Laputa: The Castle In The Sky


Synchronization point: 0:01:45; Dola's first tear gas round hits the passenger airship's window before boarding.

0:07:40: Pazuu saves the day, saving Sheeta from a long, slow plunge into the bottom of the mine, but the moment the boss wonders where he is, the plank snaps and the meatballs just ordered from everyone's favorite diner in Jenwa goes down with it.

0:14:20 (approx.): It took us a while to train the doves not to borrow the crystal.

0:19:16: Madge beats up a pirate for trying to hurt her new friend Sheeta. "Take that ... and that ... and ... that!"

0:20:24: "Honey, that was the costume department's last shirt."

0:28:24: Pazuu: "Oh, drat ... that was my last match."

0:31:06: "Tenshida, Tenshi ga o..." ("Angels ... Little angels...")

0:37:10: Sheeta: "My name is... Uh... Er... I'll have to go look it up."

0:40:20: Muska: "Mind if I try this on?"

0:46:09: Madge: "...and that!"

0:47:47: Dola: "...and you don't even have any salt!"

0:51:00: Muska (on Goliath): "What a piece of junk!" (i.e.: Luke Skywalker's first reaction to Millenium Falcon; same voice actor in English)

0:53:00: Sheeta: "I asked for light, not wind, you silly little thing!"

0:54:00: Robot: "Alright, now this is gonna cost you an arm and a leg!"

0:58:35: Robot: "NOBODY touches my queen's ponytails!"

1:09:50: Muska: "Mind if I try this on?"

1:10:50: Tiger Moth's rudder falls off while Pazuu's oiling it.

1:16:00: Pazuu's doves show up demanding breakfast.

1:24:45: Pazuu's father: "Son, I can't believe you're trying to come here in that piece of junk!"

1:29:03: Robot: "Kids, next time, crash your kite somewhere else."

1:32:12: Robot: "Well, that sucks, 'cus I can't read it either."

1:33:32: Robot: "Hey, that tickles!"

1:38:57: Pazuu: "I should've taken those seconds, I'm hungry" (i.e.: stomach growling alerts Muska's bodyguard.)

1:40:15: Pops: "Pazuu, I don't want to hear any complaints about the view." (hint: Pops is Dola's husband.)

1:51:45: Pazuu: "Ulp ... Hayao-san, I um ... swallowed the crystal."

1::55:03: Pazuu: "Uh, Sheeta? ... What was that word again?"

1:55:45: Miyazaki-san: "CUT! Alright, who left that rake on the floor?"

1:58:50: Pazuu: "I lost my bottomless bag with the fried eggs, and you lost your magic crystal ... Oh, well, at least the kite still works."

2:00:40: Pops: "Sheeta, I don't want to hear any complaints about the view."