Raging War

I walked into the station slowly, checking the corners and making note of ambush points. It was visibly empty, but I felt a strange energy; the station was alive. Even though it is empty, it's was like it kept doing what it did the day it was abandoned. My walk quickly turned into a sprint, as I heard several human-like noises. It was ominous not having anyone else there to make sure you're not going crazy. "Whoever is out there, I suggest you make yourself know. I will shoot if you don't show yourself" I said shakily.

"Hey, calm down. Lower you weapon, it's me Bour-Wait, you're not Artyom, and then who the hell are you?" The guy yelled out, he had a thick Russian accent and looked as though he hasn't slept for days. "Khan told me Artyom was coming… Not some random traveler!"

"Whoa! My name is Garry Kaspurov, I was sent by Artyom for a special task… regarding the safety of the stations. Are you a friend of his or something? Cause he never told me you would be coming..." I said as I paced around him, making sure he wasn't a suicide bomber or an assassination attempt.

"That's because he thinks I'm dead. For the past 2 years Khan and I have been working together to make sure no one could take what is in D6, with the exception on the Rangers of course." He snapped, and looked away. "Look, we need to get to Polis. The situation here is getting really bad, and the Nazis are trying to enter D6. Let's try to meet up with your friend that dropped you off there. I'll go get Khan, stay here and don't move."

So as he ran off my mind started playing tricks. I heard noises and I thought I could see shadows near the wall and people talking. I knew it was my mind, but it seemed so real and… there. A thick fog like smoke rolled over as I heard a clang on the ground. Several shouts with deep encrypted voices, and gunshots were heard. I took cover behind and wall I could find and I heard Bourbon running with Khan at me.

"Run kid, get out of the station! We'll follow!" The both yelled as I took off into the tunnel.

A few minutes later all gun firing stopped and I heard a loud scream. Two large shadows were running down the tunnel and I was ready to shoot. When I saw it was it just Bourbon and Khan I was fine, but my heart was still racing.

"Garry! Don't shoot it's just us, lower your gun alright?" Khan said calmly.

"Sorry… It's just, memories." The thought of the awful day in 2020, my last day as a trader, caused shivers to go up my spine.

"It's alright, all of us have experienced something like that before; Bourbon especially. Look, while we are going back to Polis you can explain about, I'm pretty curious now." Khan said sympathetically.

"Well, it all started on a normal trading route. We were going to bring guns and ammunition to VDNKh, and we had to cross through an old Red tunnel. We were ambushed on both sides by Reds and Nazis. Apparently, the Nazis in this Area were rogue and helped the Reds. Then the Reds mistook us for Mutants or something. Everyone except me and my brother Aaron were killed. What frightened me most is that they were Russian, my people… our people!" I said, trembling a bit inside. Khan walked over and put his hand on my back.

"It stems back farther than you could ever imagine Garry, a lot farther. Don't you worry about them, the Reds and Nazis are just confused about everything. They aren't evil; they just don't know what's best and what's right." Said Khan reassuringly.

What he said calmed me a bit more, eliminating any stress I had at the moment. In fact, I felt a lot safer. We were coming up to the same station we had passed through earlier and I said I had to wear a gas mask. I explained to them the situation Danila caused and they understood. Khan told me to go the other edge of the station and exit through the vault. Donovan saw me and asked what happened, and I told him the story.

"Well, that's quite the experience Garry. Those Reds, very unpredictable you know? But I'm sure we will get them out soon, we are expecting reinforcements from Polis in a week." Donovan said happily.

"I'm glad for you guys, but my group is coming so I will see you guys later. I hope everything goes as planned!" I said as I walked off with Khan and Bourbon.

My vision started to swim back and forth and my hearing blanked out. I collapsed on the ground and the last thing I remember is Khan picking me up and carrying me. I didn't know what happened, if it was in fact my turn to die, or if it was a hallucination. Whatever it was, defiantly caused me to feel sick and numb inside.