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As Mattie finally became more aware of the world around him, consciousness returning, it wasn't to the theme of Alfred being obnoxious and hyper like he would have wanted. No, it was to an earsplittingly loud K-pop song being sung by his equally loud best friend. The Canadian furrowed his eyebrows as the bed shifted beside him.

'I'm almost scared to open my eyes now…' he thought. He felt the bed shift again and slowly cracked open a single eye, squeaking a bit and flowing his eyes open the rest of the way.

Mathieu's first view after waking up was of his friend Im Yong Soo – all smiling hair and huge brown eyes – staring at him intently. Blinking a few time, Mattie shifted back to see if he could break this awkward staring contest. But Yong Soo only followed him, their noses bumping together.

He finally had enough once he was shrunk back as far as he could into his bed and sighed. "Why are you looking at me? Oh, and get off!"

Mattie lifted his hands and pushed Yong Soo off him, finally allowing himself to sit up. It was more difficult than he wished, his arms wobbling a bit as they held him up. But he figured it was better than lying down and letting Yong Soo stare at him creepily again.

"Your hair looks horrible," Yong Soo said, looking him up and down with a critical eye. "It looks like you've been run over by a monster truck or something."

Mattie glared at him, annoyed already. "Oh shut up. I've been asleep for I don't know how long. I can't help it." He pouted a bit before raising his hands to his hair to assess the damage. He didn't like looking bad…

Yong Soo laughed, patting Mattie on the head. "Don't worry. Hair products were made in Korea so we can fix it."

"Thanks… Wait, how long was I out?"

Yong Soo sat back and crossed his arms, a thoughtful look pulling his lips into a slight pout. "Well…your brother called me on Monday, panicking about finding you passed out in your bathroom…I got here on Tuesday…and I've been watching you intently for like two days…so it's like Thursday. So, not very long." He grinned happily at his friend.

Mattie nodded, looking down at his hands. So Alfred hadn't even bothered to come home yet. Well, what had he really expected? After sending so many hurtful texts Alfred probably wouldn't want anything to do with him ever again. But that's what he wanted…


Mathieu felt his heart sink at the thought of never seeing Alfred again. It hurt surprisingly more then he thought it would and made his eyes prickle as if he was going to cry. The Canadian flinched as Yong Soo placed his hands on his shoulder. Wiping his eyes, he looked up at his friend. "What?"

Yong Soo was just smiling at him. Not his usual excited grin, but a comforting one that made Mattie feel a little bit better. "Don't worry, Maple-Boy. I'm sure he'll come back."

The Canadian blinked his big lavender eyes in confusion. "How do you…?"

"Oh, I read your text messages," Yong Soo beamed at him.

Mattie blinked again before sighing, shaking his head. He allowed a light smile to grace his delicate features. "Of course you did…"

"Well, of course I did. I mean, you were total boring and…"

Tuning his friend out, the lavender eyed beauty sat back and looked up at the ceiling. 'I wonder how much fun Alfred and Arthur are having together…They're probably going on the London Eye at night and watching the sun rise…' he smiled softly again. 'I hope Arthur is making Al his favourite pancakes…strawberry, chocolate, banana and blueberry… What a fucked up combination.'

"Oh, and Gilbert is coming here this year."

Mattie blinked, jolting out of his thoughts. He looked at Yong Soo quickly. "What did you say?"

"What part?" Yong Soo began counting on his fingers. "There was the part about the monkeys, then Dragon Ball, then Yao's hair issue, then-"

"The part about Gilbert, you dumbass!"

"Oh! Right. Yeah! He called Francis and Antonio and told them he was coming back," Yong Soo grinned sheepishly. "Oh, and not to tell you. Sorry."

Mattie looked down at his hands, smiling. How long had it been since he'd seen Gilbert? Two, three years? He remembered when the albino German had always come over to hang out with Francis and Antonio. Even though he was two years older than Mathieu, he always made sure the little Canadian didn't feel left out. But after he left to take care of a sick family member with his brother Ludwig, it just didn't feel right for Mathieu to spend time with just Francis and Antonio. But now he was coming back and everything seemed just a little bit brighter even with the whole Alfred thing.

