Coming this December:

The first in a trilogy of sequels (does it work like does now!) to A Spark Neglected!

The plan is to bring the 3 movies (X-Men, X2 and X3) back to the 60s and 70s and reinterpret them in my little Onslaught universe. X3, you say? I know what you may or may not be thinking ["Why, that movie was terrible! Why would you base anything on that?"]. Never fear. Honestly, I saw it once, haven't seen it since and refuse to watch it again, so it's going to be VERY LOOSELY based on X3. But we have a while to go before we get there, so let's just cross that bridge when we come to it. In fact, most of the stories are VERY LOOSELY based on the movies, but there's gonna be stuff in there that happened in the movies and stuff that happened in the comics so I'm happy. And sorry if you liked X3 and I just offended you. I have very strong feelings about that movie that politeness just can't hold back.

It'll probably be updated slowly because I'm in grad school and applying to doctoral programs and trying to write a thesis. Like with A Spark Neglected, I have lots of random scenes written that I'm a little bit in love with, but need fun stuff to fill in the gaps. I've had part of the ending (of the third story) planned since before I published A Spark Neglected, so that's at least partially done. I know everyone was concerned that maybe I didn't have the penultimate scene of my third story planned out, but, as you can see, there's no need to worry. I have my priorities straight.

Now, if you don't want any spoilers, don't go any further and for the love of all that is good don't read anything in italics. They aren't big spoilers. Just something that pretty obviously has to happen. Also, the title kind of gives it away, so maybe avoid the title too, which may be difficult once I publish the actual story. Anyway, if you don't want spoilers, stop here and wait until early to mid-December…ish.

And now, I present for your approval, a scene from Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood, the first sequel to A Spark Neglected:

Charles sat across from Onslaught in a room that looked like it had been created by MC Escher, a chess board between them. The telepath hadn't told anyone, but since the Cuban beach he had been attempting to gain more control over Onslaught. That meant he had to interact more with the entity residing within his mind.

Onslaught moved a rook. "It was always going to be this way."

Charles countered his move and took one of his pieces. "I know."

"This is just the beginning. He'll only get worse now that he's away from our influence. You need to let me out. It's the only way you'll be able to stop him from destroying everything."


"Oh, come on," Onslaught taunted. "It's two years gone, but I still know how you felt back on the beach. You sensed all that power I was using...all the power you could have. You liked it. Accept me as part of you. All it would take is one little peek under that helmet and he wouldn't even remember that he left-"

"No! We need to let him follow his own path. We can't just barge into his head and change his mind because it's what we want."

Onslaught smiled widely. "Fine. You won't let me out. I'll let that go for now." The doppelganger's eyes sparkled, even as he conceded.

Charles looked up, puzzled. "That's certainly unusual. Might I ask why?"

Onslaught smiled and leaned forward. "Because you referred to yourself as 'we' not 'I'."

Charles awoke with a sharp inhale, Onslaught grin still fading from his sight.

Good? Bad? Excited? Not excited? Hopefully not too confused? Feel free to let me know! It'll be a bit before I get the actual story published but should be within a month. I wanted to get a preview out though since people asked for a sequel and I didn't want anyone to lose hope :)