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Summary: Starting off with an intense battle with Priscilla leads to something bigger. It's time for the Organization to fall. The ghosts of Pieta's group has gotten larger, along with their four revived friends, their old mentors/friends and the three warriors from Teresa's time, with Miria, Irene and Kuroui in lead, they will lead the down fall of the Org.

*The title isn't exactly fitting but I couldn't decide between the title Home and Rebellion. Why would I chose Home as the title? You reader will understand that at the end of the story.*


Lost sibling:

Helen has regained her memories and found out Miria was her older sister. After an incident with Riful of the West they get Number Eight Dietrich on their side. She acts as a spy for them on the Organization. There is a young boy that is the person that keeps her messages. He is Clyde, Helen's and Miria's younger brother who is suppose to be dead and now has Yoma blood running through him. They receive grave news from him at the end

Waking the Dead:

The Organization has revived four warriors from Pieta, Flora, Jean, Undine and Veronica. The ghosts meet Irene, Noel and Sophia who have been hiding for over a decade. They are reunited with an old mentor and friend by the name of Rina (OC). Together the ghosts, Clyde and Rina head north and meet up with the rest of Rina's group as well as the revived warriors. When they go out to relax they encounter Dietrich who is on the verge of Awakening thanks to the Org. They manage to save her but only more trouble appears as Priscilla makes an entrance. The warriors of the North, Irene's group, Rina's group and Dietrich are locked in a battle with the strongest Awakened Being.

So that's the summary and recap!

Thanks to Tmj1395 for helping me decide on the title!