"I can't believe we're back in L.A.," Dean grumbled for the fiftieth time. He hated going back to the same place twice, but this was worse. They had been caught up in a bank robbery and been blamed for it, of course.

"Well, there's definitely something going on here. I have an appointment with a professor at Cal Sci. You check out the house," Sam said.

"Alright. Let's get this taken care of quick, so we can get out of here."


Jake and Andrew were going over their plan again. "So, we need to spring our cousin from federal custody so he can't rat us out," Jake stated the obvious.

"Yeah, so we're going to go after that fed's brother again. Plus, I'm still totally pissed off that he managed to get away with that other guy," Andrew said.

"Yeah, with our money, since it was still in the van they stole," Jake lamented.

"And they didn't even keep it. Well, anyway, we'll nab the brother, offer an exchange and as soon as Vinnie is free, we kill the curly-headed geek."

"Let's go. We know his schedule. We know when he'll be leaving to go home. It's time to move."


Sam had been at Cal Sci to talk to a mythology professor. The haunted house they were working on had symbols all over it that he and Dean had never seen before. The professor had been unable to shed any light on the situation and Sam was exiting the building hoping that maybe Dean had found something out at the house. As he reached the sidewalk, he saw a familiar face and was spotted at the same time.

"Charlie," Sam said, wondering what he should do. He knew that Charlie's brother was an FBI agent and that Charlie knew that he was on the Most Wanted List.

"Sam," Charlie said back, equally unsure of what to do. His brother would not be happy if he had known that he had run into Sam Winchester and not called the police or FBI. He didn't have to worry about it for long, though.

A van pulled up beside them and a man jumped out the open back. Both Sam and Charlie recognized him as one of the bank robbers immediately.

"Well, we weren't expecting you," Andrew leered at Sam as he pointed his gun at him.

Sam hadn't brought a gun with him to the University. He generally only carried what he thought he would need on a hunt. Dean generally brought a gun with him everywhere, but Sam had never liked the feel of a weapon on him. Now he was thinking that might be a big mistake.

Andrew fired the gun in the air, drawing the attention of milling students and professors. "Get in," he yelled, pointing it alternately at Charlie and Sam. "We wouldn't want any of these bystanders to get hurt."

Sam knew that he was serious. If he started shooting into the crowd, someone would get hurt. He put his hands up and got in the van, followed by Charlie. Andrew, jumped in and shut the door.

Sam considered rushing him while he was shutting the door. If he was going to make a move, now would be the best time. But as if he read his mind, Andrew spun around and hit Sam in the head with his gun. He was out.

"Give me your phone," Andrew said to Charlie.

Charlie gazed worriedly at Sam, as he pulled out his phone and handed it to Andrew.

Andrew scrolled through the names until he saw Don. He dialed the number.


Don and Colby were the only ones left at the FBI office. They were finishing up some paperwork and talking about grabbing a beer, when Don's cell phone rang.

"Hey, Buddy, what's up?" Don answered.

"Aw, that's so sweet," Andrew said.

"Who is this?" Don asked as he paled.

Colby heard the tone of Don's voice and stopped putting his jacket on to look at his boss. "Trace?" he mouthed.

Don nodded and Colby started the process to trace where the call was coming from.

"The FBI has Vinnie Washington in custody. I want him released or your brother dies."

"We can't do that," Don protested. It was against policy to negotiate with hostage takers. Plus, he didn't even know who this Vinnie Washington guy was. His team hadn't made the arrest. Whoever had wouldn't let Don just stroll in and let their prisoner go.

"Then I guess you should say good-bye to your brother."

Andrew held the phone up to Charlie. "Don," Charlie whispered. He knew the rules about not negotiating and knew there was nothing Don could do. These guys would kill him—and Sam. But they would probably kill Sam anyway. He lost his train of thought as Andrew punched him in the stomach, making him gasp and grunt.

"Charlie!" Don shouted. He didn't know what had happened, but it sounded like his brother was in pain.

Andrew had grabbed the phone back. "If you change your mind, let Vinnie go by midnight tomorrow and we'll let your brother go. Otherwise, we kill him."

Andrew hung up and handed the phone up to Vinnie who threw it out the car window.

"You think he'll do it?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, you remember how protective he was of his little brother?" Andrew reminded Jake as he patted Charlie's face. Charlie tried to bat his hand away, but Andrew grabbed it and squeezed tightly until he heard a bone break. Charlie cried out. "You better behave. I know the other one was the one that did all the rescuing last time and he's down for the count."

Andrew let go of Charlie's hand and Charlie sank back away from him and leaned against the van wall. Andrew smiled at his compliance and turned toward the unconscious Sam. He decided what to do with this unexpected presence. He reached into Sam's pockets until he found his phone. He scrolled through the names until he found Dean. He was glad he remembered everyone's names.