Chapter 1: Crash Landing

"Are we close to the destination?" A man asked to another man standing next to him.

"Yes sir. We should be in the Sinnoh Region very shortly." He replied.

"Perfect Colonel, bring the ship up. Those legendary Pokémon won't stand a chance against us." The man stood up and pulled on his vest. He fixed his black bandanna and put on his blue sunglasses. "Send all the troops to the top deck."

"As you wish." The Colonel turned and ordered the men top side.

"General Shade." A young woman caught his attention.

"Yes Jada?" Shade turned.

"There's a legendary Pokémon flying overhead. They've been circling for about half an hour." Jada informed.

"Bring us up and tell the troops to open fire. But not until I'm on deck." Shade instructed. Jada nodded.

"Get the soldiers to be ready to fire on Shade's mark." Jada said into a radio.

"Copy that." The Colonel replied. Shade grinned and headed up the stairs where the group of about fifteen troops stood, holding rifles in a ready position. Shade looked up to the sky and noticed the Latias circling. He held his hand up and the troops aimed and took the safety off of their guns.

"Open fire." Shade said. The shots rang out. Latias dodged most of them, looping around to miss a few. Jada then noticed that there was a girl who was on the back of Latias.

"Shade, stop shooting, there's a girl on that Pokémon!" Shade shrugged her off.

"She's in my way, do you think i care?" Shade asked as he focused on Latias. "Soon, all legendary Pokémon will be gone. Any fossil of them will be worth millions, i will be rich." Shade sneered. Latias let out a loud shriek and she started to fall towards a heavily wooded area.

"We'll look for Latias later. We have more important things to take care of. There's a lake in this place called Twinleaf Town with a lake not too far from it that contains a legendary Pokémon. That's our priority." Shade instructed.

*In the Eterna Forest*

"I wonder what that sound was." Adam said, picking his Buizel up and resting him on his shoulders.

"That was kind of freaky if you ask me." Sammy said.

"It kind of sounded like a Pokémon." Austin thought.

"That was a weird sounding Pokémon." Misty shrugged.

"No, that was a Pokémon. But it sounded faint. It's probably nothing." Lucario assured.

"I hope you're right." Adam took off his bandanna and ruffled his black hair.

"Why don't you ever brush your hair? It's messy and everything." Sammy teased.

"Why don't you ever stop complaining about other people's appearance?" Adam asked as he lay down in the grass. Sammy glared at him for a while.

"Have you guys ever gotten along for at least ten minutes?" Misty asked.

"Well let's see." Adam started. "There was the time when... actually no, never." He finished.

"Explains that." Misty smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Sammy asked.

"I mean that you two like each other." She started to laugh quietly.

"WHAT!" Sammy and Adam both yelled at the same time.

"Don't try to deny it." Misty told them. Adam stood up.

"I'm going for another walk." Adam stormed off. "Unbelievable. You invite a person into your group, trying to be all friendly and they almost give up your secret." Adam mumbled. He then heard something behind him.

"What's bugging you Adam?" Austin asked.

"Uh... Nothing. Just a little annoyed." Adam lied.

"You don't have to lie. I know you have a crush on Sammy." Austin assured.

"Is it really that obvious?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, I'm just surprised Sammy doesn't know." Austin sighed. "Actually, I'm kind of glad she hasn't noticed."


"Well, truth be told, ever since Lyra left, i have kind of being more... attracted to her." Austin covered his eyes with his hat.

"Really?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, I'm sorry man." Austin apologized.

"Don't be. The reason i haven't told her yetis because i don't think she really liked me like that." Adam assured.

"So you're not angry?" Austin asked.

"No, don't worry about-" They were cut off by the shriek again. They both looked up and saw a dark shadow quickly approaching.

"I wonder if that's the Pokémon from before." Adam said.

"Whatever it is, it's coming straight down, and fast." Austin pointed out. The dark shadow came very close and the colors were soon defined.

"It's a Latias!" Austin shouted. Latias then smashed through a few tree branches and they head someone scream. Latias then smashed into the ground and slid, tearing up the dirt and grass. They saw someone fly off of Latias and tumble on the ground. It was a girl. The two of them ran to the girl.

"Oh man, is she ok?" Austin asked. Adam nodded.

"She's breathing and she has a pulse." Adam replied. The girl then opened her eyes slightly.

"What? Wait, where am I?" The girl asked.

"You're in the Eterna Forest." Adam answered.

"Eterna? Wait, where's Latias?" The girl jumped up frantically but immediately stopped. She held her head and lost her balance, but Adam caught her just in time.

"It's best if you just keep moving to a minimum at the moment, you just crashed into the forest. Come on, we have a camp set up not too far from here. We can help you two back there." Adam offered. The girl held her head a, but managed to nod.

