Journey to the Next World

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Naruto panted as he looked out towards the rat bastard that tried to kill his teammates and had sent a giant snake after him. Well that little plan didn't exactly work since all it took was a few hundred to a thousand shadow clones to overstuff the snake and blow it up from the inside out.

After escaping from the snake Naruto immediately took to a sprinting pace back to his teammates. When he got back there he saw them being attacked by a grass Shinobi on a giant snake. Confronting them he challenged the grass ninja to a fight boldly and loudly.

'You damn idiot' Sasuke cursed in his mind as he couldn't get his body to stop shaking. 'Doesn't he realize that we're completely outmatched? There's only one thing I can do' he thought as he willed his body to stop shaking. Opening his Sharingan eyes he deactivated them and his eyes returned to their normal onyx color. Reaching into his back pouch Sasuke pulled out the Heaven scroll that they were given at the start of the chunin exams.

"The scroll right" Sasuke called out tossing it into his right hand, "That's what you want isn't it?" Ignoring the shocked looks on both of his teammates faces Sasuke continued, "Just take it. Take it and leave us alone."

The grass Shinobi chuckled and spoke in a feminine voice, "Very smart of you boy. When the prey has no chance of escaping then the next best thing is to distract the predator with an even better prey."

Sasuke ignored what the Shinobi said, "Take it" he said simply and tossed it to the grass Shinobi. When it sailed halfway towards the grass Shinobi a blur went through the air, snatched the scroll, ricocheted off a tree and landed next to Sasuke in the blink of an eye. "Stop playing the damn hero" Sasuke shouted angrily "Just stay out of it and leave this to m-"

Sasuke was interrupted as an even angrier Naruto turned a 180 and decked Sasuke right in the mouth. Blood and spit flew from Sasuke's mouth as the sheer force of the punch knocked him back. Using his acrobatic skills Sasuke used his left hand to flip himself over on the next branch and land back on his feet.

Wiping his mouth he glared at Naruto, "Stupid fool, you don't know what you're doing."

Naruto was glaring fiercely and if one were to focus enough you could see his K-9's grow larger and his whisker marks get longer as well. Despite his anger Naruto spoke in a completely soft voice, "I may have forgotten the pass code, but even someone like me doesn't need a stupid code to tell that you're not the real Sasuke."

"What are you talking about" Sakura asked speaking for the first time in a while. "Of course it's Sasuke, don't be so stupid."

"What sort of nonsense are you babbling about" Sasuke grunted out as he could feel his jaw starting to swell from Naruto's punch. "It's me you loser."

"Liar" Naruto said in a cold voice. The grass ninja waited for them to finish as he/she was enjoying the show. "You may look like Sasuke, you may sound like Sasuke, but the real Sasuke I know isn't a fucking coward" he yelled at the end. Now the two of them were shocked into silence. "You kept telling me I don't understand what's going on, well I do. You've choked, that's what's going on."

The grass ninja chuckled amusedly, "Unfortunately he's right." The grass ninja licked his lips sadistically with an insane smile making Sasuke and Sakura shiver in fear. Then the grass ninja put a hand on his left sleeve, "Now let's continue" he rolled the sleeve up exposing a tattoo. "As for the scroll, why bother bargaining when I can simply kill you and take the scroll for myself." He bit his thumb and ran the blood down the tattoo.

Naruto pulled out a kunai and charged at the grass ninja, "Let's see you try it" he snarled.

"NO, Naruto don't" Sasuke shouted actually worried for his teammate.

'Forget Sasuke, I'm gonna half to do this myself' Naruto thought to himself as he neared the grass ninja.

"Summoning jutsu" he said making hand seals. A gust of wind and a poof of smoke later and another giant snake appeared with the grass ninja riding on top of it. "Fair warning he likes to play with his food" the grass ninja smirked.

The snake then went and charged at Naruto with its tail striking the branch that he was standing on knocking Naruto into the branch behind himself. The force of the impact caused Naruto to cough some blood out before he fell onto the branch below him.

