Chapter 6: Heroes Live On

The sun started to set on Eterna City. The group watched form the top of a hill as Lugia dove back into the ocean, starting its journey back to Johto. There was a long silence as the teens mourned their losses. After a while, Rust broke the silence.

"Guys, it's been a great experience but I really should be getting home. My family isn't really aware that I'm still alive. Thanks for the memories; I'll see you guys later." Rust picked up his bag and headed off.

"The Rangers assigned Karina and me to protect a few endangered Pokémon." Shiori announced.

"We should be heading off as well." Violet added, along with Joseph. Silver left without saying a word. Zane and Lucas stuck around for a bit, getting some well needed relaxation time in with the others. After about an hour or two, the sky was completely dark and Lucas stood up.

"It's funny. When I first joined the Heroes, I just thought you guys were going to be Pokémon Ranger when you got older and trained for it. I honestly didn't expect all of this. At least I'll have some good stories to tell my family when I get home." Lucas laughed.

"It's been great working with you Lucas." Zane shook Lucas's hand.

"We'll meet up again one day. Whether it is to team up with the rangers or just to have a battle. Either way, this isn't good bye." Lucas assured.

"Stay safe man." Zane took a step back as Lucas started off. Zane then turned to Sammy, Austin, Misty, Bianca, and Adam.

"So you're leaving as well?" Austin asked.

"Can't exactly stay. I need to get back to my family. If I know them, they'll be happy to see I'm alive." Zane replied.

"Same thing as what Lucas said, we'll meet up one day again." Sammy assured.

"Yeah we will. Don't forget, I am a Pokémon trainer so we may meet up in the Lily of the Valley Conference." Zane reminded. He then waved and turned away towards the long road.

"Hey Zane!" Adam called out. Zane turned around. "Next time we meet up, let's have a battle!" Adam continued. Zane looked a little surprised but eventually smiled, nonetheless. He nodded and continued down the road.

"Same here." Brendan said.

"What?" Austin asked.

"Next time we meet up, we have to battle. There's a one on one battle waiting for you Austin." Brendan smiled.

"With Austin? Hey come on Brendan, I want to battle you too!" Sammy yelled.

"Easy there Stripes, I have six Pokémon. I can battle all of you." Brendan sweat dropped.

"Stripes?" Sammy asked.

"That's my nickname for you. What don't like it?"


"If it irritates you, I'll be happy to continue." Brendan laughed.

"Jerk." Sammy huffed.

"Don't worry Brendan, she insults all the people she cares about, isn't that right Sammy?" Adam teased.

"Idiot." Sammy muffled.


"Whether she hates me or not is he choice. I'm out guys. Good luck." Brendan headed for the road. "See ya Stripes." He finished.

"Yeah, see ya." Sammy's face turned slightly red.

"Looks like someone has a crush." Adam laughed. Sammy then punched him in the stomach, making him tumble back onto the ground.

"DON'T SAY THAT AGAIN!" Sammy yelled. The group then burst out in laughter.

(= _ =) New Sensei sign

"Hey Adam, I just remembered, you broke your fear of heights." Bianca smiled.

"No, I am very much afraid of heights." Adam assured.

"Then why did you willingly fly on Latias for two miles?"

"That's um, a secret." Adam whispered.

"Right." Bianca rolled her eyes.

"You never told me what happened to Latios." Adam reminded.

"Oh yeah. Well, Latios was a friend of mine but when these two girls stole the soul dew, Latios sacrificed himself to save our city." Bianca informed.

"Oh, if I knew it was like that, I wouldn't have asked." Adam sat back on the chair.

"Don't feel bad about it. Sometimes, these things happen." Latias floated over and nudged against Adam again, making him pet her head. They are then interrupted by a ringing and Bianca pulls out a phone from her pocket.

"You had a cell phone this whole time?" Adam asked. Bianca covered his mouth with her hand as she opened the phone. After a few minutes, she closed the phone.

"Well, that was my grandfather. He said I have to get back to Johto as soon as I can. That mean, me and Latias have to get going." Bianca sighed.


"So are you guys ready for the long flight back?" Misty asked.

"Seems like it." Bianca answered.

"Are you going to get your first Pokémon when you get back to Johto?" Austin asked.

"I need some time off before I think about starting a journey." Bianca swung a backpack over her shoulder.

"It's been a fun time having you here." Adam smiled.

"Yeah, it has. One more thing guys, thanks, for everything." Bianca sighed.

"Before you leave, we made you something so you're not hungry on the way back to Alto Mare." Misty remembered and she started rummaging through her bag.

"Thanks. And Adam, I'm thankful of you the most." Bianca said.

"It was just me showing off when I was trying to save you guys." Adam laughed slightly.

"No, I was much more than that." Bianca the grabbed Adam in a hug, which he returned. She then pulled back slightly, smiling. She then leaned in and kissed him. His eyes grew huge. Austin smiled, Sammy giggled, and Misty dropped her bag. After a few seconds, Bianca then pulled back.

"Pay more attention to Misty." She quickly whispered.

"Here, I found it." Misty said, slightly irritated.

"Thank you." Bianca took the bag and walked over to Latias.

"Second time Bianca!" Misty tried to hold back a scream. Bianca laughed. She then waved and took off. Adam put his hand on his mouth and then removed it.

"So how does it feel to get your first kiss bro?" Austin asked. Adam still stood there quietly, almost as if he didn't hear Austin. He was thinking of what Bianca whispered to him.

"Can't really describe it." Adam answered. He then shrugged at his thought. "Well, there's Eterna City." He then grabbed Misty's hand and rushed off down the hill, yelling "Onward to the Gym!"

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