Danny and Rachel breathed a sigh of relief when Grace's test results came in and showed that whatever she'd been given was pretty well out of her system. Keanna and the pediatrician agreed that she could go home, but that they were to bring her back if anything seemed out of the norm.

While Steve was admitted for observation, Danny was released and after visiting Steve for a few minutes, they'd left the hospital. While Danny got into the back seat with Grace, Rachel got into the driver's seat and took them home. She kept glancing in the rear view mirror, and smiled inwardly at the look of rapture on Danny's face when he looked at Grace. There was no doubt in her mind that she'd made the right decision, but she also knew there'd be many more arguments between her and Danny when it came to their daughter's well being.

"Danny, we're home," she said when she pulled into her parking spot. She'd called Patricia Kinnard to tell her that Grace was safe and that she was going to be fine. The woman had been a wreck and Rachel knew she would be the same way had something happened to Patricia's daughter while she was in her care.

Danny opened his eyes and looked around, smiling when his ex-wife opened the back door and leaned in to wake Grace. It felt so right for them to be together, but he understood it was just for a couple of days until he was strong enough to be on his own. Maybe, if he wanted he could drag it out, but deep down he knew he couldn't do that Rachel...no matter how badly he wanted it.

"Hey, Monkey, we're home," Williams said and felt the child move and sit up.

"Can I go play with Julia?"

"Not right now, Grace," Rachel answered as she helped he girl from the car.

"But, Mommy..."

"Grace, don't argue with your mom," Williams said as he exited the car. They walked into the building together and made their way to Rachel's apartment. Once inside, Grace took his hand and led him toward the living room, and he smiled at the look on Rachel's face as his daughter, very firmly, told him to sit down and she'd turn on the television for him.

"Thanks, Monkey," Williams said.

"Danny, I'm going to warm up some soup. Would you like a sandwich?"

"No thanks, Rachel, just the soup and a coffee," Williams answered and took the remote from his daughter who disappeared down the hallway.

"I'll be right back," Rachel told him.

Danny lay his head back and closed his eyes, but opened them when he felt something spread over his legs.

"Do you want another pillow? Or the newspaper?" Grace asked.

"No, why don't you sit here with me and we'll see if there's anything on TV?"

"We can't watch those shows where they say bad words, Danno," Grace whispered conspiratorially.

"That's okay...maybe there's a cartoon on somewhere," Williams said and started flipping through the channels.

"I like Spongebob," Grace said when the yellow sponge blasted onto the screen.


"That's a bad word, Danno," Grace said seriously.

"Oops, don't tell mommy..."

"Don't tell mommy what?" Rachel asked and placed the cup of coffee on the end table nearest her ex-husband.

"Daddy said a bad word, but he didn't mean to. Right, Danno?"

"Right, Monkey," Williams agreed.

"I thought you liked Spongebob?" Grace asked.

"I did...until I came to this pineapple infested..."

"Watch the language," Rachel warned and sat next to her daughter while waiting for the soup to warm up.

"Thanks, Rachel," Williams said softly as he hugged his daughter and settled down to watch the cartoon.


Steve knew he'd dosed off at some point because voices barely filtered through the drug induced lethargy creeping through him. Thanks to his encounter with O'Brien he'd spent two days in the hospital and finally been released as long as he went straight home and into bed. He glanced at the clock and realized nearly five hours had passed since Keanna had tucked him in.

Steve sat up and slid his legs over the edge of the bed, but a soft voice stopped him from going any further.

"Going somewhere?"

"Bathroom and kitchen," McGarrett answered with a smile as Keanna came into the room and sat beside him.

"You're supposed to be resting."

"I've been in this bed most of the day," McGarrett grumbled.

"Yes, and you'll be spending a lot more time in it," Keanna warned.

"I won't argue if you join me," Steve told her.

"I might, after I help you shower and get something to eat."

"Now that sounds like something I can handle," McGarrett told her and kissed her.

"I don't think you'd be able to handle anything but the shower and food, Commander," the physician said.

