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The rain was hard that mid afternoon / evening - Hard and cold. It was the middle of summer at the House of Night; usually the weather would have been pleasantly hot around the 3am time – but not today.

Today the weather was only mild - mild yet cold with wet rain.

Zoey sat under a small shelter slightly away from the main hustle and bustle from the food hall. Her hair was hanging down today; usually she would wear her hair in a messy pony tail or half up half down in such hot weather to keep her cool, but today... She was finding she needed that extra 'curtain' for warmth.

She sighed as she watched the pouring rain slam down on the sloppy grass and the pathways. With her hands wrapped round her knees as she sat on the floor leaning against the shelters brick wall ( the shelter was usually used for keeping all the outside furniture out of the rain. Big success that was) Zoey kept her eyes low and down to the floor.

Yes she was a little cold from the rain and the slight wind that came along with it, but that didn't stop Zoey wearing nothing but her favourite jeans and t-shirt – allowing her strange yet wonderful tattoos to almost glow in the dimly lit light.

Truth be told, Zoey was feeling a little worn out. With all of the school work she had been given in the past two weeks along with her Boy trouble which she didn't even want to think about, Zoey just wanted some alone time to rest; Even if that means being alone from all her friends, which totally understood Zoey's situation – thank god.

As the rain thundered down, and the odd flash of lightning hit the black sky, Zoey's attention was drawn to the grumbling meowing that had erupted beside her; Nala.

"Oh you silly little thing!" Zoey cooed as she pulled the soaking wet Nala closer to her, the cat looking very unimpressed at the sudden change in weather.

Zoey couldn't help but stifle a laugh as she noticed how skinny Nala looked with her fur dripping wet with rainwater.

Feeling sorry for the feline, Zoey picked Nala up with one hand, unbothered at how wet she might become herself from having the cat rest on her as she braved the sweeping rain, running to get inside to the main hall.

This only resulted in more Mee-ef-oww's from the grumpy cat, as Zoey plopped the cat down on the dry floor once inside the hall corridor.

Zoey petted Nala on the head, as the cat ran off without a second thought. She watched as the cat scurried across the corridor and round one of the corners. Zoey rolled her eyes back a little, smirking at Nala's behaviour.

"Typical." She thought as she brushed some of her wet hair back from her face while walking further into the building, hoping to make her way to the nearest bathroom to sort out her wet limp hair. Zoey didn't care too much about her appearance, she usually couldn't care about it when she was trying to sort her life out - but she couldn't stand her hair looking like a mop. Not today anyway.

As Zoey made her way round the intricate corridors that weaved in and around the building, she managed to find a hanging mirror on one of the walls.

That's odd... Zoey thought as she began combing her hair with her fingers, trying to tame her it a little. I've never noticed this here before...

"Got a little wet outside did we?" A sudden voice spoke to the side of Zoey, belonging to none other than her mentor; Neferet.

"Yeah, it's chucking it down." Replied Zoey, not talking her eyes off her own reflection.

Neferet arched one thin eyebrow while standing to one side of Zoey, watching her finish grooming her hair. "That's too bad. I needed you to come to my office a little later... Since you seem to be struggling with all of this work."

" I'm not struggling." Zoey snapped back. She glanced over at Neferet after realising how impolite she was with her rebuttal, hoping the dominating figure didn't notice the bitter tone to Zoey's voice.

Neferet only smiled vaguely, but her expression too difficult to read.

Zoey turned back to the mirror, a little uncomfortable at the sudden awkwardness she had created between them both.

"Zoey." Neferet said finally, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall, still facing Zoey. "You can admit to me that your struggling. I'm not going to tell you off for getting behind a little." She said calmly, yet Zoey couldn't help but notice an underlining intimidating tone to her voice.

After a moment's pause, Zoey finally turned to Neferet, who was staring at her constantly. Zoey noticed how Neferet was wearing a figure hugging red dress, which complemented her thick locks of crimson hair which were draped over her pale bare shoulders... In such cold weather. Impractical woman.

"I am not struggling." She said after a short time. "I am just going through some stuff which is practically sorted out."

Neferet smirked at Zoey's defence. "Well anyhow Zoey..." She said finally. " I need you to come by my office in about an hours time. I think you need some guidance otherwise you will fail." She spoke quite bluntly, which made Zoey's stomach sink a little; Yes she disliked how Neferet constantly persisted her whenever something seemed wrong with her life, but she couldn't help feel deflated that Neferet was telling her that she would fail... it almost knocked her a little; gave her a jolt.

After admitting defeat, but not completely, Zoey agreed to meet Neferet a little later on – Neferet telling her it would be best if Zoey got changed out of her wet clothes.

As Neferet walked away from Zoey, Zoey sensed something in Neferet's underlining behaviour. She couldn't pinpoint it exactly, but it did have her question what would be happening later on that evening.

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