a/n: In this story, The Little Sister, we have Elena and Jeremy with parents. Their parents are Jenna and Alaric.

Damon, May I?

It was around six o'clock in the evening when there was a knock on the door. Emma was upstairs in her room, laying on her stomach and working on her homework. Damon answered the door to find Jeremy on the other side.

"Hi, umm, I, (clears his throat) I brought Emma some notes from biology. There is a quiz tomorrow so I thought she could use them," said Jeremy nervously as he found Emma's oldest brother very intimidating.

Damon didn't say a word to Jeremy; he just looked at him with a smirk on his face then stepped back a foot and called up to the second floor.

"Oh Emma, there is someone at the door for you."

Emma couldn't imagine who it would be at the door. She threw on a black short cotton mini skirt that was covered up primarily from her navy blue colored, baby doll top. She slipped it on very carefully over her bruised bottom and walked downstairs at human speed as she didn't know who was at the door. It was the first time she saw Damon since her spanking. He was standing at the door but met her in the hallway before she made it further to the door. He bent down to her height and gave her an Eskimo kiss then told her that he loved her. She told him that she loved him too then he smiled at her and went back to what he was doing before there was a knock on the door. Emma turned around the corner and saw Jeremy standing there.

"Hi Jeremy, what's up?" asked Emma.

"Well, I noticed you weren't in school. Umm, I hope you're feeling okay."

"Ohh, umm, ya, I'm fine. Thanks."

"Good, good. Well, I thought maybe you would want to look at the notes for biology class. Mr. Monroe told us today that we're going to have a quiz on it tomorrow; particularly on the identity of a cell's make-up."

"That was so sweet of you, thank you."

"Oh, sure, it was no problem. I just know for me, I am having a really hard time with it and if I missed a day I would be really lost."

"Actually, I'm getting an A in that class; it's one of my favorite subjects," said Emma.

"Really, do you think maybe we could actually study for the quiz together? Well, if you're feeling up to it you know," asked Jeremy.

"Yeah, I would love to; but, let me ask my brother. Hold on, okay?"

Emma left Jeremy at the door and went to find Damon. He was in the front living room reading a book.

"Umm, Damon," Emma said softly, "May I please help Jeremy study for biology?"

He thought about it for a moment. "That's fine but study at the kitchen table so I can keep an eye on you two."

"No problem, thanks!"

Emma quickly made her way to the front door and told Jeremy that they could study together. She guided him to the kitchen table then ran upstairs to gather all of her school supplies that she would need. She made her way downstairs and suddenly thought about how she was going to get away with sitting without fidgeting like crazy. She told herself she would just do her best she could. She pulled out the kitchen chair next to Jeremy and easily sat down. He was too lost in her big blue eyes to take much notice to how cautiously she sat down. She found herself looking into his doe brown eyes and was about to just kiss him when Stefan walked in.

"Soooo, what are you two doing?" asked Stefan.

"I'm just helping Jeremy with biology," Emma rolled her eyes, "do you need something?"

"No, not really."

"Okay, then do you think you could leave us alone?"

"I'll think about it."

"Ugh! DAMON!" Emma yelled.

Damon was in the kitchen shortly to find out what the problem was.

"Stefan is bothering us. Can you please make him go away?" whined Emma

"Can't you two seriously EVER just get along?" asked Damon in frustration. "Stefan, please stop bugging our sister and just go do your own homework. Go see Elena. Go do something, just don't bother Emma and Jeremy, okay?"

"Damn, why do you always take her side? You are such an ass!" Stefan shouted.

"Excuse me, but I do not always take her side and I know exactly how you are. You are always teasing Emma every chance you get or doing something to just frustrate her," Damon turned his attention from Stefan onto Emma. "Emma, why don't you two study at Jeremy's house; but, you have to be back no later than 9:30 and I will ask Alaric if you two were studying so no messing around, understand?"

"Yes, I promise," answered Emma.

Jeremy and Emma gathered their books and then walked to Jeremy's house to study.


