Chapter Eight Broken

Tori closed her eyes as she sat in a chair in the school theater as she waited for rehearsal on her scene. She listened to the kids that were rehearsing their scenes while she tried to relax. Everything Beck had said to her swarmed her brain willing her to cry. It took all Tori had to hold the tears back.

Cat sat next to her friend. "Hey Tori."

Inwardly Tori groaned, the cheerful pink headed friend was one friend Tori couldn't deal with. Not after how hurt she still was from Beck. "Hi Cat."

"So I heard about everything with Beck." Cat stated innocently.

Tori felt a stab of pain and she looked down at her feet. Tears blurred her vision. She didn't mean anything by it. She was just wanting to help. Tori thought trying to not cry.

"Tori?" Cat put a hand on her friend's arm. She saw a tear fall down Tori's face and hugged her. "Tori I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything-"

"No, Cat its okay." Tori wiped her eyes and looked at her sweet friend who sat next to her, worry in her eyes. Probably my only friend now. Not counting Andre. "It just, hurts. A lot."

"I'm sorry Tori. What Beck did was, bad." Cat hugged Tori again wishing she could take back what she had said.

Tori shrugged. "I deserved it." I really did. But now I need to get that scout so I can get out of here. I need to get away from Beck before it hurts more and I tell him-

"Tori, come on up. We'll rehearse a few of your scenes." Tori's thoughts were interrupted, gratefully, and she ran onto the stage hoping rehearsing would get rid of the pain.

Tori glanced at Cat and gave her a thumbs up to help her friend not feel so bad.

Cat gave her a thumbs up back and went to Robbie and Andre to watch the rest of rehearsal.

Beck walked to Jade's house. He didn't feel like driving and thought the walk would help him feel numb to the pain he felt. It hurt him knowing that his words didn't help Tori realize he wanted her to stay. It hurt when he replayed the scene in his mind and saw how hurt Tori's face showed. It hurt thinking he hurt the beautiful girl he was in love with.

But he had to forget about it. Jade was his girlfriend and it wouldn't be fair to her if all he could think about was Tori. He had to love Jade with all he had now. If he did, it could help him forget about Tori, little by little.

"Beck." He looked up at the sound of his name and saw Jade walking to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him.

Beck wrapped his arms around her and gently rubbed her back. He knew Tori leaving was taking a toll on Jade. He knew not only was he hurting Jade by loving Tori, but Tori was hurting her by leaving. By not caring how much Jade valued the small friendship that was finally starting.

"Why does she have to do this? Why can't she just stay here?" Jade looked up at Beck and Beck saw the tears in her eyes.

"I don't know Jade. I want her to stay too." Beck whispered. He held Jade close and sighed. He wished he could go back in time and tell Tori that he never wanted her to leave.

Why are you doing this to us Tor? We need you to stay. Please Tori. Beck knew begging in his mind wouldn't stop Tori, but it was all he could do.