"We'll need to get some help getting Latias back to camp." Austin said, he pulled out his three poke balls and his Pokémon appeared next to Latias. "I'm going to need your guys help to get Latias back to the others." Austin instructed.

"Help Austin out as well." Adam tossed his poke balls into the air. The seven Pokémon then managed to lift Latias, along with Austin's help. They then headed back to camp.


"Come on, just a little longer." Adam assured. The girl nodded but continued to hold her head. When they finally reached the camp, Misty was asleep on her sleeping bag and Sammy had passed out on a tree stump. Austin and the rest of the Pokémon brought Latias over and rested her on one of the sleeping bags.

"Alright, sit down right here." Adam sat the girl down on one of the chairs Misty and Sammy had left. Adam grabbed the girl's wrist and tried to move it but she resisted. "You could have a bad injury, if you don't let me see, i can't help." The girl nodded. Adam slowly moved her hand and noticed his hand had become wet and covered in a deep red substance. He noticed she was bleeding badly from the forehead.

"Adam, don't you have anything to stop the bleeding?" Austin asked. Adam thought for a second and then got an idea. He took off his bandanna and wrapped it around her head, covering the blood.

"That will have to work for now." Adam said.

"I'll go see if i can find anything or anyone who can help us!" Austin ran off into the forest. He walked through the trees, searching for a person who would happen to have a first aid kit or something.

"Looks like the only help we can get is that one bandanna." Austin sighed. He then felt something ram into him. He saw a quick flash of white before he hit the ground.

"Sorry man, i didn't mean to ram you like that." The kid said.

"It's alright..." Austin then noticed the kid was carrying a first aid kit. Austin then sprung to his feet and quickly pulled the kid, around the same age as them, to his feet.

"Listen, there's a girl and a legendary Pokémon back at my camp and they're really hurt. You have to come with me." Austin begged. The kid thought for a few seconds but eventually nodded. Austin then led him back to the camp where Adam was holding his hand against the girls head and she was holding his hand to her head.

"This boy is going to help you. Let him do what he needs and you'll be ok." Austin said to the girl. The boy opened the box and pulled out some gauze and a few other things. After a few minutes, he had stopped the bleed.

"Thanks for helping us out. I'm Austin by the way."

"My name's Brendon." He said.

"I have a quick question. I'm Adam by the way. My question is, is that your hair or a hat?" Adam pointed to his head.

"It's a hat, see?" Brendon pulled off his hat and showed his black hair.

"Aw. That would be awesome if your hair was white." Adam complained.

"I've been told that." Brendan laughed, putting his hat back on and fixed his orange/black jacket. "Now for Latias." Brendan pulled out a Poke-ball. "Swampert, Come on out-" Adam covered Brendon's mouth quickly.

"We have people who are trying to sleep." Adam reminded.

"Oh yeah, right." Brendon said nervously. "Okay, Swampert, come out quietly." The Poke-ball opened and the fully evolved Mudkip appeared.

"Use water gun on this rag. Well, more like water splash." Swampert damped the rag and Brendon started to clean off Latias. Apparently, Brendon was loud enough to wake up Misty because she got up and started asking questions immediately.

"Misty, we'll explain later. Right now, we have to help this Latias and her trainer." Adam said. Misty looked at the girl and her eyes grew huge.



"You two know each other?" Austin asked.

"Yeah, we met back in Johto and we helped them save Latias and her brother Latios from these two girls Annie and Oakley." Bianca then pulled her white hat over her eyes.

"Bianca? What's wrong?" Adam asked.

"Nothing." Bianca lied. "Thank you Brendon, Austin, and Adam. But I think it's best if me and Latias left." Bianca stood up. They then all heard a beeping sound and they turned to Austin. He looked down at his Ranger watch in it was flashing. He clicked a button and started reading a message he got.

"Oh man." Austin worried.

"What's wrong?" Misty asked.

"I think your Latias is in danger. These people led by a man called Shade is searching for legendary Pokémon. They knocked out a Latias not to long ago; around the same time we found you two. You guys are being hunted." Austin read out loud as Sammy woke up.

"We're being hunted?" Bianca held her head again.

"Don't worry, we'll help you guys." Adam offered.

"Thank You." Bianca managed to say.

"Now just to find these people." Sammy said. There was a loud explosion and a large amount of trees fell over. There stood a man along with about nine others.

"That shouldn't be too hard! Run!" Brendon yelled.

A/N: End chapter 1. A few things in case they weren't caught.

1. Brendon is the Protagonist from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

2. This is the same Bianca and Latias from Pokémon Heroes

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