Getting up Naruto growled before making a hand seal "Shadow Clone Jutsu" he shouted. The forest was then filled with many Naruto's. Maybe 8 or 900 Naruto Uzumaki filled the branches. His teammates and even the grass ninja looked in shock at the sheer number of clones.

"Incredible" the grass ninja whispered. 'The Shadow Clone jutsu was declared forbidden because of how it splits the chakra evenly between clones. Even I could probably only make about 20 at full strength, maybe 25 if I really tried, but for a mere boy to make this many. The amount of chakra it would take would… it's inconceivable.'

'Naruto' Sasuke thought having a flicker of hope that Naruto could actually win.

"Get ready you snake freak cause I'm gonna kick your ass" Naruto yelled. All the clones pulled out kunai with exploding tags and threw them towards the grass ninja. The explosions were intense for with the explosions hitting the target or various areas around the target left no real room for escape and coupled with the fact that the barrage of explosions and smoke filling the area made it hard to focus on anything to substitute with.

After three minutes of consecutive explosions the clones stopped throwing kunai and all of them dispelled leaving the original Naruto panting as sweat poured from his body.

'Did he get him' Sasuke thought hopefully. That hope was dashed as the smoke cleared to reveal the grass ninja standing on top of his now dead snake. The face was all burnt and mangled, but the grass ninja didn't seem to be in any pain. In fact he seemed to be smirking. Then he simply disappeared from their sight. "Naruto on your right" Sasuke shouted.

Naruto's eyes widened as he turned just in time to see the grass ninja punch him hard in the face making Naruto fly through the air. Naruto flew through the air before slamming into a tree and falling right next to Sasuke.

Naruto coughed and spat out more blood before jumping back to his feet with his bangs shadowing his eyes. Then he opened his eyes and they were now blood red with a slit for a pupil. Faster than either Sasuke or Sakura could track Naruto jumped and managed to land a solid punch to the surprised grass ninja's face. Not stopping an inch Naruto kept punching every single inch of the grass ninja.

"Is that really Naruto" Sakura whispered shock as the amount of chakra being put out made her start shaking. "Whoa where did he get all of this power from?"

"Is that really Naruto" Sasuke mumbled shocked.

Then the grass ninja held a hand to his mouth and blew flames out of his mouth enveloping Naruto and throwing him against another tree. "That look in his eyes, there's no mistaking it." Smirking widely the grass ninja turned to Sasuke and charged at him. Sasuke was still frozen in fear and couldn't move as the grass ninja came closer and closer.

Blood flew through the air and splashed against Sasuke's face. A few seconds later and Sasuke realized that he was still standing in the same spot and feeling no pain. When he finally snapped out of it his eyes widened and he was no shaking more than ever.

In front of him Naruto had intercepted the attack and took it for Sasuke, but what made Sasuke start shaking was that the grass ninja's hand was impaled through Naruto's chest and sticking out the other side.

Naruto's eyes were full of pain as gritted his teeth and glared at the grass ninja. After coughing out a lot of blood the grass ninja wrenched his arm out with a sickening squelch sound and jumped 15 feet away from the two.

Naruto slowly turned his head to look at Sasuke, "Hey you're not hurt are you… scaredy-cat" Naruto said mockingly with a weak grin. Sasuke's eyes widened as he stared into Naruto's still red eyes, but after a few seconds he managed to speak.

"You intercepted the attack" Sasuke spoke softly, "Why… why did you do it?"

"Don't know" Naruto said weakly.

Sasuke grit his teeth in anger, "I didn't ask you to do it. You damn idiot."

Naruto coughed, "Eh, my body just moved on its own. Uuuugh… idiot" he released his breath as he fell backwards. Sasuke got control of his legs again caught Naruto and lowered him to the ground cradling his injured teammate in his arms. Naruto coughed and more blood dribbled down his chin and from the gaping wound in his chest. He chuckled weakly, "You know… not long ago in wave these positions were changed and it was you down on the ground looking like a human pin cushion."

