Sorry for the false alarm people, but I have a HUGE announcement! The E-Sare fanpop spot is up and RUNNING! So go join people! It only has 5 members now, and it's TOO nice for that! There are E-Sare videos, E-Sare pics, E-Sare questions, quizes, discussions, and articles, SO GO CHECK IT OUT! And go spread the E-Sare love YOURSELF! You can create, participate, discuss, and GUSH all you want! It's so easy!

Just go to fanpop (.com)! Once you're there type in E-Sare in the "search fanpop" search bar! It'll be the very first club you see, at the tippy top! ;D Click on it, and then select the green button on the top right hand side of the screen that displays the number of fans, to become a fan YOURSELF! And if you're not a member of fanpop, just click "join fanpop" at the VERY top left hand corner of your screen! It's SUPER easy and SUPER free to join so don't waste any time!

The E-Sare spot needs as many fans as possible, and the more fans we have, the more FUN it'll be! Plus! If we are able to reach up to 50 fans this week (it's up to you to spread the word, you wonderful people!), I'll work my BUTT off and post another E-Sare story! Ideas have been SWARMING in my head, and I've got a GREAT one I know you'll LOVE! Gonna be SO much better than this one! BUT! I'll only write and post (cause it's A LOT of work, and I REALLY don't have the time!) if we reach 50 fans by Friday of this week! :D So get to work people! Thanks for reading this, and God bless! I KNOW we can make this happen! So let the E-Sare love SPREAD like wild fire! Later! ;D