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POV = Point of View - Told in 1st person




Our group slowly and quietly glided through the forest. It had been a long time since we stepped on this land. We were in no rush, soon enough we would reach our destination. We all thought that we would never see this land again, that we would die as forgotten warriors on the battlefield. I wonder if our comrades are still waiting for us... We were expected back years ago. Have they accepted that we're dead? I often ask myself.

When we went to the mainland, we were given a deadline to complete our task. A deadline we did not meet. The result, the island where our friends lived was to be raided and taken over. The peace and freedom we had worked so hard for. The peace we fought for, the freedom people died for... Gone just like that. We couldn't let it happen. That was the reason we had gone to the mainland in the first place. So in a mutual agreement and understanding we swallowed our pride. And we begged. We begged them to let our friends live in peace and in return our lives would be put into their hands. I was surprised when they agreed. To them we were 'useful materials'. However, I was fine with it as long as our friends were safe.

So we let them order us around as they pleased. We didn't complain- couldn't. The freedom of our comrades depended on us. It was hard but I don't regret it, and I never will.

Looking at our group now and comparing to what we were when we first departed the island, we've all grown, both stronger and smarter. The question I want answered is whether our comrades have changed as well.

As we walked a large city came into view and I couldn't help a small smile. Rabona, the Holy City. I could see some sort of festival being prepared even from the front gates. There was a cheerful atmosphere and I recognized some Yoki signatures amongst the people.

"Halt! Who goes there?" Two guards blocked the path into the city and I recognized one. Flipping my hood off his eyes widened.


"Nice to see you, Galk. Don't tell anyone we're here"

He chuckled "What a great surprise. Go on in"

I nodded and put my hood back up.

"What's going on here anyway?" One of my companions asked.

"We hold a festival every year on this day as celebration of the day the Organization fell and in respect for the warriors who died. All you Claymores gather here on this day"

With that our small group walked into the busy streets of the Holy City

I looked at the sun still high in the sky from my spot by the window. We had run into Sid who informed us that all the warriors usually converged before the festival began in the room beside us. So we were going to wait for them, I couldn't help fall into a daydream as we did though. Memories, more precisely.

The events that made me who I am and brought me here. I closed my eyes.

Hilda, My best friend and the one that started me on this path as I sought for her revenge.

Ophelia, a cruel warrior who in a way helped me learn through my half-awakening

Clare, Deneve, Helen, Comrades...Friends that I trusted and who were like me.

Flora, Undine, Jean, Veronica, They helped take the weight of me being the leader of a suicide mission.

Tabitha, Yuma, Cynthia, So young and innocent when we first met but together we bonded in the seven years of hiding.

Kuroui, Rina, Kayla, Mentors who helped me get stronger as well as the six others.

Irene, Sophia, Noel, Strong warriors who I admired

Galatea, Beth, Alicia, Warriors I never truly understood but their skill stood on top of mine, they defected for their own personal reasons as well.

We were all raised on this island. An island that has been unknowingly been a laboratory. An island where little girls were forced to turn into monsters. The island where we met learned and became friends. The island used as a bargaining chip for a war in a far away land. The island that has brought so much pain into our lives... And yet... It's the one place we-

"Miria" I jolted out of my thoughts as the creator of the Quicksword touched my shoulder. "They're here"

Sure enough I sensed the many people gathered in the next room.

"Helen, Clare, Clyde, Tabitha, Cynthia, Yuma, Galatea, Flora, Sophia, Clarice, Miata, Undine, Jean, Veronica, Beth, Rina, Raki... Seventeen warriors" the smallest yet oldest of our group counted.

"Do you think Miata's sensed us yet?" Our healer asked

"I do believe so"

"Then let's stop stalling" The fastest of us said, impatient. "Let's go"

"Yes, let us" I agreed with a smile and the five of us walked out.

"What do you mean a familiar scent, Miata?" I heard Clarice ask as I was about to open the door.

"It's Mir-"

I opened the door cutting off Miata's answer. Seventeen sets of eyes turned on me.

"Who are you?" Rina stepped forward eyeing me warily. Well that was expected, my Yoki was masked and to her I was a dangerous hooded figure.

"Have you forgotten us already lil' sis?" Kayla walked in behind me her hood down.

It was almost comical how Rina's eyes bulged and her mouth dropped open.

Kuroui, Hysteria and Irene walked in next though their hoods were still on.

"Wh-Bu-Ah" Rina stammered unable to form words.

"Having a hard time speaking?" Kuroui pulled down her own hood.

Figuring it was time, I pulled down my own as well along with Hysteria and Irene. I couldn't help the smirked that formed spotting Helen's dumbfounded expression. I would have enjoyed it longer had shouts not exploded the next moment and I found myself in a crushing embrace.

"Miria-nee!" Helen's eyes were damp. Clyde standing with a grin behind her.

"Captain!" Tabitha, Yuma and Cynthia all rushed over.

"Miria" Clare held a rare smile as she walked over with Jean, Undine and Veronica

I spotted Kayla, Kuroui and Rina together while Flora and Sophia were with Irene. While oddly enough Beth and Hysteria seemed to be conversing. Hearing a mumble I looked at Helen who was clinging onto me.

"What was that, Helen?"

She looked up with a smile. "Welcome home!"

Ah, that's right... The island that has brought so much pain into our lives... And yet... It's the one place we can call Home.

I smiled. "I'm home"


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