"Do you wanna go see him? He should be here by now," Yong Soo said.

Mattie nodded quickly, smiling happily. "Yeah! Just let me shower!"

After a quick shower, Mattie quickly threw some clothes on. Without even bothering to dry his hair, they ran off in search of Gilbert.

They slowed to a panting walk as they neared the upperclassmen hallways. After walking for a while, they heard a chuckling that couldn't belong to anyone else but Gilbert coming from the room of Antonio Carriedo.

"I think we found him," Yong Soo grinned, pointing at the Spaniard's door.

Mathieu smiled and nodded. He rapped lightly on the door three times. Butterflies danced in his stomach, making him feel like Jell-O. He hadn't expected to be this nervous. But there was no turning back now.

The butterflies surged even more as the door opened and Mathieu looked up. He smiled brightly to see the German looking down at him.


"Gilbert!" Mathieu jumped and hugged Gilbert around his neck, standing on his tiptoes to do so.

Gilbert stumbled backwards a bit, wrapping his arms around the little Canadian in return. "Geez, birdie. Don't do that. I might have fallen and that so wouldn't have been awesome."

Mattie smiled and giggled, clinging tighter to the larger man. Oh, God how he'd missed him. Now that he'd seen him, he knew how much he had missed the red-eyed man. The pain of Alfred not caring was still there but felt a little better.

A few hours later found Mattie, Yong Soo, Gilbert and Antonio sitting around a table and laughing like crazed maniacs. Gilbert had Antonio in a head lock and was trying to force feed him more beer, not taking no for an answer.

"Let go, you bastard!"

"Never! Kesesese~ Drink more! Do it!"

Mattie giggled as the two fell to the floor, wrestling and hitting each other with random items around the room. He sipped his drink lightly, savouring the fruity taste. When he had asked for something weak, sweet and fruity, Gilbert had called him a "freaking girl!" and laughed maniacally. But he'd made it anyway and it was the same one from the beginning of the drinking party.

The buzzing of his cell phone distracted him from the wrestling. Setting his drink down, Mattie pulled out his mobile and opened the text.

Mattie, I'll be home tomorrow. I have something important to ask you and I really need you to listen. I finally read all of your text and I know how angry you are so…please at least hear me out, okay? Love you, Al.

Mathieu felt his happiness drop again as he read the text. Alfred's text used to make him so happy but now he just couldn't be. But he couldn't just ignore it and move on. Mathieu was raised better than that. Deciding he would hear him out, Mattie typed out a quick reply and put his phone away.

'I'll worry about that tomorrow,' he thought, sipping his drink again.

Lying on his bed in an over-sized t-shirt, Mattie was giggling at his laptop. "God dammit, Nappa…" he giggled again, smiling happily.

He looked up as the door suddenly opened, watching as Alfred may his way into the room. The American smiled sheepishly at him, setting his bags down.

"H-Hey, Mattie…"

The Canadian regarded him coldly before looking away and closing his laptop. "Hello, Alfred."

He sat up and set his laptop off to the side, sitting up and crossing his arms. Alfred looked over at him and sighed, running a hand back through his short, messy blonde hair. His eyes were sad behind his wire framed glasses.

"Look, Mattie…. I-I'm sorry, okay…? I didn't think my spending time with Arthur bothered you so much…" he walked over and sat by the little Canadian, not meeting his eyes.

Mattie arched an eyebrow, "Sorry? You're sorry? What the fuck, you think I'm just going to forgive you if you just say sorry? You abandoned me from like a month and just expect me to forgive you? Like hell! You can't just walk all over me!"

He was left panting at the end of his rant, gripping at his shirt so tightly his knuckles turned white. After a while of both of them remaining silent, Mathieu looked up. His eyes widen as he saw Alfred's face.

Fat tears rolled down the American's face, falling onto the back of his hands. His strong shoulders were shaking in an almost painfully matter. Mathieu had never seen him so vulnerable and it made his heart slowly begin to soften.

