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Dear Sirius,

I'm very sorry to be leaving like this, but we can't stay any longer for now. Ron is not longer comfortable around his family and Hermione just wishes to be with us. After thinking about the matter for a long time, I think my presence will only make you unhappy, interfering with the friendship you share with my parents. Thinking about how important that friendship has always been to you I think it's only fair that I leave you with it rather than having a troubled godson hanging around you. I promise we will meet again since Hermione, Ron and I plan to take our last year at Hogwarts, so don't worry. Please, try to explain to my parents about the parselmouth, I'm sorry I couldn't bring myself to stay and explain it. Say hello to Moony, and tell him I hope to see him soon.

I guess this is a goodbye, even if it will only be for a few months. Remember that I love you like I would have loved my father had he been alive, and don't blame yourself for things that are out of your control.

Dragon (aka, Harry Potter.)

After reading the letter for the third time, Sirius crumbled it in his hand and threw it to a corner of the headmaster's office. He could hear the Weasleys talking softly to each other but right now he didn't care. He was torn inside between anger at his best friends and at his godson, the first ones for being so stupid to doubt the boy without asking questions and at Harry for leaving him now. He could understand the boy's reasoning, but he wasn't sure he agreed with him at all. Before he got to know Harry he would probably not have minded that much, but now he knew that his godson was a part of him he couldn't miss. He had lived so long without James and Lily, he had long ago buried them in his heart and even if he was glad they were back he just couldn't accept them if Harry was not there, it just didn't feel right. A soft hand on his shoulder broke his line of thought. He looked up and saw Remus standing next to him, a sad look on his face. The werewolf gave him back the letter and Sirius took it without a word. Everyone stayed in silence for a while, the Weasleys, knowing they couldn't do anything else, left the office to get ready to go back home. The only remaining people in the room were Remus, Sirius and Dumbledore. Lily and James had gone to their new rooms to get some rest, not wanting to hear anything about what they called their fake son. When Sirius had heard this it had taken all of Remus's strength to keep him from sending both Potters to their graves once again. Remus had been able to drag him to Dumbledore's office to calm him down, and there the headmaster had told them the bad news.

After a long silence, Sirius looked up to Dumbledore, who was sipping from his cup. "Headmaster, I will be leaving the castle too, I don't want to stay here for now."

Dumbledore nodded in understanding and then looked at Remus. "I hope you will stay, Remus? The kids really like you as their defence teacher."

The werewolf smiled sadly at his friend but nodded. "Of course headmaster. Besides, someone has to talk some sense into Lily and James."

Sirius looked at him somewhat gratefully, if the Potters were going to listen to someone, that would be Remus. With a small sigh he stood up and embraced his friend warmly. "Thanks Moony."

"You're welcome Padfoot, I love Harry too, you know?"

"I know."

Both men parted and Sirius began to walk to the door. "Sirius!"

The man turned. "Yes, Remus?"

"Owl me. And say hello to Harry for me"

Sirius smiled gently at him. "I will."

And with those last words, Sirius walked out of the room. While going to his room he began to think about the best way to find them. He suddenly remembered the conversation they had had that morning. Hermione had told Lily they were going to a school named Greenings. With a small smile, he ran the rest of the way to his room. Even if he didn't know where exactly they lived, he knew which school they attended, that would made it all much easier. Now he only needed to find the school.

The next morning, he woke up in his room in the Leaky Cauldron. After having had a light breakfast he paid Tom and walked out of the bar onto muggle London to start his search. It barely took him a few hours to find out where exactly the school was, he was somewhat shocked to find out it was very exclusive and only the smartest kids could go there. It didn't surprise him from Hermione, he couldn't expect less from her, but Harry and Ron had never been that interested in their studies. It seemed that bonding thing they had explained the day before really had affected them more than Sirius thought possible. Knowing that school wouldn't start for a few more days, Sirius rented a small apartment and settled comfortably in it, accepting it as a little holiday and also giving him the time to think about all things that had been happening for the few last days.

To be continued...

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