Despite the situation Sasuke managed a weak smirk, "You weren't much better."

Naruto didn't respond to Sasuke's comment, "Only I'm afraid this time I won't make it."

Sasuke's eyes widened, "Don't say such things" he said fiercely. "We've been through a lot together over the past few months. You're my closest friend and I won't let you die here."

Naruto smiled slightly and reached up with his right hand, "Sasuke" he groaned out weakly as he was now feeling a sense of numbness and weightlessness.

"Naruto" Sasuke said as he grabbed his friend's hand.

"I wish that we could have started out as friends back during the academy" Naruto said as he coughed a bit. "I always admired you and wanted to be like you. We were both alone back then with no one there with us. I thought it was only me… but then I met you."

Sasuke was silent, but he was frowning deeply, his lips began quivering slightly and his eyes became shiny.

"I wanted to talk to you and become friends with you… but I was too much of a coward to actually approach you. You were a genius among genius and I was a nobody so I made you my rival instead." Naruto coughed violently and spewed blood from his mouth onto the ground, his shirt and Sasuke, but Sasuke didn't care about that right now.

"Please… stop talking" Sasuke softly pleaded as two tears fell from his eyes "Save your strength."

Naruto smiled and tightened his grip on Sasuke's hand, "The one thing… that I wish we… could have done… is have our fight. Just to see if I... could finally measure… up to you" Naruto groaned out as almost all of his strength left him. "But it appears that my time has come."

More tears fell from Sasuke's eyes as Naruto's grip on his hand slackened and couldn't hold on any longer making it fall to the ground with a dull thud. "Goodbye my dear friend" Naruto said in a quiet voice as his eyes slowly closed, "The time I spent with everyone was… fun."

Naruto's eyes closed and body went limp. Sasuke grit his teeth as more tears fell from his eyes and he didn't bother to hide them as he pulled the body of his teammate… best friend… brother closer and then he openly sobbed as his body shook.

Sakura hopped down and got next to Sasuke and Naruto. When she saw Sasuke crying his heart out she was about to ask him what was wrong, but then she noticed him cradling Naruto, who had his eyes closed and wasn't moving. Then her eyes widened and she collapsed to her knees and she began crying as well, but surprisingly Sasuke was sobbing much more loudly than Sakura was.

"That is most unfortunate" the grass ninja said making Sakura look up at him, while Sasuke continued to ignore him. "I wasn't aiming to kill him. He did not need to die, but oh well. Not everything goes according to plan."

Hearing the grass ninja speak so casually about killing Naruto made Sasuke's blood boil to an overheating point. Sasuke breathed in and out deeply and quickly as though he was hyperventilating, but then he stood up and screamed in the most pain-filled anguish voice that Sakura had ever heard. Blue chakra swirled around Sasuke as he continued to scream. Finally he opened his tear filled eyes and his Sharingan blazed to life, only this time a third comma formed in his eye and they began spinning rapidly.

Finally Sasuke stopped screaming as his Sharingan eyes glared at the grass ninja with tears going down his face, but they were being vaporized by the sheer heat of his chakra. "For what you did to Naruto… I'll never forgive you" Sasuke said quietly, but it was heard by all those present. "I WILL AVENGE HIM" he roared as his chakra skyrocketed.


Sasuke fell to his knees panting and completely out of chakra. He had managed to catch the grass ninja in his Sharingan Windmill Triple Attack and then launched his Dragon Flame Jutsu along the wire and fried the grass ninja to a crisp.

"It's over" Sasuke whispered, "It's finally over." Sasuke looked over to the body of his best friend and smiled slightly at avenging his friend. Then he heard the sound of wires snapping and suddenly he felt a massive chakra freezing him in place and his Sharingan eyes widen in fear, "No, no, no, NO" he shouted managing to turn his head towards the grass ninja.

