Chapter 7: Masks

Despair peeked inside to see a sleeping Kimichi, and he side. A smile crossed his face, just like a little girl to go to sleep after crying. He entered the room, and Maki chuckled and skipped over to her and peered at her with curiosity. "She's like a little kid! Is Sora POSITIVE she's supposed to be a teen?"

Despair clapped a hand over Maki's mouth. How could he be so stupid as to think he could just be loud like that? "SHH." He stage whispered, then he went to a regular whisper. "She's sleeping Maki. Don't wake her." Maki nodded. At least Maki can take a hint. Even if it had to be plain as day.

Despair took his hand off of Maki's mouth slowly. Praying that Maki wouldn't scream, or something equally stupid; But Maki just breathed in deeply and he looked around. "It'"

Despair chuckled. "She IS a girl ya know." Maki frowed scruntching up his face and he shrugged and began to walk around the room.

"It seems...empty almost." Maki whispered. Despair nodded in aggrement, Kimichi had lived most of her life here, away from true civilization with only Sora, a simulated person, as true company. The rest was created by her imagination, and subconscious to meet her needs. It was a little, not sad. It was down right depressing. So as a last resort in keeping her happy, someone kidnapped them and brought them here. It actually wasn't that hard of a concept to grasp.

Despair rubbed the back of his neck and looked around the room hoping to find anything that would define of who Kimichi really was. The things just seemed to be set in here to simulate a cheery girls room. Pinks, and purples were on the walls, and butterflys were hangging from the cieling, the occasional painting of a castle, wait- were they moving?

Despair shook that surpirse, pushing it to the back of his mind, as he investigated further into Kimichi's room. It didn't seem like it was who Kimichi was. Her whole life was a fabrication. Was she really what she seemed? Was this room truly portraying who she is on the inside?

Despair tugged at his hair and he shook his head. "Maki, we should-" He looked up to see Maki looking through Kimichi's closet. " much clothing can you have...?" There was a thud and an 'oomph'

Despair sighed and smirked walking into the closet to see Maki covered in frilly skirts, shirts, and other types of clothing. A laugh escaped his mouth before he could stop himself, and Maki glared. "Sooo not funny!" Maki stilled, and they both waited to see if Kimichi would wake, but were thankfully that she didn't, and Maki continued in a quieter voice. "Help me out of this mess!" Despair still snickered as he unburried the blond.

"I shouldn't be helping you, I should leave you here to suffocate. You shouldn't go through peoples closests."

Maki glared as he helped free himself. "What? It's not like she has any skeletons in her closet."

Despair glared at him, "You don't know that."

Maki blanched. "Wait...are you saying that she could've KILLED someone?" Despair clamped Maki's mouth shut, again, and hissed. "I'm not saying anything now will you shut your trap so we can get out of here and let Kimichi sleep?" Maki nodded, and Despair begrudeingly helped Maki out of the rest of the clothes.

Again Despair took another look around the room, then he noticed a book that was ontop of a dresser, it's brown leather cover a little warn. He went over to it, and opened it to the first page. On it, was a castle with a dragon flying behind it, and a young man facing the castle to where you could not see his face, his hair color at the base of his neck was a deep black onyx color, and it faded into a silver-white. There was no title for this treasure.

"Despair," Maki started, "We should get going ya know, in case we wake up Kimichi." He looke now a little scared, must be afraid Sora might come in and attack of for exploring a sleeping girls room.

He mumbled something close to an agreement setting the book back down on the wodden dresser.

As they passed Kimichi again Despair smiled, and decided to do something he would never admit to unless asked by her. He leaned over her, and brushed the hair away from her forehead, and kissed it lightly.

"Sleep well, dear princess." Despair whispered. "For a prince awaits you when you wake." With that he left the room with a snickering Maki.

When the door closed behind them, Despair glared at Maki harshly. "What?" He said, still being quiet, not wanting to be to loud, since they were still within hearing range of the room.

Maki gave a sly grin. "Noothing~" He cackled. "Just...that you have a thing for the 'princess'"

Despair shook his head, and played the idiot. "I have nooo idea on what your talking about!" There was a blush across his cheeks and Maki only laughed harder.

"Dude!" He said. "You barely even know her!" His laughing became harder, and Despair shoved him into a random room.

Maki yelped and then there was an exclamation and Despair took a peak. It was...beautiful. It just a normal room, large, and spacious. There was a nice breeze, which was odd...and it was a very nice nice temperature, like spring, about to turn into summer. In the middle of the room was a single tree. The branches were a flourish with green leaves, and there were branches starting at a comfortable hieght to climb on.

"I guess this is a tree climbing room..." Maki stated. Despair cocked his head to the side. "But why is there only one-"

A high pitched tone chimed in the room, and a forest materialized. The tree's ranging from pines, to oaks. Some were many, mant feet tall, others a bit smaller.

Maki clapped jumping up and down all excited, and said "Great! Bravo! Depair, now make the room fill with money and weaponry as far as the eye can see!" He spread his arms out and waited expectantly.

Sighing after a few seconds Despair gave Maki a solid smack on the noggin. "It's a TREE climbing room. Not a 'money' or 'gun' room."

Despair WAS impressed though. It formated the large space to what he had really wanted in his 'tree climbing experience'.

"This place is so weird." Maki murmered.

"That's because it was built for endless entertainment." Both Maki, and Despair turned to see Sora watching them, no expression on his face, he was leaning up against the fraim of the door. He didn't look... that angry. In fact, he didn't hold an emotion onto his face at all. Despair opened his mouth to question further, but was interupted by Sora.

"This eniter world was built for children to play here and not have to worry about the outside world. I haven't seen any other children, besides Kimichi, but I only worry for her well being."

Despair furrowed his brows. Other children? Then that would mean other people are stuck in here... but where did they go..?

Despair sighed and ran his hand over his face, things just kept getting more, and more complicated.

"Come on, let's get to a more sutible room so that I can explain further."

In the shadows:

Shortly after Zezaku came from the portal, he went to his room, and sat on the large comfy bed. Kimichi was proving to be interesting, her character was nothing short that that of a seven year old depite her being a teenager.

It was endearing, yet was frustrating at the same time. In some sense it wasn't fair that she got to be so cozy, and have a longer childhood than he, yet he couldn't help but think that she was lucky. That maybe it was better for her to think like this.

Since she was acting like such a child, she would be more gulliable and easily swayed by ideas if worded properly.

Mother seemed happy enough with what had happened within her room.

Zezaku looked at his cieling, and then around his room. He felt...bored.

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