The next morning, Charlie and Sam were both released from the hospital, Charlie to go home and Sam to go to jail.

"Your ride's here," Henriksen said when he came to get Sam.

Sam looked up surprised to see his dad's old friend, Deacon. He didn't let on that he knew him, though.

"Come on," Deacon said roughly and started steering Sam towards the elevator.

"I want to go with you," Henricksen said.

"What?" Deacon asked. This would not work well with his plan at all.

"Him and his brother have a knack of escaping police custody. His brother's on the loose. He's probably got a plan to bust Sam loose."

Deacon couldn't argue with that since it was his plan. He also couldn't think of any reason to tell Henricksen he couldn't go. If he did he would definitely lose his job when all this was over with. As it was it was pretty touch and go anyway. "Alright," he said agreeably. Dean would just have to figure something else out while Sam was in jail. He felt like a jerk, though. Their dad had saved his life on more than one occasion and he was just turning his back on them now.

Henricksen's cell phone rang and he answered it. "Henricksen."

Deacon pushed the button on the elevator while Henricksen was on the phone. "You're kidding," he heard.

Henricksen hung up the phone. "Dean Winchester's been sighted on the west end of town. Guess he had no plans to bust you out at all," Henricksen said, knowing the transfer to the jail was going in the opposite direction.

Deacon knew that too and knew it had to be a false sighting. Dean was supposed to be waiting for them at a particular curve and Deacon had told him to be there at dawn so nobody would see him getting into position. "So, are you coming with us or what?" he asked as he shepherded Sam onto the elevator.

"No, I'm going to get his brother," he said and raced in the opposite direction.

"I hope Dean gets away," Sam said when the elevator doors closed.

"Not your brother. He's on the east end of town along our route."

"Do you mean you're going to let me go?" Sam asked. He couldn't ask this of one of dad's friends. It would be too great of a risk.

"Yeah. I owe your dad."

They arrived in the parking garage. "They have cameras down here so I have to chain you up in the back like any other prisoner," Deacon said.

"I understand," Sam said.


Andrew got into position to wait for the prison transfer. He knew that it would be happening today. He might not have any idea where Dean was, but he knew where Sam would be shortly. Even though, he didn't know it, Dean was only ¼ mile down the road from him.


"Don, I need to talk to Sam," Charlie said.

"He's been transferred," Don said.

"I know. They have visiting hours, don't they?" Charlie pointed out.

"Well, yeah, but I don't think it's a good idea," Don said.

"Why not?"

"I think you have Stockholm Syndrome or something."

"How can I have Stockholm Syndrome? Sam wasn't the one who kidnapped me. He was kidnapped with me," Charlie argued.

"He's a dangerous criminal," Don said. He was grateful to Sam for saving Charlie—twice. But, he still wasn't sure about him.

"He'll be in jail. What could happen?" Charlie asked, interrupting Don's thoughts.

"OK." He decided it would be better for Charlie to get this out of his system and with him there to see if he could get any better read on him.


"Yeah, we'll go now. You can probably talk to him before they take him to his cell." Being a federal agent had its advantages.


Andrew saw the prison van driving toward him. He assumed Sam was in it and he threw out the special extra-sharp nails he had brought for the purpose. They did the trick and the van began to careen over the road.

Andrew jumped out into the road as the driver/guard was getting out of the van and drawing his gun. Andrew shot him in the center of the head and ran up to him and grabbed the keys from him.


Sam was sitting in the back when he felt the van begin to swerve. He had thought that Deacon was just going to stop and hand him over to Dean, but maybe they needed to do this so that Deacon wouldn't get in any trouble.

Then he heard a gunshot and he knew that couldn't be right. His fears were confirmed when the back door of the van opened and he saw Andrew standing in front of him.


Dean heard the screeching tires from his car. He quickly pulled out and raced towards the sound. As soon as he was on the road he saw the van coming to a stop. He also saw Andrew killing Deacon and grabbing the keys. He was just jumping out of the Impala when Andrew got the door to the van opened and was disappearing inside.

He ran to the van and found Andrew sitting on the little bench next to Sam with his gun on his forehead. "Well, you killed my little brother in front of me. Now, I'm going to return the favor."