Only instead his whole face was peeled off revealing the face of a pale man underneath with piercing yellow eyes and the headband on his head was the symbol of the sound instead of grass.

"Exceptional, most exceptional" the sound ninja said in a new oily voice that sent shivers down Sasuke and Sakura's spine. "Your control over the Sharingan is most impressive. If anything your eyes are even keener then that of Itachi."

At the mention of his brother's name Sasuke's blood boiled, but the mere thought that this man was even alive made his blood boil ten times worse. "Who are you, what do you want" Sasuke shouted.

The man held up the Heaven scroll he took from Naruto's dead body earlier "My name is Orochimaru and as to what I want, well, that will have to wait until later." The scroll ignited in green flames and burned to ash. Then Orochimaru made a hand seal and his neck elongated towards Sasuke and bit him right in the neck. Sasuke's eyes widened as he felt Orochimaru's fangs in his neck. Then they retracted and Orochimaru's neck snapped back into place. A seal formed on Sasuke's neck and Sasuke grabbed his neck in pain.

"What did you do to me" Sasuke grunted out.

"I just gave you a little parting gift" Orochimaru said. "Very soon you will seek me out. You'll desire my power. In the meantime I enjoyed the demonstration of the powers you already possess."

"I don't know what you're after and frankly I don't give a flying fuck, but I swear to God I'm gonna kill you for what you've done to my best friend" Sasuke shouted and somehow found the strength to stand.

Orochimaru frowned as he thought to himself, 'Hmm, killing the nine-tailed brat proved to be a flaw as now Sasuke will start wanting revenge on me instead of Itachi. Maybe I should just take his eyes instead of his body. It would prove beneficial since his Sharingan is now fully developed.'

"Very well Sasuke Uchiha" Orochimaru said as he disappeared and reappeared behind Sasuke. "I'll just kill you and take your eyes for myself." Sasuke turned around to feel a hand press to his chest. Then a fierce blast of wind burst from Orochimaru's hand and shredded Sasuke's entire torso, his arm bands and sliced his headband clear off his forehead. Sasuke tasted and gagged on his own blood as his body landed next to Naruto's.

Sasuke looked at Naruto to see his face all relaxed even in death. "Forgive me Naruto" Sasuke whispered softly. Sasuke swiped his finger through his blood and began drawing a seal on his forehead.

Orochimaru smirked as he landed down next to that fallen Uchiha and flipped him over onto his back. Orochimaru didn't seem to notice the seal as he held up his right hand and it glowed purple. "Don't worry. You'll only feel some pain for a few moments."

"Is that so" Sasuke said as he flipped his head up to look Orochimaru right in the eye and making his bangs part to expose the seal.

"That seal" Orochimaru said shocked with wide eyes.

"Exactly" Sasuke said as he forced chakra into his forehead making the seal glow and then Sasuke clenched his eyes shut. Two seconds later blood flowed through his clenched eye lids. Through the pain Sasuke managed to utter, "It's the failsafe seal that every Uchiha is taught at a young age. If we are ever defeated by an enemy we are to activate this seal and then our eyes are destroyed making it impossible to steal the Sharingan. I may die right now, but I will die knowing that you have failed."

Orochimaru's eyes widened in absolute anger, "You impudent little brat, do you have any idea what you've just done?"

Sasuke just smirked, "Oh I know exactly what I've done. Feel free to stick around if you want. With the amount of chakra that has been put out the ANBU and Hokage should be here any second now."

Orochimaru stood up, "It matters not. I will still live while you die."

"I will die in this wretched place" Sasuke said softly, "But right now the only thing keeping me alive is the thought of you failing in your schemes." Orochimaru gave one last glare to the blind Uchiha before merging into the trees and disappearing and just in time to as five seconds later three teams of ANBU, the Hokage, the Chunin Exam Proctor Anko Mitarashi and Squad Seven's Jonin Sensei Kakashi Hatake burst through the trees.

