Challenge issued by: TheBlueVampireQueenOfAbiland

Rule 1: You need to PM me when you write this, otherwise I won't know that you wrote it.

Rule 2: The story can't be written from Danny's POV.

Rule 3: Danny has to show up at someone's house gravely injured and dripping blood/ectoplasm.

Rule 4: The Danny that shows up has to be the one that the person likes least.

Rule 5: The person who finds him has to be alone in the house, and can't know Danny's secret.

Rule 6: There has to be a reason that the person can't call for someone to help Danny. They have to do it themselves.

Rule 7: You can't reveal Danny right away.

Recommendation: The Danny that shows up should be dripping the wrong stuff, i.e. Fenton dripping ectoplasm and Phantom dripping blood

So… yeah, I thought the idea seemed cool. I mean I wanted to write about it so here I am. And I shall now commence the writing since I know you want to hear me blather on and on up here in these author note things… yeah… but first… CHOCOLATE CAKE! On a stick!

His hands trembled as he reached the house, he moaned as he reached up to press the doorbell. He kept steady pressure on the wound, wouldn't want it to open up again, but for some reason it was still bleeding. The door opened as Danny's hands trembled, why was he here… why couldn't he just have gone to Sam's or Tucker's? It was the closest house to get help at. Danny reminded himself.

"Fenton?" Dash looked bewildered down at the smaller boy. Danny groaned.

"I… I know… you hate me… just… please…" Danny looked up at his tormenter, "Help me." Dash gapped at the boy bleeding out on his doorstep. He nodded slowly and grabbed the boy's hand helping him into the house. He deposited Danny on the couch and ran to the bathroom searching under the sink for medical equipment. He heard a scream from the living room and ran back out to see Danny lying on the ground pulling his shirt up and hissing at the pain. Dash took a hesitant step forward Danny growled and pulled his shirt off after extracting the fiber's from the wound, if Danny's toned body didn't daze Dash Danny's ripped up torso did. Scar after scar was across his chest, a long scar down his back seemed to be burned into his flesh, it twisted up around the middle of his back. The bleeding wound from Danny's torso scared the Jock out of his wits even more, it was bleeding, but not just blood, it was leaking green.

"Come on…" Danny's voice trembled as he pushed the mess out of the way looking at the wound.

"Shit." Dash said dropping the stuff he brought, Danny looked up eyes wide with fright, they narrowed in determination.

"Say a word of what you see here and your life will become a living hell… bring me the gauze." Danny said word fierce. Dash nodded mutely handing Danny a roll of gauze. Danny gripped it pushing on the wound to stop the blood flow as he cursed muttering to himself.

"Should be doing that…" Danny said after a while, ectoplasm on his hand. He wiped it off on his pants, "Shouldn't be bleeding ectoplasm." Danny glared at the wound as if that would fix it. Danny shuddered. Dash grabbed the boy before he could fall and set him on the couch. What surprised him was how cold Danny's skin was. Danny shivered again then shook his head.

"Fenton… i…uh…" Dash looked at the smaller boy helpless, he didn't know what to do, what to say. His punching bag was sitting on his couch bleeding like a butchered pig and was leaking ectoplasm on his couch and Dash didn't know what to say or do, or even think. Danny ignored him lifting the gauze; the skin was bright red and angry looking a long puckered scar along the left side of his torso. Danny nodded apparently satisfied, then looked at the green substance on the gauze along with the red blood looking like someone's sick idea of Christmas.

Danny sniffed the cloth, then shook his head and began pacing ignoring the jock who watched in horror as the boy's cut slowly faded into a lesser scar blending in with the others across and down his chest.

"Fenton?" Dash asked hesitantly, Danny looked up eyes narrowed.

"I swear… if you so much as think about anything you saw tonight I will personally feed you to Cerberus in the underworld, are we clear." Danny's eyes flashed a dangerous color of green. Dash nodded. Danny gathered up the gauze and pulled his shirt back on glaring at the jock.

"What are you?" Escaped Dash's lips, Danny glared harder but didn't answer. Dash took a step back as Danny headed for the door.

"I swear Dash… on word." He glared. Dash nodded mutely. Danny glared a few seconds longer to make his point then walked out of the house carrying all evidence with him. Dash stood shell shocked for a minute glad no one was home.

"Damn Fenton." Came to the jocks lips as he turned to go back to his room. He'd never seen Fenton like that, the freak was intimidating. The freak. Dash shook himself, he didn't just see that did he? That didn't just happen. What the F was Danny Fenton?

Ha ha! First chapter, kinda short, but I didn't really want to do anymore with that yet. So… what do you think, I need feedback people!