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Chapter 5: Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Surreal. It was all so damn surreal. Like and acid dream, except maybe nicer. Not that Lisa knew what it's like to hallucinate on acid, but it couldn't feel much different than sitting in one car with Jackson of all people, and knowing that their fate is now tangled forever.

Fate. Tangled forever. What an utter bullshit. She wanted to laugh at her own thoughts, but she was too scared to laugh. Or even smile. Because, as surreal as her current situation was, it contained too much of very real danger, it was pumping the blood in her veins like some crazy factory on crazy Made In China steroids. She feared her head might simply explode any minute now, quite literally.

Since they'd left her apartment, leaving unconscious Mark on the blood-stained carpet, Jackson hasn't uttered a single word. Nothing about where they were heading, how they'd get there, what they'd gonna do when they get there, nothing at all. He just stared ahead while driving through the city. She could make out this all too familiar determination just from looking at his face, but she didn't look much.

Because she needed to focus.

They had the local news radio on, their names mentioned every half minute or so. At first Lisa tried to count the times they'd say that Jackson Rippner is on the run and possibly has a hostage, meaning her, but after twentieth time she got sick of that point of view and in an impatient move, she changed the station to some 80s rock hits.

As the catchy chorus of "Hit me with your best shot" filled the silence between them, Jackson smiled and looked at Lisa with genuine amusement. She just shrugged her shoulders and fixed her stare on the dark road ahead. "It's not like I'm your hostage, Jack", she muttered and, much to her surprise, he did not disagree.

"We pretty much depend on each other now" he said. She raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for some more Jackson-like explanation of this strangely cliché statement. "Well, I assume that reporter's death keeps you awake, isn't it. And if it does, it's because you know something. It just so happens this something's very much keeping me awake, too –"

"So, it's almost as if I was keeping you awake" Lisa blurted in without thinking.

"You should be so lucky, Leese" Jack snorted and shook his head in disbelief, "You know, it's so damn typical of you to ignore the seriousness of the situation and – "

"And what? Agree to depend on you, you from all the people, Jack?" Lisa knew they'd already crossed the unbelievably thin line between hostile yet mature agreement to somehow cooperate and childish need to argue, she knew it, but she didn't care. Even if it was childish, she couldn't really help it. And why would she, why would she put up with his attitude, especially now that his life very literally depended on her? Sure, without him she'd never made it to Henry's mother's house, most probably without Jackson she wouldn't even make it out alive out of the city, but, still, she wouldn't just sheepishly agree to tolerate his snarky remarks. No.

And she would also ignore the pretty much twisted adrenaline rush that arguing with him was giving her. She had enough of adrenaline making her insane already.

"Anyway – ", Jack continued unbiased, " – whatever's the reason of Henry's death –"

"Oh, you even know his name. How touching"

"It's not touching, it's professional", Jackson snapped back and Lisa noticed that he's suddenly started driving much faster. Too fast to come unnoticed on almost deserted streets of the city, "and whatever's the reason of your peculiar behaviour in the court – "

"You mean when I said I feel sorry for you?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean, Lisa", he took sharp turn right and for a moment Lisa thought he lost his mind for good, but then she realized. They were being chased. Already. She glanced behind her shoulder. Yes, there was a car just behind them, speeding just as much as them. Funny how police's never there when you need them. Not that she really wanted to see police on the same night as she shot an FBI agent. Who was her boyfriend.

Ok, who wasn't her boyfriend anymore. Now I'm single and stuck in a car with serial killer, chased by some more serial killers. Fun.

"So, like I said – " Jackson continued in shockingly calm, given the situation, voice, " – Henry's death and that...that thing you said about me and my, ehm, father, it's all connected and before you even tell me how brilliant I am to come up with this –" he even smirked at her, which, she had to admit was pretty impressive, if she was driving so insanely fast, she couldn't focus on saying a single word, and there he was having his usual sarcastic monologue, " – before you say anything, you've got to tell me what was you plan, Leese –"

She glanced behind again and all the adrenaline in her nervous system froze.

"They've got a gun, Jack", she said. Her voice sounded strange, drained of all emotions by fear.

"Don't worry – " Jack took another few turns and Lisa almost hit her head on the window, " – they've got nothing on me"

"Yeah, looks like they've got a faster car" she cried.

"They wouldn't dare actually shooting me" Jackson said, speeding up even more. What part of the city is this, Lisa wondered vaguely, watching the strange-looking streets. It didn't feel like her city at all. And it did not matter at all, either.

"Oh, you're right, Jack – " she sneered, frantically looking at the car behind them with some guy pointing a gun right at them, " – it's not like your father wants you dead. Not at all"

Suddenly they entered a tunnel and Jackson commanded to her: "Grab the wheel". Before she could process his words, he was leaning outside the window and the sounds of shots deafened her thoughts. Still, she could see her hands steadily grabbing the wheel and, still, she knew, that somehow they're gonna be fine.

I trust him, I'm insane.


"See? I told you, they wouldn't dare actually shooting us" Jack was casually leaning against their new car, one that they'd stole from a gas station literally an hour earlier, leaving the previous one in the middle of pretty dingy neighbourhood.

"You didn't give them much chance" she said, carefully studying his face. There was a scary peace in his eyes, peace she could not understand at all. He had wounded, possibly killed two men just a few hours earlier and now he was acting like it was his bitter routine.

Because it was.

"Don't look at me like that, Leese – " he said, probably guessing her thoughts, " – it's not like I had any choice. It's not like I was protecting only my life – "

"Jack – "

"And it's not like I care about your opinion, so save it for your memoirs" he finished of with all-too-familiar sarcasm and all-too-cold look of his unreal eyes. Lisa couldn't stand it, she had to look away. She already felt like she was drowning.

It was almost dawn, the sky already had this optimistic tinge of grey, but Lisa feared the daylight. She wished she could stay hidden in the night forever. With or without Jackson. But better with than without him.

"Colorado, huh?" he said amused, "Looks like we're gonna have some nice road trip together, Leese". His voice was still a little sarcastic, but Lisa didn't mind. She could still hear the echoes of the gunshots in her head and she could still see the dangerously calm look in his eyes after he'd kill those guys. And she knew, she knew she was safe with him.

At least as long as our fates are tangled together like this. She couldn't help but smile. Yeah, that's some road trip.

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