Looking over the area the Hokage spotted Sakura huddled up by a tree, "Kakashi" he called and pointed to the tree. Kakashi nodded and jumped over to get Sakura.

"He was here, he can't have gotten far" Anko hissed as she gripped her neck.

"Anko, Lord Hokage… we found something" An ANBU member called out softly. The two of them immediately jumped over and looked to where the ANBU pointed. Both of their eyes widened when they saw the corpses of Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was lying on his back with his limbs perfectly straight while Sasuke was lying horizontal to Naruto with his arms bent at a 90 degree angle as blood still leaked from his eyes even though he was clearly dead.

"Orochimaru" Sarutobi hissed in absolute fury.

"Poor kids" Anko said regretfully as she bent down and checked on their wounds. Naruto had a fist shaped hole in his heart while Sasuke's torso was shredded from a wind style jutsu. Anko took a look at Sasuke's eyes, 'From the look of it the Uchiha kid activated a failsafe seal so Orochimaru couldn't get his eyes. Smart move kid' Anko thought.

Kakashi and Sakura landed next to the Hokage. When Sakura laid her eyes on the mutilated form of her teammates she immediately broke down. Falling to her knees she cried not only for Sasuke, but for Naruto as well; the loss of both of her teammates was absolutely devastating.

Kakashi simply stared at his two dead students. The feeling of guilt and regret swelled up inside of his body as he stared at the two corpses. He had failed his former teammate and his sensei. He swore to himself on both of their graves that he would protect both Naruto and Sasuke… but now they were dead.

The ANBU carefully loaded Sasuke and Naruto into body bags. The last Sakura and Kakashi saw of the two of them was their faces as the body bags were zipped up and closed. Sarutobi tipped his Hokage hat down covering his eyes so no one could see the tears threatening to spill. After a few seconds he regained his composure.

"I want all security around the village tightened to maximum" Sarutobi said. "After that I want five teams of my best ANBU to hunt down Orochimaru and notify me immediately if he is spotted."

"Yes sir" the ANBU shouted and dispersed into the trees.

Turning to Kakashi and Sakura Sarutobi said regretfully, "I'm sorry about the loss. Kakashi take Sakura out of the forest and take her home. This exam is over for her."

"Right away Lord Hokage" Kakashi said in a somber dull voice. Gently picking up his only remaining genin, still sobbing her eyes out, he jumped through the trees and out of the forest. Not long after Sarutobi shunshined out of the forest and into the tower to await the arriving genin and the start of the Third exam.

The forest area was now quiet… to the living.

"WE'RE DEAD… I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT WE'RE ACTUALLY DEAD" Naruto screeched with his hands on his head. Naruto was standing as though nothing was wrong with him, except he had a chain in the middle of his chest. Sasuke was standing next to Naruto and also looked like nothing happened to him.

"Would you please not yell" Sasuke grunted out rubbing his temples, "Your voice is giving me a headache." Sasuek also had a chain protruding from his chest.

"I'LL YELL IF I DAMN WELL WANT TO" Naruto yelled "IT MAY HAVE NOT REACHED YOUR MIND YET BUT. WE. ARE. DEAD" Naruto yelled sounding out the last four words slowly.

Sasuke grew several tick marks on his head, "SHUT UP damn it" he screamed. Naruto fell silent for he had never heard Sasuke yell so loudly.

Then he grinned, "You yelled, I'm rubbing off on you Sasuke." Sasuke's eye brow twitched and he punched Naruto over the head. Naruto yelped in pain, "Hey I didn't deserve that."

"You're right, let me take it back" Sasuke smirked and punched him again over the head. Naruto yelped in pain again and glared at Sasuke. "Now if you're finished making a fool of yourself you can help me figure out what's going on" Sasuke said turning serious.

Naruto got an unusually serious face on, "Yeah… I don't know what's going on. Old man Hokage told me that when one dies they either go to the good place in the sky called Heaven or the bad place in the center of the Earth called Hell. Since we're still here I don't know what's going on." (A/N: If this offends anyone or goes against religious beliefs then I apologize in advance.)

