Zoey didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe it. There she was, on all fours, in her bra, her jeans (which were thankfully still on) and a big thick black collar round her neck.

"Neferet..." Zoey began. "Stop, I don't... I don't understand!" She cried rising to her feet again, pleading at Neferet to stop.

Neferet stood there, eyes blazing, her expression wild with anticipation and triumph. She had the young fledging where she wanted her, and wasn't going to let a moment slip with such an innocent little body to play with.

"You don't understand?" Neferet laughed silkily as she tugged at the leash in her hand, pulling Zoey closer. "Zoey..." She grinned. "What part of you being mine don't you understand? You are MINE, meaning you belong to me and whomever I choose. Understand?"She said sharply as she jerked the leash causing Zoey to fall back down to her hands and knees.

Zoey shook her head frantically. "No! I don't understand! Why are you doing this to me? What Have I done to deserve this? What is this sick act for?" She asked, her eyes welling up with emotion. "Neferet I don't understand what I've done-"

"its not what you have done Zoey." Neferet hissed, pulling Zoey off her hands so she knelt before her. "It's what you were going to do." She said slyly, stroking Zoey's hair, letting it run through her fingertips, until the ends fell from the gaps between her fingers, so she was grasping onto nothing but air. She then took hold of Zoey's throat, pulling her a little higher on her knees. She bent down, and kissed Zoey on the lips teasingly.

Zoey kneeled unwillingly in front of her, her eyes wide with hate. How could this... CREATURE act so disgustingly like this?

Before Zoey knew what she was doing, she was on her feet again, trying frantically to take a blow at Neferet, so that she could get away. At the same time, she was trying as hard as she could to get the collar off from round her throat, but most of her attention was on Neferet, who was dodging Zoey's swipes of fury with ease.

Suddenly with one quick backhanded blow from Neferet, Zoey falls to the floor.

"do that again my little bitch, and I will defiantly give you something to fight against."

Zoey lay on the floor, startled and frozen with fear. She couldn't understand how she let Neferet take control like this. "Neferet..." Zoey began but was cut off by Neferet pushing Zoey's back onto the cold floor, pinning her arms above her head as she straddled her. Neferet sat snugly on Zoey's stomach, bent over her, their noses almost touching. One hand of hers was keeping Zoey's hands above her head, the other was holding onto the leash.

"Be a good pet for me Zoey, and no one will get hurt." She said slowly, making sure Zoey heard ever word.

Zoey didn't move. She didn't respond. All she did was turn her head to the side, looking somewhere else rather than into Neferet's torturing beautiful eyes. Zoey didn't want to be infatuated by this woman in any way possible, and she must have been in order to have gotten into such a state.

"Zoey?" Neferet asked, her eyebrow raised expectantly.

Zoey took long to respond, but after a short time, she nodded her head a fraction, allowing Neferet to see that Zoey understood.

"Good girl." Neferet whispered tenderly as she released her grip on Zoey's hands, and leaning away from Zoey's face so she was sitting upright on her.

"now.." She said, her free hand gently caressing one of Zoey's breasts ever so lightly. "I need to finish my work on you before we can begin." She said softly.

These words made Zoey nervous. Finish my work?

Before Zoey knew what was happening, Neferet was pulling her onto all fours again, pulling her through a narrow door with the leash.
"Come on Zoey, You can stand if you must." Neferet said dismissively as she continued walking through the small corridor inside. At the other end of the small corridor was a long winding staircase, made of hard stone. Neferet was ascending the stairs, closely followed by Zoey, who took Neferet's opportunity to stand on her feet rather than walk like some dog.

The winding stairs was quite high up, and finally they came to the top, with a large iron door.

Zoey stood behind Neferet, her arms crossed over her chest from the slight draught in the tunnel.

Neferet unlocked the door, walking in to the dark room.

"in." She ordered as she held the leash.

Zoey stumbled in, the door swiftly closing behind her.

It was pitch black, and Zoey could feel the leash hanging limply by her side. No one was holding it.

Zoey didn't know what to do. Usually fledglings could see in the dark, or to some extent anyway, but in here, she couldn't see a thing.

Neferet's footsteps could be heard from the other end of the room. The room seemed quite large from the distance the sound of Neferet's heals were clicking on the floor occasionally.

"What's going on?" Zoey asked nervously as she shuffled into the dark even further, feeling very venerable.

Suddenly Zoey felt a large amount of pressure on her shoulders. Someone was pushing her down to the floor. Was it Neferet?

