A/N- A sequel to "Sanity."


Candace took a sip of her coffee as she surveyed the room watching as it begin to fill up. Noticing all the pharmaceutical coats around her she began to feel a bit out of place. Rereading the piece of paper detailing the information for this meeting, per her physiologist recommendation, she wondered once again if it was correct. After she finished reading it though she was dismayed to find it was true.

Candace wasn't quite sure if going to these so called "meetings," would help her with the hallucinations, but she was willing to give it a try. Just then she heard a crash that sounded like it was just outside of the building. Looking through one of the windows, she saw a brown haired man wearing the standard lab coat yelling at some fedora wearing mammal that looked vaguely familiar as it jet packed away. Muttering to himself, she watched as he then made his way to the side door where the meeting was being held.

Once inside the room, the man plopped down on one of the chairs beside her and continued muttering about something that sounded to her like Perry, Platypus, and Inators. Pretending to be engrossed in the magazine she was reading, Candace looked through the corner of her eye to the nametag that the man was wearing. Seeing the name Heinz Doofenshmirtz she briefly wondered where she had heard that name before.