Sam wished there was something he could do, but with his hands chained together and the chain hooked to the floor there wasn't much he could do.

Dean was pointing his gun at Andrew. He had pulled it out from his pants as he was running up to the van. "Let him go," Dean said.

"Drop the gun," Andrew countered.

"Yeah, right." That wasn't going to happen. Sam was as good as dead. The only reason he wasn't dead yet was because Andrew wanted to be able to get out of there alive.


Don and Charlie drove up to the scene. "Wait in the car," Don yelled and jumped out of the car. "FBI. Drop your guns!" He had no idea what had happened but he could see the guard dead on the ground and two suspects with guns.

Dean was unsure what to do at this point. If he dropped his gun, there would still be a threat of a gun pointed at Andrew to keep Sam alive. He didn't want to depend on someone else for that, though. In the split second that he was thinking all of this, Andrew had turned his gun away from Sam and was aiming it at Don. Both Don and Dean pulled their triggers at the same time. Don had gone for a leg shot, but Dean had aimed for the chest. Both hit their marks.

Charlie heard the shots. "Don!" he yelled and ran over to the van.

"Stay back, Charlie," Don ordered. "Put the gun down," he again told Dean.

Charlie had ignored Don and was all the way up to the van. He had heard two shots and he just needed to make sure with his own eyes that his brother was OK.

If Dean had taken the time to think, he wouldn't have done it. But, he was desperate. If they both got arrested, there was no way they were going to be able to escape. He jumped behind Charlie and put the gun to his head. "Unlock my brother."

"Dean, what are you doing?" Sam asked, horrified.

Dean was beginning to wonder that himself, but he had started this course of action, he would have to finish it. Unless Don tried to call his bluff. He obviously couldn't shoot Charlie.

"Let him go and put the gun down."

"I'll let your brother go if you let my brother go," Dean countered.

Don started towards the back of the van.

"Uh uh. Put the gun down first," Dean directed.

Don put the gun down. " I have a key in my pocket," he said. He didn't want to spook this guy.

"Get it with one hand," Dean said.

Don did so and closed the distance to Sam. He unlocked the cuffs.

"Sam, lock him up," Dean said.

"Dean," Sam protested.

They heard sirens in the distance.

"Just hurry, Sam," Dean said in the voice that let Sam knew he was irritated with him for arguing with him and he was the big brother and he was right.

Sam pushed Don down and locked him up, grabbing the key from him in the process. Dean let Charlie go and Dean and Sam exited the vehicle shutting and locking the door behind them. They ran to the car and raced away from the sirens.


"Well, now do you believe me about them?" Don asked.

"It's weird," Charlie admitted. "I didn't feel like Dean was going to shoot me, though."

Don rolled his eyes. He just really hoped Charlie never met up with the Winchesters again.


Henricksen was livid when he found out it was a false sighting. By the time he got to the prison van, the guard was dead, the two Eppes brothers were locked in the van, and there was not a Winchester in sight. He wanted to stab everyone in the vicinity in frustration but settled for yelling a blue streak at Eppes.


"We got Deacon killed," Sam lamented that night.

"It wasn't your fault, Sam."

"Did you kill the other guy?" Sam asked, suddenly remembering what Andrew had said about watching Dean kill his little brother.

"Yeah. He made the mistake of telling me you were dead. I lost it and shot him."

"What's with you lately? You shoot someone in cold blood, you take an innocent guy hostage? This isn't what Dad taught us."

"I shot someone who said that they had killed you. And I had no intention of hurting Charlie. You know that," Dean yelled angrily.

"I know that. But he didn't. He was probably really scared."

"It only lasted a minute, Sam. He's fine. I didn't hurt him. Can we just drop this?" The truth was he had scared himself over the last couple of days. He had done things he wouldn't have believed of himself to save Sam and according to his father he had some serious Sam saving to do in the future. He just hoped he would be up to the challenge.

The End

A/N Sorry I killed Deacon, but Andrew didn't seem like the type to just knock someone unconscious. he was pretty vicious. Also, I realize that Charlie wouldn't come up to the van with unsecured suspects and that Dean wouldn't have taken him hostage, but I was really stuck as to how to get them away.