"Stefan, you know honestly I am getting really tired of you constantly pestering Emma. It's almost as if you're trying to get her in trouble. Then calling me an ass is absolutely not acceptable. I may not be your father but I am your older brother and guardian. You couldn't make it on your own remember? Your hot headiness kept getting you in trouble and it still is. Go to your room and don't come back down until you can be a lot nicer to both me and Emma."

"No way, I'm going out and there is nothing you can do to stop me!" Stefan stated.

Stefan tried to leave out the front door but was instantly stopped by his brother. Damon threw his little brother over his shoulder and quickly made his way upstairs. It happened so fast Stefan didn't have time to react. Before Stefan knew it he was in his room and Damon had him over his knee and was being spanked. Damon was only using his hand and he still had his jeans on but with Damon's strength, it still hurt a great deal.

"Okay, so you can stop me. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please stop!" Stefan pleaded.

Damon continued to spank Stefan for another minute before he stopped and lifted him off of his lap. He looked at his little brother directly in his eyes and noticed Stefan crying.

"You have been testing me all evening and I have had enough. Stay in your room until you can decide that you're going to be nicer. I mean it," ordered Stefan.

Damon left the room and Stefan found himself speechless. He couldn't believe how much his bottom was stinging. He then felt a lot of compassion for Emma. She got the brush and on her bare bottom He didn't have to be in his room long, he felt bad for the way he was acting towards his siblings. He walked out of his room and found Damon sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand and looking very frustrated.

"Umm, Damon?"

Damon looked up at Stefan, "Yes?" he answered.

"I'm really truly sorry for the way I was acting. I guess I just never stopped being jealous over Emma and the fact that she gets more attention because she is the only girl and the baby of the family. I know it's ridiculous. I promise I'm going to work much harder on getting over it."

"Good because honestly, taking care of Emma is a full-time job on its own and I really rather not have to constantly be in charge of both of you."

"Ya, I think I prefer that too. Okay, well, sorry again. I actually do have some homework so I need to start but, I just wanted to say sorry and I hope we're cool again."

Damon stood up and gave Stefan a hug. "We're cool, no worries. Now go do your homework," said Damon with his signature charming smile.

Stefan smiled back then ran upstairs and got started on his homework.


Emma walked in the house fifteen minutes before curfew.

"You're early, good girl," said Damon pleased.

"Ya, well, I have no desire to get in trouble again," Emma replied. "I'm just going to watch TV in my room, is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine. Good-night baby."


Emma walked upstairs and passed Stefan's room on the way to hers. Stefan called out her name.

"What do you want?" Emma replied with a tone of annoyance in her voice.

Stefan stuck his head outside his bedroom door so he could properly apologize to his sister.

"I don't blame you for being annoyed with me. I just want to say that I'm sorry for being a jerk to you and I hope you can forgive me," said Stefan.

Emma couldn't help but notice that he really did look sincere. She gave him a big smile then stepped closer to give him a hug. He hugged her back. It just may be the beginning of a better relationship. Of course, only time would tell.


It was six thirty in the morning when Stefan's cell phone rang; it was his best friend.

"Lexi, hey, what's up?" asked Stefan.

"I need your and Damon's help. I started seeing this guy a couple of weeks ago. At first he was really cool but then he started becoming really possessive of me. I want to break up with him but I'm scared."

"You're the queen of kick ass, what do you have to be scared of?" Stefan asked.

"Okay, I'll tell you but please don't get mad at me."

"I'm not going to get mad, just tell me."

"He's a werewolf. I'm afraid he may attack me if I break up with him and I don't have backup here with me."

"Damn. Okay, let me talk to Damon and I'll call you right back."

Stefan hung up his phone and quickly made his way to Damon's room and quietly knocked on the door.

"Come in," answered Damon. What are you doing up so early?"

"Lexi just called me and she needs our help."

Stefan explained the situation to Damon.

"Okay, we should leave right away. It'll take us a day just to fly there. Let Lexi know we're on our way. I'll call Alaric now and ask if Emma can stay with them while we're out of town."


"Good morning," Alaric said as he answered his phone.

"Morning Ric, its Damon, I have a big favor to askā€¦.."