"You'd be surprised at what I can handle."

"Somehow I doubt that, and I might even give you a chance to prove it..."


"But not right now," Keanna said and smiled when a frown creased his face. "Come on, Steve, let's get you showered..."

"You coming in?"

"You're unbelievable," she said and helped him stand. "I'll wash your back, but anything else you can handle yourself."

"What if I get dizzy or weak and need help?"

"I think the SEAL creed goes something like 'do the deed'," Keanna teased and kissed him before moving into the bathroom and turning on the shower. She helped him inside and made sure he was all set before leaving him alone while she prepared lunch. She warmed up the chicken vegetable casserole and smiled when McGarrett joined her wearing a pair of dark blue shorts.

"Smells good."

"Why don't you go sit outside and I'll bring lunch," Keanna told him.

"I can help..."

"Not today...today you let me take care of you," the physician ordered and took his arm. She led him outside and made him sit under the umbrella before going back into the house, returning a few minutes later with the food and dishes.

"Keanna, you didn't have to do this."

"I know I didn't, but I like taking care of you, Steve," she said and sat next to him.

"My own private doctor...I think I'd enjoy submitting to a full physical if you..."

"Even if I snapped on the gloves..."

"No...no, not even you could make me enjoy that," McGarrett told her and saw the teasing smile on her face. He felt relaxed and enjoyed the way she looked at him.


Kono admired the man who was riding in on a nice wave and not just for his prowess on a surfboard. Ruiz Martinez could also make her smile and he didn't resent the fact that she was damn good at her job.

"Hey, Kono, are you going to help us or are you just going to stare at his abs all day?" Keanna asked with a smile as Kono joined her, Grace, Maria, and Rachel at the picnic area.

Danny sat on a beach chair with an umbrella keeping the sun from baking him as he watched over his extended family. It had been a month since David O'Brien died, and during that time they'd found out just how bad he'd been. Johanna had discovered a safe deposit box containing names and numbers for people her husband dealt with and the list went far deeper into organized crime than they first thought. There was even a mention of The Yakuza, and Wo Fat. What bothered Danny most was the fact that David had been watching him and seemed to have been making plans to take over Five-O since the beginning.

Jake Partington had managed to track down several well known criminals because of the information gleamed from the papers in the Safe Deposit Box. The Newark Police Department made at least four arrests that would cripple organizational crime for several years and the mayor had actually requested that Danny and Steve be given commendation for their part in catching O'Brien.

"What's got you thinking so hard, Danny?" McGarrett asked and towel dried his hair.

"Just wondering what makes a man like O'Brien go bad," Williams answered softly.

"Greed," McGarrett answered.

"It's never that simple, Steve, I'm sure we've all seen things we wanted, but most of us don't go after it unless we can afford it," Williams said.

"True, but there are exceptions. Nick was one of them...David another, but they were also friends and I'd rather think about them the way they were before they let greed take over."

"I guess," Williams said.

"Look around, Danny, and tell me what you see," McGarrett told him.

"Family," the Jersey native answered honestly.

"Exactly, and that's what will keep us from giving in to greed," McGarrett told him.

"Steve, Danny, lunch is ready," Rachel called.

"You coming?" McGarrett asked.

"I'll be there in a minute," Williams answered and watched as the others gathered for food. He thought about the last time they'd done this on the Fourth of July and the vow he'd made then. It really would be a cold day in hell before he allowed anyone to take away his 'Ohana'.


She watched from a distance and silently cursed that she was not the one seated beside Steve McGarrett. After all he was her property and soon she would make him see that. For now she would let him think Wahine was right for him, at least until she had everything ready to set her plans in motion. Money had never been a problem for her and she'd quit her job at the hospital in order to make plans for her beloved. She reached for the beautiful flower growing nearby and plucked each petal as she spoke the old words.

"He loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...he loves me not!" The rage ignited the fire inside her and she threw the remains of the flower to the ground as her eyes wandered back to the scene she wanted to be part of. "He loves me!"

The End?

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