Chapter Twenty Three


Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't update sooner, but summer is coming and I know I'll be able to make it up to you guys! Enjoy!

Chelsea's POV

I put my hand over my growing stomach, as I waited in the uncomfortable chair in the lobby of the hotel. I'm about halfway through the pregnancy. I don't think its too noticeable yet, my belly, but it's killing me to know if it's a boy or a girl. Trent doesn't have the technology on the island to find out, so we have to wait. Vaughn is sitting next to me, staring at the wall. He thinks this interview is a bad idea. He doesn't trust anybody, not even the kind people who set this interview up for me.

Mayor Thomas walks out of his hotel room, and starts walking towards my husband and I.

"Greetings! You must be Chelsea!" He says, his hand shaking mine. I smile.

"And you must be Mayor Thomas. This is my husband,Vaughn." I say, watching the two of them shake hands.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, young man." The mayor says, with the same goofy grin. Vaughn stays silent.

After a moment of silence, we all sit in the hotel lounge.

"So, let us get things started, shall we?" Mayor asks, and I nod my head. He pulls out a notepad and pen.

"So, first things first. What brought you to the island?" His eyes lock with mine. I hadn't expected a question like that. Memories flash through my mind, of the night I left my old life behind.

"I...I wanted to get away...from the city! Yes, the noise that city made! Hated it! I was always looking for adventure, even as a little kid." I say, overacting a bit. Vaughn can see right through me, and Mayor Thomas just writes down notes.

"Were you leaving anyone you loved or cared about in the city? I bet you knew you wouldn't see them for a long time when you left." He says, looking up.

I have to choose my words very carefully. The thoughts of my old life haunting me come rushing into my head. I don't want my old life. It's not who I am. The pink house. The private school clothes. The snotty attitude that comes with think you're better then everyone else. That's not my life.

"I left some friends, but we still still write and call and visit sometimes." As Thomas writes more notes, Vaughn and I look at each other. There's a grin on his face, that's telling me he knows he was right all along.

I hate it when he's right.

"Now you were one of the first people to move onto the island. Why did you pick becoming the rancher?" He says, looking back over his notes.

"I like...being outside?" I say, awkwardly shifting my weight in the chair. "Would you like to have a tour of the ranch?" I ask, hoping to get out of this stuffy room.

"Eh, I still have a few more questions, and then I would love a tour." He says, sitting back. I sigh lightly, and feel myself tense up. It feels weird. I used to never be this...mature before. Must be the pregnancy.

"Tell me about your marriage. Was it love at first sight?" He asks.

"Well...not exactly..." My goes back to the time I slammed the door in Vaughn's face for the first time. I smile as I recall Natalie wrestling me to the ground trying to get me to admit that I had a crush on Vaughn. "Vaughn and I didn't get along at first. But, as he and I got to know each other, we started to realize that...that opposites really do attract." I smile to myself as my words come out of my mouth.

"Aww!" The hotel manager goes. Mayor chuckles to himself, as he writes it down. I smile to Vaughn, who smiles at me.

But, all good moments must come to an end.

I hear a door slam, and I jolt to where the noise came from. I see an angry blond farmer, who obviously heard everything I had just said and hated every word, walk out of the lobby. I sigh, as Vaughn clenches his fists. Luckily the mayor didn't notice, and wouldn't have any questions about that. Vaughn still has a few bitter feelings about Mark, and I would be lying if I said I had forgiven Sabrina for all the grief. I really should get over it.

After a few more questions, we start to make our way back to the ranch. Its a long, silent walk, with a slight touch of awkwardness. Once we finally make it, I show Mayor the fields, the barn, and the coop. I'm giving a detailed lecture on how the weather truly effects everything on a ranch, when we all see Mirabelle walking up the path with a dog. I run over, and start squealing over the dog.

"Oh my gosh, who's dog is this? What's his name?" I say, getting on my knees and scratching behind the beagle's ears.

"It's yours and Vaughn's puppy! My gift to my new great-nephew or great-neice! His name is Max." She says, as the Mayor and Vaughn come over.

"Aunt Mirabelle, you shouldn't have." Vaughn says, speaking up for the first time since the beginning of the interview.

"Niece or nephew?" Mayor says, getting out his notepad. I sigh, but then quickly put back on a smile.

"Yes, by the end of summer, Vaughn and I will be parents!" I say, making Vaughn smile again. He's excited, but I can tell he's kind of nervous.

After a few more questions, Mayor excuses himself to make the next boat off the island. Vaughn and I set up a cardboard box in the kitchen for Max, and give him food and water. He is the cutest little thing in the world, and I didn't have the heart to send him out to the pet barn. Vaughn loves Max, as he does with all animals. Seeing him all gentle and kind with the new puppy gives no doubts that Vaughn will be an excellent father.

Me? I have no idea about raising kids. I just know I can't make the same mistakes my mom did.