FF XIII: Shadows

Hello everyone, this is something me and my friend made up together ;) So not all credit comes to me even though I started it…. well technically she did since she introduced the game to me….not the point!

I don't own Final fantasy. (Just the characters we made up…)


The soft glow of an old computer screen came to life and a girl in shadows looked at the images:

A white haired boy with a pink haired girl was with him, and in the background there was a dark haired one with similar features.

The image changed to a man wearing a white coat, his armed linked with and a woman, and another similar looking one with a sword.

Again the image changed to a dark skinned man with an afro, with his son holding a small bird.

A blue haired boy with another person.

More images past her and they gave her ideas on what she wanted.

Eventually the screen went black and a single pool of light illuminated a man wearing a doctor's coat.

His facial features were that of a young man even though he was well into his thirties. His brown hair came just below his eyebrows and was tied in a sort loose ponytail.

"You know who you want now?"

The girl looked over at him and she pulled up a signal picture with the all the people that she wanted.

"These people will do…" There was a smile in her young sounding voice. The man nodded and the pool of light faded into the darkness.

What do you guys think so far? ;) Don't worry there will be more! Just a little prologue on the story. Review please! Knowing I have readers encourages me!