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Chapter 26

Hermione sat in Potions class, feeling thoroughly alone. Draco was on bed rest for another three days, and her other two Slytherin boys were keeping him company since they had no problem with skipping class. She scribbled down notes, transcribing them onto three more sheets of parchment for her Slytherin men. She had been doing this for each class, and her hand had begun to ache. However, this was her last class of the day and then she'd be free to visit Draco, Theodore and Blaise.

As class was dismissed, she hurriedly slid the parchments into her potions book and stood. Straightening her blouse, she began to walk down the corridor and stairs.

"Hermione! Wait!" Harry called out, chasing after her.

Hermione froze on the stairs, turning towards Harry as he caught up to her. "Harry?"

"Yes. Look, I need to talk to you." Harry huffed out, catching his breath.

Hermione couldn't stomp down the hope that crept into her heart. "About what?"

"Can we talk somewhere more private? Back in the Gryffindor commons?" Harry murmured as he felt the other students' eyes on him and Hermione.

Hermione hesitated. "I'm on my way to visit Draco; he's on bed rest for another three days."

Harry cringed, "Well, then he'll still be there in an hour. Please, it's important."

"Okay." Hermione nodded. "Let's go."

Harry offered a tight smile and led the way to the Gryffindor wing. "Petal blizzards." He muttered as they approached the Fat Lady.

The portrait swung open, and the duo walked in. Thankfully, the common room was unoccupied. Harry sat in the nearest armchair, gesturing for Hermione to sit opposite him. Hermione did so carefully, placing her bag on the floor near her feet. She folded her hands in her lap nervously.

"What did you want to talk to me about, Harry?" She asked gently.

Harry pushed his glasses up his nose bridge, a nervous habit. "I wanted to apologize. It was wrong of me and Ron to ask you to choose. It was selfish of us. We should have been more understanding and supportive."

Hermione froze, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had dreamt of hearing those words, of reuniting the Golden Trio and now it was happening. A big smile slowly came over her lips. She launched herself at Harry, her arms wrapping around his neck tightly.

"I forgive you! Of course I forgive you!" She gushed, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Harry hugged her back tightly, burying his face into the crook of her neck. "I've missed you, 'Mione." He murmured.

"I've missed you too." Hermione pulled away, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand. "Where's Ron?" She asked, searching the common room.

Harry's eyes flickered away, "He's with Lavender. He isn't ready, 'Mione. You know Ron, stubborn and hardheaded."

Her joy deflated. "Oh. But, he'll come around, right?"

Harry nodded, a sad smile on his lips. "Yes, he will. He'll realize he's being difficult."

Hermione clasped Harry's hands within her own. "I'm just glad we're on the way to being friends again, Harry."

"Me too, 'Mione. I'm here for you, for anything and everything." Harry smiled.

"Even when it concerns Draco, Theo or Blaise?" Hermione asked nervously.

Harry grimaced. "Even then. I'll try to keep an open mind. It's not going to be easy, but I'll do my best."

Hermione smiled, "That's all I ask. I want us all to get along. They aren't as horrid as they have made themselves seem, Harry."

Harry nodded slowly. A few minutes passed then he said, "Nott seems alright."

Hermione's eyebrow arched in surprise, "You like Theo?"

"I didn't say that I like him. I just think he's the lesser of three evils." Harry shrugged.

"Not evil." Hermione shook her head. "Just difficult."

Harry lifted his hands, palms out. "Whatever you say, Hermione."

Hermione smiled smugly, wrapping her arms around herself. It was a small step, but if Harry could accept Theo, then perhaps they could all be friends. Maybe it could all work out, with a lot of patience and work.

"I have to go see Draco, but I'm really glad we talked, Harry." Hermione smiled shyly.

"Me too, Hermione. Maybe we could have lunch together sometime, like old times." Harry offered.

"Maybe we could do lunch, all of us. You, me, Ron, Theo, Draco and Blaise." Hermione shrugged as she stood.

Harry laughed nervously, "One step at a time."

Hermione giggled, "Okay, okay."

She hugged Harry one last time, and then left the Gryffindor wing.

Harry watched her leave, and pulled out a piece of folded parchment from his pocket.

**You need Hermione back on your side before she'll listen to reason. You shouldn't have abandoned her in the first place. Apologize for being a selfish, unsupportive prat. Once that's done, mention me. We need to be a team, Potter. She needs to connect us. Three Broomsticks tonight. Midnight. Come alone until Weasley is on board.**

Harry sighed, crumpling the parchment back into his pocket. "I've done a deal with the devil."

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