Wicked Lullaby

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Melissa Marr.

Author's Note: CONTAINS SPOILERS! This will be my last Wicked Lovely Fanfiction.

Summary: This is the thoughts of several characters as they defeat Bananach.

Time: Darkest Mercy

Genre: Romance, Drama, and Angst

Date Finished: April 28, 2011

Rating: PG


Held on to myself with all of the pain locked up inside.

Can't get a grip. I'm losing it, losing it.

He can't be gone. He can't leave me here weeping tears of sorrow.

Grief is all I feel. It's depressing, but it's nothing. I am numb to everything else, everyone else.

Bloodlust. I need to kill something, someone, anything! Get me out of this nightmare!

No, I don't need rest! Just leave me alone.

Darkness overcomes me. No, this isn't right.

Please, don't put me to sleep.

I need, I need...


Why am I inside of him? I'm dead. I'm not supposed to be dead.

He's a mess. Maybe that's why I'm here. Maybe I'm supposed to control him, comfort him.

He needs to keep his head on. He needs to focus on the task ahead of us.

I'm a strong fighter and he's strong. Maybe together we can be one.


My love is dead. The other still lives. He cannot lose. He must avenge my lover's death.

We must win for my lover.

We will not bow down.

We must live and stick together.

His death will not go unpunished.


Lead the Hunt. I must follow orders.

Give into the animal.

Give into it.

It charges out of my body and overcomes me.

I charge at her. I am fast, but she is faster still.

No, no...

It's so peaceful.

I look up at her. She may think that she's won, but she hasn't

She will never rule me.

My court will never bow down.

And neither will the Hunt.


I am met to lead Winter into the battle.

So much blood, so much suffering.

I fight for all that I am worth.

It's not enough.

I give all that I have.

It's still not enough.

The hit is brutal. It takes all that I have away.

I'm falling, falling...


My girl is dying. It was her along. She's the one who I love with all of my heart.

I have to save her, but how? I need to save my dying girl.

I hold her in my arms. There must. There must be a way.

I'll give myself up.

Pain and fire fill my body. I scream my death scream.

Peace. Everything is peaceful.

If this is dying, then it's not so bad...


I can do this. Don't stop me, don't hold me back. I need to do this.

I am Summer. I have the power in me to end this nightmare. I can make it happy times again.

I draw the power from the Summer within me and let it explode.

It overcomes her. She's losing. She's not going to be able to hold on much longer.

But I can.

I watch her fall.

She's getting closer to the ground.

She's done.

I fall to the ground in relief. It's over, but not without angst.


Part of this may be my fault. I couldn't tell them. Yes, it was a form of betrayal.

But it's in the past. The past is in the past.

Now, I see the future.

And it looks bloody good.

Maybe I should tell them. Maybe it would be better for them to find out for themselves.

I will tell them that they can kiss the wicked lullaby goodbye.

Everything's just lovely. Heck, I would even call it wicked lovely.