"That's the problem" Sasuke said as he thought of what went wrong. He then grunted in pain and looked down at his chest. The end of the chain was slowly melting away. "What the hell" he said shocked.

"What's wrong" Naruto asked going over to Sasuke. When Naruto saw the chain on Sasuke's chest eroding away he gasped, "What the hell is going on? What's with these chains?" Naruto then grasped his own chain as he grunted in pain. His chain was now eroding away at a faster pace than Sasuke's.

"What's going on?" Sasuke grunted as he grasped his chain. The eroding stopped, but he was still in quite a lot of pain. He looked over to Naruto and saw that his chain was still eroding and was already half gone while Sasuke's was only ¼ of the way gone. "Naruto" Sasuke called.

Naruto suddenly gasped in relief and looked down at his chest as the chain stopped eroding, "God damn that hurt" he grunted as he stood up with Sasuke's help.

"We better find out what to do before the chains completely disappear" Sasuke said. 'If the pain was this bad now then what happened when the chain completely erodes away' he thought silently. Suddenly his eyes widened, "Look out" he shouted. Both of them jumped away just in time to avoid a giant claw smashing down right where they were standing.

"Good reflexes" a very dark voice congratulated. Sasuke and Naruto turned and almost shit themselves. The thing that tried to squash them was enormous. Its body was about three stories high, all black except for the head which was designed in a cat face. "You may have dodged my first attack, but you will not dodge the second one."

Both of them managed to jump out of the way just in time, but they were both blasted into trees on the other side of the hollow. Jumping up Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm and jumped into the air before the next attack could get them. "Okay this thing's pissing me off" Naruto grunted as they landed on a tree. "Taste my Shadow Clone Jutsu" Naruto yelled making his favorite hand seal, but nothing happened. "What the… Shadow Clone Jutsu" Naruto said trying again. Nothing happened. Becoming frantic Naruto tried a third time, "Shadow Clone Jutsu" he yelled desperately. For the third time nothing happened. "My chakra… it's gone."

Sasuke quickly flashed through his own hand signs and ended in the tiger seal, "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu" he shouted. He took a deep breath and meant to blow out a fireball, but all he blew out was the air in his lungs. 'My chakra is gone as well… Sharingan' he thought trying to activate his eyes. Seeing that his vision was still the same he cursed in his mind.

He was brought out of his cursing when he saw Naruto get knocked away by the monster. Sasuke grit his teeth "Well if Ninjutsu doesn't work then let's try Taijutsu" he shouted. Sasuke ran up to the monster and began punching and kicking at it as hard as he could.

The monster merely turned and kicked Sasuek away effortlessly, "Weak, both of you are week, but your spirit energy is high and smells delicious."

'Spirit energy?' Sasuke questioned in his mind.

"Now stay still so I can devour you" the monster roared and attacked them again.

"Sasuke take the right, I got the left" Naruto shouted.

"On it" Sasuke shouted back. Charging forward Sasuke jumped and began punching and kicking the monster in the shoulder while doing his best to try and not get hit by the monster.

Naruto decided to go for a headshot so he snuck up the side of the monster without being noticed. When he got to the top he shouted, "Take this" and delivered a hard punch to the monster's face. The force of the blow actually knocked the monster a few feet away and also knocked Sasuke to the ground. "Sasuke the head seems to be the weak spot. Aim for the head" he shouted.

"Alright" Sasuke shouted and both of them charged as fast as they could towards the monster and it began a furious battle of Naruto and Sasuek fighting tooth and nail to destroy the monster. It seems to go on for hours as they were both getting tired and they were both covered in blood.

Sasuke jumped into the air to deliver a drop kick, but the cat-like monster snatched Sasuke in mid-air and slammed him into the ground pinning him under his paw. "That's it" the monster yelled angrily "I'm through playing around. Say goodbye brat."

