All Over Again...


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"Would you quit that, Vega?" Tori halted. She looked at the Goth girl spread across her bed, who was playing with her phone.

"I can't, I'm too anxious and when I'm anxious, I pace." Jade briefly glanced at her then resumed playing with her phone. Tori shook her head and continued. Left and right, left and right. Jade couldn't concentrate on the game. She kept dying. So she dropped her phone on the bed.

"Tori!" Jade grabbed the half Latina by the arm and pulled her into her lap. Tori acted swiftly and circled her arms around Jade's neck to stop her momentum. Jade encircled her waist with her arms. They just stared at each other. "Okay tell me what's wrong."

"Do you really want to know?"

"Not really, but tell me anyway." Tori just knitted her eyebrow refusing to say a word.

Jade sighed. "Okay, okay I really want to know. So would you tell me so I could get back to winning my game."

Tori knew that was the best she was going to get out of Jade. "Well it's the audition, I don't think I'm going to get the part otherwise they would have called by now."

"Is that it?" Jade had a blank expression on her face. "Really Vega, really?" Tori pouted and laid her head against Jade's neck in defeat. She was really bummed about this Jade thought with a hint of sympathy.

Jade shook her head and sighed, "listen Tori, you were amazing! There was no way that other girl with the crooked nose got the part. She couldn't touch you." Tori lifted and stared at Jade dumbstruck.

"But...but you said, that I was off tune, earlier."

Jade laughed, "And you listened to me? I just said it because it's a Jade thing to say. I thought you'd feel deprived if I didn't say it.

Tori just rolled her eyes and looked away. It was really hard to keep up with Jade. Sometimes she wondered why she ever got involved with this moody psychopath. For six months nevertheless. It was true, she had to be a masochist.

Jade gripped her chin to face her again. Those green emeralds penetrating through her. She could never quite get use to the brilliance of them. Then Jade whispered, "You were great, truly." Tori smiled and thought, ah that's why. She got to see a side others didn't, let alone knew existed.

With that , Tori leaned closer and placed her lips on her girlfriends. It was soft yet very potent. It caught Jade off guard. When Jade got her breath back she asked. "What was that for?"

"Just because for some odd reasons that are beyond me, I love you." She kissed her again, her fingers getting tangled in Jade's hair puling her closer to deepen the kiss. Lips parting, tongues meeting in perfect harmony. It was a sensation that felt new everytime. It was always overwhelming, it gave her a sense of belonging. Something she never felt with her parents, with Beck.

They released, foreheads leaning together. "I love you too, Vega." Jade smirked seeing the smile reach Tori's eyes. Then initiated the next kiss. Slowly building up the pace, her hands tracing up Tori's back feeling the texture of Tori's tank between her fingers.

This time Tori pulled back, smiled, "you not just saying all this to distract me, right?"

"Of course not." Jade said with a humoring tone, then shut her girlfriend up the only way she knew how.

Jade scowled as Tori pulled out once again. A sly smirk crept onto Tori's face. "You not just saying this to get in my pants, right?"

Jade chuckled, "Hmm... maybe."

Tori laughed as she pushed Jade down and pinned her against the mattress. Her lips started on Jade's, and then trailed down Jade's neck. Jade arched her neck, closing her eyes taking in the feeling of soft wetness of Tori's lips against her. She couldn't help but let out a moan when the softness turned into grazing teeth. How Tori made her feel so vulnerable and weak with her mouth alone was something she could never comprehend. She tried not to think about it so hard. That's if she could think at all. Wait, wasn't she the one who supposed to be distracting Tori? God, she couldn't remember.

Tori leaned in and captured Jade's mouth again as she started on the buttons of Jade's black shirt. Jade's hands crept under Tori's tank craving the feel of her smooth skin against her fingers. Tori moaned as she felt the cold lengths trailing up her feverish body. Jade lifted herself up to let her shirt slide off revealing her black laced bra contrast to her fragile pale skin. Tori couldn't help but trace her lips with her tongue at the sight. You would think she'd be used to it by now.

Jade reached up and pulled Tori's tank over her head to even the playing field. She smirked at the sight of Tori's magenta bra that fulled out nicely. She loved the soft but firmness of the half Latina's sun-kissed skin. They stared at each other for a moment. Then dived straight into each other. Their lips meeting faster as Jade slipped her tongue through her lover's lips getting a moan out of her. Hands wandering across bodies. Until Tori's hand stayed on Jade's zip ready to remove that barrier. While Jade's hands settled on her hips. She lifted her face until their eyes met. Both of them smirking at each other.

Then all of a sudden Trina burst in and witnessed a sinful act about to commence, yet didn't care. "Tori, we need to talk!"

Tori jerked up, "what the hell, Trina! Don't you knock?"

Trina just ignored the comment and continued pacing around the room. "It's an emergency! I really need your advice! I'm your sister, you supposed to help."

"Yeah you're my sister, unfortunately." Tori muttered under her breath.

Jade just rolled her eyes. It was not the first time they had been interrupted by the older annoying Vega sister. And what was with all the pacing? Maybe it was Vega thing. She held Tori in place and pulled her down to whisper in her ears. "If we ignore her, what are the chances she will return to the hole in the ground, she was spat up from?"

Tori sighed. "Close to none, I'm afraid."

