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Fate: Epilogue.

When Sirius woke up the next morning, he saw Hedwig sitting on the table near his bed. Looking at the owl, he couldn't help but feel that something was wrong. And that something had to have involved Harry. Slowly, the dark haired man sat up and watched intently as the owl flew to him, extending the letter she was carrying. Sighing, Sirius took the offered letter and opened it carefully.

Dear Sirius,

Yes, I know I said I would never do something like this again, but I really had little choice in the matter. For some time now, Griffin, Phoenix, and I have been following the Great Phoenix's suggestions. The other day, it saved not only our live but also yours since he was the one who warned us of the Death Eater's attack. Knowing that following what he says is for the best, we're once again going to do what he says. Through the last year the three of us have grown into power, but we need to learn how to control it better. Something like what happened in Greenings cannot happen again. So we have no choice but to leave for a while.

Ron will be travelling through Rome and Greece; Phoenix will be spending the next few months overseas, learning the old Maya's culture. And I am going to China, one of the most ancient countries.

I know this is going to upset you, and I'm sorry about it, but it can't be avoided. The last battle is drawing nearer, Siri, and I promise that we'll all be there to fight alongside you.

I'll see you in a few months, Godfather.

Take care,


PS: Tell my parents that we'll talk when I'm back; I guess that by then I'll be over the hurt, and I'll be able to talk rationally about what happened.

Sirius read the letter twice before crumpling it and throwing it across the room. Sighing, he fell back against the pillows. He needed to tell Dumbledore and the others; if Harry said the last battle was approaching, they needed to get ready. Closing his eyes, he tried to imagine what his godson was doing at the moment. Knowing him, he was probably working his ass off, trying to learn all he could and prepare himself for the upcoming battle. Snapping his eyes open, Sirius stood up abruptly and went to get dressed. He needed to get going and warn the others, they needed to start planning. They would be ready when the trio returned and they would fight alongside them.


Deep in a jungle, a golden phoenix landed in front of a big building in ruins. With a soft pop, the magnificent bird changed into a young teenager girl. She was wearing comfortable shorts and a dark green shirt. It was very hot, but the girl was too interested in the building to notice. Taking out a map from the bag she had been carrying, the teen looked at it for a long moment and smiled before turning towards the building. With a flick of her wrist, the entrance was cleared from the fallen debris and she was able to walk in, strengthening the walls while she walked. Half an hour of walking through the falling ruins was rewarded when she arrived at a large room filled with scrolls. The girl let her bag fall to the floor and smiled, there was a lot to learn here, and she would learn all she could.


Yawning, the red headed boy stood up and went to wash up. He had arrived at the camp ten hours ago, and he was already exhausted. He had gone through some physical and magical tests before he was accepted at the Greek School of Ancient War. It had taken him three days to find out it would be the best way to learn all he needed to know. Unlike his friend, he had not enough discipline to learn on his own, so he had immediately looked for a school that would serve his own purpose. After the tests, he had been put in the higher grade and told that the next day would start his training. Now it was five in the morning and he was ready to start; he needed to become the best, his friends needed to be able to lean on him, and he was not going to let them down.


He could feel it. For the first time in his life, he could clearly feel his power running through his veins. It was really enormous, much larger than he had ever expected. But it was not enough; his new sensei had made it very clear that without control, all that power was useless. The old man had taken him in immediately after he told him he wished to learn to use his power to the fullest. It was hard, trying to hold all that power in check and only use a small part of it to serve his purpose, but he was going to succeed. He needed to; because he knew that he would hurt people if he were careless. His sensei was looking at him, he could feel his deep blue eyes fixed on his back, and slowly, he let go of the feeling of power and returned to the light trance he needed to hear what the man wanted him to do. Opening his eyes, he looked at the old man who would take care of his training and he took reassurance from the stern look he had. Yes, the old sensei knew what he was doing, and he would trust him to get him ready for the battle. This time, it was really going to be the last battle.

The end.

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