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"Mummy! Mummy read me a story!"

"Come here then sugar" Ruth bent down and picked up the four year old girl who sat on the floor of her bedroom "What story are we gonna read then? She asked her little girl

"I want a princess story!"

"Ok then, let mummy just give Matty his bottle. Why don't you go on up and get your PJs on and I'll be up in a bit, Ok baby?"

"Ok Mamma" and she ran upstairs

Ruth walked into the kitchen and fed her four month old son before going upstairs and placing him in his cot. She then walked across the landing to her daughters room, "Jo baby-you ready for bed?"

"Yeah momma" Ruth sat on Jo's bed and the child snuggled into her mum-feeling as safe as possible. Ruth read her a story, tucked her in and kissed her forehead

"Night night, sleep well beautiful"

"Wait a minute! Is my princess going to sleep without saying goodnight to me?"

"DADDY!" Jo cried, kicking off her covers and launching herself at her father, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist "Daddy I missed you"

"Harry!" Ruth scolded "I just put her to bed and now she's high as kites!"

"Aw, I'm sorry my gorgeous girl, I'll make it up to you, I promise" He wiggled his eyebrow at her and she swatted his arm playfully

"No you don't-I've just recovered from having your son!"

"Oh, so he's just mine now?"

"Not if you out this little madam to bed" she replied, tickling her daughter until she squealed

"Stop it momma! Stop it!" Ruth chuckled,

"Alright then my darling, sleep well Jo" she kissed her daughter and then walked out of the room to her son's bedroom.

"hey there little guy, daddy's home at last. He's gonna be in to say good night in a bit" she picked up the child and rocked hi, whilst humming softly

"You know what? I think we could manage another child" a voice said from the doorway. Ruth turned to see her husband leaning against the door frame

"That's easy for you to say! You're not the one who has to have them! And I'm not getting any younger you know!" she replied, placing young Matthew in his arms and then kissing his cheek

"True, very true." Harry held his son for a while, a look of love and pride on his face. He then placed his son gently in his cot, kissing his forehead. Ruth followed his actions, kissing her son and whispering her goodnights.

They left the room, and Harry wrapped his arms around his wife, planting a kiss in her hair.

A year and four months later and Harry stood by the window in their lounge, cradling his precious five week old daughter in his arms

"How is the little madam doing?" Ruth asked from her armchair

"Sorry darling, did I wake you?" He asked, turning around

"No, don't worry I haven't been sleeping very well since having Ros"

"I know" he said, walking over to her and placing their daughter in her arms "that's why I want you to sleep my gorgeous girl" He kissed her forehead "I'll take her when you feel like going back to sleep, ok?"

"yeah ok. Make sure you invite Catherine in for dinner when she comes back with Jo and Matt ok?"

"I will, I promise. I've just got to phone the home secretary but I'll be back soon" He kissed his wife soundly on the lips before kissing his daughter on her forehead.

"I love you" Ruth said, holding his hand tightly

"I love you too, gorgeous girl" He turned to walk out of the door but she stopped him

"Harry" She said "Thank you"

"For what darling?"

"This life I have. Our children. Your love. Everything" Harry walked back to her, his eyes shining

"My most beautiful wife, it is I who should thank you. For everything you mentioned. For saving me from a miserable life that I may have had to live alone. You have fulfilled my every dream and I only wish I had met you sooner in my life. You have given me Jo, Matt and Ros, a relationship with Graham and more of one with Catherine. You are incredible and I am so glad I was persistent enough to ask you again and thrilled that you said yes."

Ruth was close to tears so she cut him off, "I love you so very much, Harry Pearce"

"And I love you, Ruth Pearce"


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