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This fic has come about from me getting extremley hyper about it nearly being series 10...and me going sligtly parinoid that it still hasn't appered on my TV! so, I'm not 100% certain where this will lead to, I just know that it will be more about our favourite, hopeless couple! :)

It had been three weeks since Lucas' death, and in that time Harry hadn't been at work because of the enquiry almost starting and the team hadn't seen him in all that time. This was affecting Ruth the most, after so many years of Harry always having her back, always there, watching and waiting for her; it was hard to have to spend every day without him.
I suppose I was wrong. She thought, I guess that I should have married him. I can't believe I was such an idiot. I suppose you only know what you have when you lose it. Beth interrupted her thoughts, by running in excitedly and screaming at the top of her voice
"You will NEVER guess what the home secretary has arranged!"

"Tell me then" Ruth replied
"NO! You have to guess!" Beth told her
"There is no logic in the two sentences you just said. You said that I could never guess, and then proceeded to tell me that I had to, make your mind up woman!" Ruth scolded her jokingly
"Fine. I shall tell you then. The HS has organised a party for Harry-to say good luck before the enquiry gets underway!" Beth said, with a twinkle in her eyes. Ruth supposed she should be happy, but she just couldn't. The truth was that she was afraid. She had only just brought herself to realise that she loved the insufferable man; she couldn't face him now in front of everyone. That would be too humiliating. Anyway, he hadn't even tried to contact her; what if he didn't love her anymore. That would be just her luck, she thought. As she was wracking her brains for some sort of excuse Beth said
"It's on July 14th and it's smart dress and all that- which means that we have to go shopping, and I thought that maybe we cou..."
"wait." Ruth cut her off "I can't go, sorry. I already have plans that day. Something that can't be cancelled" she finished. That was the truth anyway, she had to look after her goddaughter that evening

"Oh well." Beth said in a voice that showed she was sad Ruth wouldn't be there, but still had something to look forward to.
"So? What makes it bearable then?" Ruth asked her. Beth gave a sly grin
"Dimitri asked me if I would go with him" She said, and Ruth jumped up and gave her friend a massive hug.
"That is brilliant!" she told the younger spook
"I know, but now I'll just have to buy a dress on my own" Beth finished, looking downcast
"What?" Ruth said, pulling out of the hug and holding her at arm's length "Just because I'm not going it doesn't mean that I can't come with you to get your dress!" Beth pulled her into another hug, and then she grabbed Ruth's arms and pulled her to the pods, so that they could buy her dress straight away.

Three hours later they were sat on the sofa in their flat, eating ice cream and talking about Dimitri, the dress and the dance. The dress they had gone for was a deep navy colour, with lighter navy flowers sown on. It was strapless and floor-length, and Ruth was certain that Dimitri wouldn't be letting Beth out of his sights.

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