"Don't you wish" Naruto shouted as he appeared above the monster with his fist glowing a dark blue color. Naruto gave a battle cry and slammed his fist into the center of the monster's forehead and punched all the way through.

The monster seemed to be completely shocked as it gaped in shock unable to move. Naruto grunted and then dragged his fist down the length of the monster's face, with his first still lodged in the monster's face.

The monster roared in pain as it began disintegrating and soon it completely disappeared leaving the two panting boys to regain their breaths, "Sasuke, you okay" Naruto asked.

"Fine" Sasuke grunted attempting to stand up, but then the chain acted up and Sasuke yelled in pain and fell to the ground as the chains began disintegrating again.

"Sasuke" Naruto called going to help his friend, but then he fell to the ground in pain as his own chain began melting away. Through the pain they managed to look up to see many tears in the sky opening up and more monsters stepping out. Each one looking different with a different mask, but all laughing in triumph. "Damn… Damn… Damn… Damn… DAMN IT" Naruto shouted.

"It's them," one of the many monsters roared. "It's them that's causing that outbreak of spiritual pressure. GET THEM." All of the monster's roared and charged at Naruto and Sasuke, but before they could get to them…

"Hado #33: Sokatsui" a lazy voice called out. A man wearing a straw hat, a pink robe with flower designs over a white Haori, a black Shikkaisho with two swords strapped to his waist and wearing old fashioned sandals appeared firing a blue energy wave from his hand. Over half of the monsters were vaporized in an instant.

"My, my" the man said, "Quite a bit of hollows today and Menos Grande to boot." The man turned back to see the shocked looks of Naruto and Sasuke and he chuckled a bit. "So it was you two putting out all of that energy we sensed. I'll be with you guys in a moment after I deal with these hollows."

Sasuke and Naruto watched in shocked amazement as the man charged forward and drew his two swords and in the blink of an eye he slashed through all of the hollows. They all disintegrated and the man landed back down on the ground and sheathed his two swords.

"Well that's that" the man said. "Let's get some introductions done. I'm Shunsui Kyoraku and you two are?"

"Sasuke Uchiha" Sasuke muttered out still shocked.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto mumbled amazed still.

Shunsui took a close look at the two boys and saw that they looked no older then thirteen and were covered in blood, cuts and scrapes. Shunsui tipped his hat to cover his eyes a bit, 'So young and cut down before they could even reach their prime. How sad.' Shunsui walked towards them and pulled out one of his swords and both of them backed up weakly getting into fighting stances.

Shunsui laughed a bit, "No, no don't misunderstand. I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to guide you to a better place. To the Soul Society."

"Soul Society" Sasuek questioned.

Shunsui nodded, "It's what you humans refer to as the afterlife."

"What do you mean by 'You humans'" Naruto asked.

Shunsui scratched his head sheepishly, "Eh… you'll find out when you get there. Now come on this'll only take a few seconds-"

Shunsui stopped when Sasuke and Naruto collapsed and held their chests in pain as their chains came to life and began eating each other, "No, stop it… all of you" Sasuke said panicking.

"STOOOOOOP" Naruto shouted. Their chains completely broke away leaving a whole in the middle of their chests. Some sort of white substance leaked down through their eyes before spewing from their mouths, ears and eyes and began forming a mask over their faces. They screamed in pain and agony as more white substance began forming.

Shunsui seemed to stare wide eyed for a few seconds before charging forward and tapping both of them on the head with the end of his sword hilt. A bright flash of light later and both boys were gone from the area.

Shunsui stared at the spot for a few seconds, 'A Konso during Hollowfication has never been done before. I wonder what caused those boys to start hollowfying so quickly. I saw them battle with that first Menos and their chains were nowhere near the final encroachment. If something went wrong old man Yama going's to kill me' he thought miserably in the end.

Turning around Shunsui stabbed his sword into the air and a Senkaimon gate opened and he walked through before it shut and disappeared. That would be the last time a Shinigami ever set foot in the Elemental Nations ever again.

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