A 'What if'

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What if during 'The Riddle' Maerad hadn't been able to change back from a wolf?

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This is from both Cadvan's and Maerad's POV

Chapter 1


Maerad loped along. She saw the ruins, she saw the destruction- despite knowing what had happened- and she felt like crying. Instead she sat down and howled a long, drawn-out, mournful howl. She put all the pain she'd felt in her life, living in Gilman's cot as a slave, the burning of Pellinor, both times her mother had died, Cadvan being killed, everything. Sitting there, amidst the ruins of her School, she howled and howled.


Cadvan arrived at the ruins, riding Darsor. He was thinking of the dream he'd had while in Marsok, Ardina had come to him in a dream, telling him to go to the ruins of Pellinor, that on Midwinter's day Maerad should meet him there, 'If everything goes well.' She'd said. If everything goes well, He thought, of course, only if it goes well. As if anything has been going well. At least you have some hope, whispered a voice in his head, hope is good. Yeah but what is hope going to do for you if she doesn't show? Hm? Isn't it worse to have been shown hope, and then have it thrown in your face, than to have gotten any in the first place? Hm? Cadvan broke that train of thought, No, she will come. She's got to. She must.

Cadvan shook his head, looking around he decided here was as good a place as any to camp.

Well Darsor my old friend, it looks like now we wait. Cadvan sighed.

Cadvan, if she does not show, do you promise we will head for Innail?

Well, I guess... Don't think like that Darsor. Of course she'll show.

Do you promise Cadvan? Questioned his horse, Do you?

Yes Darsor, I do. I promise that if Maerad doesn't show, we will leave for Innail. Happy?

Yes Cadvan, I am.

Cadvan turned to set up camp. While he was lighting the fire, he heard a noise, an extremely sorrowful noise, the noise of the wolf. It sang of all the woes in the world. Of people dying and family's being separated.

The sound reached deep inside of him, and he remembered Maerad and all his worries for and about her, he relived the pain he'd felt when his mother and father, sisters and brothers had all died, and when Ceredin had been slain by the Revenant, he felt extreme exhaustion wash over him, and then, then he felt it all-everything- fade away, it just melted, along with the wolf howl that had come from nowhere, it just disappeared. Somehow, He thought, somehow that wolf's howl that lonesome noise, it has given me relief. I wonder how...?


Maerad treaded on. Suddenly, she paused. Something wasn't quite right... Something on the air... A noise. She hadn't thought anyone was in the ruins, Maybe they're like me, visiting a place they haven't visited in ages, a place they remember, they could never forget, just... visiting. Or, they're Hulls or wers living in the ruins. Warned a voice, Best be careful then. Stilling her thoughts, Maerad tested the air. She smelled, Human, definitely human. And one who hasn't bathed in a while at that. She added, chuckling. Then quieted, and a horse. They, whoever they are, are cooking food. Oh am I hungry. And as if to prove that point, her stomach growled.

Turning a corner, Maerad paused. Right there, black, all black. Is it a Hull? For a moment she froze in fear, no. I sense no evil emanating from it. Whatever it was, it was cooking food, and she was hungry.

Hesitantly, she stepped forward, into the light, and then she stopped. She crouched down and stared, waiting. The person seemed to sense her presence, for it stood up and looked at her. She wasn't looking at its face so she couldn't actually see its look; rather she felt its look. Slowly, she crept forward, one step at a time, and a pause between each one.

The man spoke, "Come wolf, you look hungry." The voice! No! It cannot be! He's dead! Isn't he...? She looked into his eyes, Cadvan! Oh, Cadvan! He's alive! Alive! She sprang forward, wanting to hug him, ask him what had happened, why he wasn't dead.

Cadvan jerked back in surprise, pulling his sword from its sheath, and pointing it at her. She just managed to slow her run, resulting in her being thrown off balance and tumbling off to one side. Of course! She berated herself; He thought I was attacking him! Stupid! Stupid!

He spoke again, "Wolf, I do not wish to hurt you. You do not need to kill me for food." Sorry Cadvan, She mumbled to herself. Standing up, she shook her coat and walked a couple of paces away. Cadvan was looking at her curiously. She sat down and closed her eyes. Be Maerad. Be me.

Nothing happened.

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