'He's crying…'

Alfred raised his head to look Mattie in the eye, opening and closing his mouth a few times before beginning to speak.

"Oh God, baby… I-I'm so…I'm so sorry… I-I didn't…I didn't mean…" Alfred stopped speaking as his sobbing made his voice keep cracking.

Mattie's hand lifted up to cover his mouth, tears prickling his own lavender eyes. He couldn't stand seeing his love like this. The depression and pain emanating out of Alfred was painful, excruciatingly painful. Tentatively, Mathieu reached out and lightly placed his hand on the American's cheek. Cobalt eyes tilted up and locked with lavender.

"Please don't cry…" Mattie whispered softly, so softly he wasn't sure if Alfred would hear him.

Alfred gazed at him for a long moment before letting out a soft chuckle and a sad grin. "Okay…but only for you."

The American reached out and gently bundled his little love into his arm. Mathieu rested his head on one of his broad shoulders, letting one hand rest on his lap while the other clutched lightly at the front of Alfred's bomber jacket. The steady beating from the cobalt eyed man's heart soothed him slowly, causing his lavender eyes to fall lightly closed.

They sat like that for a long while. With Alfred lightly rocking Mathieu and murmuring gentle phrases of love into his beautiful blonde hair. After what felt like hours, the Canadian shifted and looked up at him with confusion and slight hurt in his ocular orbs.

"Alfred…" he began hesitantly, biting his lip and worrying it between pearly white teeth. "Why do you spend so much time with him…?"

The American sighed and leaned back on his right hand, running the left back through his hair. "Should've seen that coming…" he chuckled mirthlessly. "Look, Mattie, I know you deserve an answer but…I just can't tell you right now, okay?"

Mathieu's heart sank and he looked away. His hands curled into fists on his lap, trembling slightly from the strain. "Why can't you tell me…? What the hell makes it so important?"

"I just can't tell you, baby… I'm so sorry."

'Like hell he is,' the Canadian thought hatefully, refusing to look up and catch that stupid, idiotic grin he knew Alfred would be beaming in apology. "Whatever, I don't even give a-"

"It's a surprise for you."

Mathieu stopped and blinked, looking up at his love. "What?" 'Yeah, real creative, Matt,' his inner self taunted. He ignored the little voice and just kept watching Alfred.

Al grinned wide and nodded happily, twirling a lock of Mathieu's hair around his finger. "Yeah! So don't be mad, okay? I'm not cheating, I'm not leaving, and I'm planning something for you. And Arthur just happens to be a little smarter than me so he's been helping me out."

The Canadian blinked his eyes slowly, trying to absorb the information given to him. 'It's for me?' he wondered in amazement, feeling swirls of confusion dance in his stomach in the form of little butterflies. 'But I have everything I want. What could it be?'

He was jolted from his reverie as Alfred kissed his forehead and wrapped his arms tighter around his slighter form.

"Hey, don't think too hard about it," he chuckled. "You'll find out soon enough."

His words calmed Mathieu a bit and he smiled lightly. He found comfort in the way that Alfred's arms tightened around him and held him against that broad expanse of chest. Deciding he could deal with a little suspense, he looked up at the American.

"Fine. But you owe me a manicure, pedicure, and are doing my American History homework."

Alfred laughed but nodded his consent, grinning broadly to show each and every one of his pearly whites. "Deal."

A little while later, Mathieu was sitting with his laptop once again as Alfred showered. For some reason he just couldn't stop smiling as his fingers danced lightly over the keys. Knowing that Alfred wasn't being as huge a douche as he had believed made his entire spirit just feel a little better. The fact he had one less thing to worry about made his lungs feel less restricted, and even though he knew it was just a psychological thing, it felt so much better.

After finishing up an email to Yong Soo about what had happened, he shut his laptop off and closed it. He set it on the nightstand and stood, walking over and into the bathroom.

"You done ye-"he stopped as he saw Alfred staring at him, a small bottle of Mathieu's medication in his hand. His body went icy as Alfred lifted his gaze to meet the little Canadian's, eyebrows furrowed in confusion and worry.

"Mattie? What are these?"

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