Zoey had no choice but to fall to her knees. A hand was tangled in her hair keeping her up straight as she knelt again, unwillingly.

"Good girl..." She could hear Neferet's voice behind her, whispering hotly in her ear.

Zoey felt her head being tilted to her side, exposing the side of her neck. She could feel the collar being pulled up, exposing more flesh.

"We might aswel do it the old fashioned way Zoey. This will hurt, and if you struggle..."Zoey could feel Neferet's moist hot breath on her necks cold skin. "You will regret it."

Before Zoey could make sense of things, Neferet crouched behind Zoey, biting into Zoey's neck.

All of a sudden, Zoey felt a sharp stinging pain. She wanted to make it stop, but remembered Neferet's warning, so she stayed here, her head limp in Neferet's other hand which was grasping onto her hair.

Zoey could feel her blood leave her body. She felt weak, but at the same time she relished the feel of Neferet's tongue caress the bite mark wounds that punctured her skin.

Neferet drew enough blood out of the young fledging to imprint. She lapped up the blood, Zoey's taste burning on her tongue, making her feel warm and powerful to control such a powerful young vampire. She let her hand slip from Zoey's hair onto her shoulder, down her chest and round her waist. She pulled Zoey into her, no longer withdrawing any blood, but just licking the wounds now, allowing them to cease bleeding, but making sure they will leave a nasty mark in the future for Zoey to remember her by.

Zoey let slip a small groan as she felt Neferet press herself into her, she could feel her core burning.

Shit. What was she doing?

After moments of Neferet holding Zoey in the embrace, she stood from her stooped position, leading the disorientated Zoey to a large four-poster bed.

Still completely blind due to the darkness, Zoey had no choice but to be led to the silky covers, and to be laid down on the bed, her head just touching the headrest.

Zoey could feel she was alone lying there, and she could hear Neferet moving round the foot of the bed and moving to the other side of her, where she straddled Zoey once more.

Zoey could feel the absence of Neferet's red dress which usually draped over her skin as she sat upon her. she could only feel Neferet's covered core with a soft slippery material, like the silk sheets of the bed. She could tell Neferet still had her shoes on, for she heard the clicking of her heels only seconds ago as Neferet walked round the bed.

Zoey wanted to know the situation of what she was in. with one hand down by her side, she moved it so it touched one side of Neferet's legs.

Tights... Zoey thought as she touched ever so lightly at the side of her leg. Thank god.




No. Not tights. She is wearing suspenders and stockings.

Zoey gulped. She didn't realise Neferet could see Zoey working it out; Zoey's expression on her face said it all. So Neferet took Zoey's hands, and placed each one on either side of Neferet's outer thighs, her hands guiding them upwards towards her stomach.

Zoey opened her mouth in protest, but Neferet quickly hushed her by whispering "Shhh Zoey, don't fight me."

Neferet guided Zoey's hands to her waist. Zoey could feel the metal clips which held the stockings up to the suspender belt. Neferet guided her higher, sliding Zoey's hands to the front of her stomach where Zoey felt a leather corset. Neferet slid Zoey's hands higher, till they reached Neferet's breasts.

Zoey was made to slide her hands over them, thankfully the corset covered them, but gave her a large cleavage which is what Zoey's fingers touched next. Neferet held Zoey's hands there – on the tops of her chest where Zoey could feel Neferet's cold skin.

"you like that Zoey?" She asked thickly as she loosened the grip on Zoey's hands. Zoey dropped them down, withdrawing them quickly.

Neferet sighed disapprovingly at this. So she slid off Zoey, down beside her, where she unbuttoned Zoey's jeans.
"Move, and I will make this a whole lot more uncomfortable." Neferet warned, as she pulled Zoey's jeans off her, exposing her red underwear.




"mmm Zoey..." Neferet moaned teasingly. "you look divine."

Zoey felt sick. She clenched her hands by her sides to stop herself from reacting, and just lay there. She could feel Neferet climb back on her, her hands lightly sliding up Zoey's smooth legs, up her stomach, and up to the chest.

Zoey arched her back unwillingly at Neferet's light teasing movement, it sending goose bumps over her skin.

"you know what the best thing about an imprint is Zoey?" Neferet whispered in Zoey's ear as she lay on top of her.

Zoey didn't reply.

"Everything you feel and sense and want... I know about. I can feel what you feel, and I know what turns you on and what turns you off... So no lying to me Zoey..." She cups Zoey's core with her hand "Because I will know."

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