Jade nodded and both of them got off the bed. "Yeah, just what I thought." Jade said just as she was about to leave the room. No way she was going to sit here and listen to some sob story that Trina had up her sleeve. Maybe she'd go watch the grass grow or play with matches or something. Anything.

"Hey, where you going?" Tori asked.

"Um, just going to raid your fridge for a soda, want anything?"

Tori shook her head. "No thanks, but I think you might want to put your shirt back on." She tossed the shirt at the Goth. Jade shrugged, slipped on her shirt again and button it up.

"Since you going down, do you mind getting me a bottle of water? Thanks." Trina bravely asked.

Jade didn't even spare her a glare as she walked away. While Tori just rolled her eyes as she pulled her own tank back over her head. "Okay, Trina I know I'm going to regret this but what's wrong?" She was half expecting Trina to say she broke a nail or that her hair seemed thinner this morning. Those were the type of superficial problems Trina considered to be an emergency.

Trina took a deep breath trying to control her breathing. All exaggerated. "Well, well…Well-"

Tori groaned. "Spit it out Trina!"

Trina got a fright at the harsh tone emitting from her sister. "Beck asked me out!"

Tori's eyes grew wide, like Trina was speaking in a foreign language she didn't quite understand. "What?"

"I said Beck asked me out!" Trina shouted.

"No, I heard you… I was just making sure I heard right. Are you sure?" Tori asked.

"Am I sure about what?" Trina frowned.

"That he asked YOU out?" Tori still feeling like she woke up in a parallel world.

"Yes! I happened to be there when he said, 'Trina want to go out Friday night'." Trina said sarcasm dripping in her tone.

"Well, was he feeling alright?" Tori asked trying to make sense of the situation.

Trina thought about it. "Yeah, he looked fine to me." Then realization hit her. "Wait! Hey what's that supposed to mean?"

Tori stuck her tongue in her cheek. "Um, nothing, well are you going?"

"What do I look crazy? Of course I am."

Tori arched a brow. "So then what's the emergency?" Besides Beck totally losing his mind, she thought to herself.

Trina finally sighed. "I don't know which dress to wear."

Great. That was just great. Her sister never failed to amaze her. Why couldn't she have a brother? She bet he'd knock before he entered her room. At least feel a little embarrassed seeing his sister and her girlfriend getting it on. Ah, if only.

"So are you going to help me?" Trina pleaded.

Tori rolled her eyes. "The blue one is nice. Wear that."

Trina's eyes lit up as she smiled. "That's exactly the one I was thinking about. Thanks." Well at least she said thanks this time, Tori thought.

Trina was about to leave when she stopped at the door. "Hmm… I think Jade forgot about my water. Oh well." Trina beamed and scurried of to her room.

Tori smiled. "No, no I don't think she forgot." She walked down the stairs to see her girlfriend laid back on the sofa, her feet kicked up on the coffee table like she owned the place. That was Jade for you. Maybe she should tell her about Beck and Trina. "Hey babe?"

Jade turned slightly, sipping her Cola and sparing Tori a glance. "Hmm?"

Tori grinned, waiting for Jade to take a bigger sip. "Beck asked Trina out this Friday."

"What!" Jade barely managed to say choking on her soda and spitting it out. Tori chuckled and went to sit next to Jade, tapping her back. Jade drew her eyebrows. "You're kidding right?"

"Nope." Tori shook her head.

"Seriously?" Jade's eyes widened.

"That's what Trina claims."

Jade rolled her eyes. "And we believe her because?"

"Well she seemed genuine about it and I can usually tell when she lies. She wasn't." Tori responded in a casual tone.

Jade nodded. "Hmm… Well I knew I broke Beck's heart but I had no idea it would drive him crazy."

"Just for the record we will all blame you for his insanity." Tori smirked.

"Yeah I thought as much. Maybe I should get back together with him to help him regain some of it back." Jade said with a sly smirk creeping on the side of her mouth.

"Maybe you should…" Tori said in a nonchalant tone.

"But then what will I do with the likes of you. Hmm, I could always keep you as a pet." Jade teased.

Tori glared at her. "I'll kick your ass, I'm no animal." Jade chuckled; she was definitely rubbing off on Vega.

Jade smirked, "well you could have fooled me a couple of times."

This time Tori smiled recalling those 'couple of times'. "Hmm… maybe." She stared into those beautiful green eyes and wondered how is it that she could never get enough of the Goth. She leaned over closing their distance and placed her lips on Jade's, soft and welcoming. She traced Jade's bottom lip with her tongue before slipping it into her mouth briefly. The kiss held for a moment then they released. Tori spoke after a moment. "About the whole Beck issue?"

"Beck who?" Jade asked still trying to grasp which way is up and which ways down. Tori smiled slowly, satisfied.

"Um, never mind." Tori leaned against Jade's shoulder as Jade wrapped an arm around her. "Gross, you're sticky!"

Jade kept her grip in place and laughed. "Well, it's your fault. You ambushed me with the Trina/Beck news while I was drinking my soda. This is pay back." Tori grimaced; it was no use, Jade's grip was to strong so she just settled against the stickiness. Then her phone started to ring. They both sat up and stared at the little device vibrating on the coffee table.

Jade saw the fear in Tori's eyes and her frozen expression. "Well answer it! It could be the casting director!"

Tori nodded and swallowed as she picked up the phone…

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