofa's arm. "Really? I did good?"

Hikaru smirked. "Somehow," he told his twin. "That really didn't seem like a compliment at all." Kaoru nodded in agreement and sighed as Tamaki pouted.

"Did you have lots of fun in London, Kyo-chan?" Hunny asked through a mouthful of cake.

Kyoya smiled at the blond. "Yes, I did." Oh, did he have fun…

"Mina-chan went too, right?" The boy continued innocently, eating his cake and fighting a smirk. Him and Takashi had noticed it right away, the difference in Kyoya. His smiles were genuine and he seemed to be taking lighter steps. There could be only one explanation—he'd gotten laid. And good.

Kyoya's fingers paused over the keyboard and he looked up, a passive expression on his face. "She did, she is my personal secretary, after all."

Honey nodded, as if to himself. "Of course. And her duty as a personal of Kyo-chan is to never leave his side, right? So that means she was always with you in London. Was she lots and lots of fun?"

The corners of Kyoya's mouth fought against a self-satisfied smirk. They had no idea just how much fun his secretary was. "I'm afraid she's no fun at all. In fact, she's rather scary."

"Who's rather scary?"

Once again, the entire club turned to stare at Minako, who stood in the doorway of Music Room Three. Her tight skirt was grey and the generous amount of cleavage made it clear she wasn't wearing a blouse under her blazer. The twins ogled the tops of her breasts—from a distance. They were wary of stepping anywhere close to her this time.

Tamaki fell from his perch and landed on the floor in a very undignified manner, picked himself up and retreated into a corner with a rising blush, all the while muttering about ladies and indecent amounts of blushed and looked away, covering his cousin's eyes as well. Haruhi…well, she was her usual uncaring self.

Honey was the one who answered her, still forking cake into his mouth despite the fact that he couldn't see it. "You, Mina-chan. Kyo-chan was just saying how scary he thinks you are and that he had fun in London because as his personal, you were with him the whole time!"

Seemingly unaware of the commotion she'd caused, Minako smiled brightly...and the twins winced. She was, indeed, scary..."Was he, now?"

Honey nodded and Mori sighed. "Mitskuni, you're making it worse."

"Well, Kyoya, I need you to take care of something." She had her hands on her hips and a dazzling smile on her lips that meant she wasn't asking. She was telling him.

Kyoya raised in eyebrow, noting the way her thighs were tightly clenched. "Can't it wait?" He smirked at the way she was squirming.

Her eyes narrowed. So she knew he was teasing. "I'm afraid not."

He fought back another smirk as he turned back to his computer. "I'm sorry, Minako. But I simply can't afford to be pulled away at the moment." His lips threatened to break into a grin as he added, "Why don't you get started without me and I'll be there as soon as I can?"

Minako growled and crossed her arms under her lace-covered breasts, unknowingly pushing them up completely out of the top of the blazer. The twins grinned lecherously, wondering if she would be willing to pose as a model. She was deliciously shameless. They would make sure to talk to Kyoya about employing his secretary.

Speaking of Kyoya…he couldn't be ogling his secretary, right? The twins checked again…nope. He really was. Their grins spread wider. Oh, this was getting good.

Kyoya wasn't just ogling his secretary. He was stripping her naked with his eyes, pushing her roughly against the wall, ripping off her tiny skirt…and she was saying something…he tuned her in in time to hear, "so that's that. Sorry, once again, for bothering you when you're so busy, Kyoya-sama. I'll take care of it myself and give you a detailed report later."

She turned and stooped to pick up a portfolio he hadn't noticed before, giving him and twins an excellent view of her bottom. Straightening up, she reached into it and pulled out a folder that was thick with papers. He recognized it as the contract he had signed with Westbrook's secretary. He would need to go over the finer details before reporting the success to his father.

Relieved she hadn't forgotten, he set his computer aside as she walked over to him and deposited the stack in his lap, her fingers deliberately running over his inner thigh. He glared up at her and she looked at him with wide, innocent eyes.

She suddenly stumbled and fell forward, his hands coming up to hold her waist as hers came down on his shoulders. A knee was between his legs and she inched it up slowly. His grip on her waist tightened painfully and she leaned forward to whisper in his ear, making it look like she was bracing herself to stand.

"Don't take too long…Kyoya." Then she was up and apologizing for her clumsiness, looking for all the world like a sweet young woman. But he knew better. He waved her off and she left, picking up her portfolio and bowing politely to everyone in the room,her manners intact despite the fact that the action caused her breasts to bounce enticingly.

Kyoya smirked. His secretary really had zero modesty. And he was completely okay with that. He looked down at the folder in his lap and openedit gingerly, careful to not let any of the papers fall. He noticed there was a slight bump in the pile and he frowned, removing some of the papers off the top to see what was underneath.

His blood immediately ran hot. He looked up through his lashes at the rest of the group, making sure no one saw him slip the scrap of damp lace into his pocket. But someone did see.

Honey grinned and shoveled cake into his mouth as Kyoya replaced the papers and closed the folder, getting to his feet and gathering his things in a hurried manner.

Haruhi frowned. "Kyoya-sempai, are you leaving already?"

Kyoya didn't pause or bother to look up as he answered. "Yes, I suppose I must assist Minako, after all." He gathered his stuff under his arm and smiled brightly at the hosts. "It seems the matter is quite urgent and requires my immediate attention."

The door closed behind him and the room was deadly silent. Finally, Haruhi broke the silence. "D-did Kyoya-sempai just smile?"

"Yeah," Hikaru said. "He looked…oddly eager."

Honey smiled. "Maybe London was a lot funner than he says it was."



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