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Lily Potter had only found out about the prophecy two weeks after she found out she was pregnant. She knew that the only ones the prophecy could apply too were either her and James child, or the Longbottoms child. For two months, she researched a way to help her child.

It was why she was here in the Mediterranean.

Lily Potter watched from her seat at the wheel of the boat she had rented as she approached the island. James wasn't with her, all of her research said that he wouldn't be welcomed here, of course her welcome was equally questionable. She didn't even know if the islands inhabitants could help her, let alone that they would.

The island was home of the gorgons, or as they preferred to be called lamia. The lamia had isolated themselves from even the wizarding world, their only contact thru occasional trade and the rare members of their race to leave the island. Though Lily understood that they had much better relations with the veela, centaur, and merpeople nations due to lack of discrimination. The fact that the lamia where strongly linked to the serpents they resembled didn't help.

So it was no surprise that when she approached the dock, there were several armed lamia waiting for her, six in total. The Lamia, from the waist up, appeared to be beautiful women, naked beautiful women, with various colors (ranging from the normal, such as blond and black, to the unusual, such as green and blue) and styles of hair. From the waist down, the lamia were serpents, with their scales generally matching their hair.

A dark blue colored lamia, carrying a bow with a quiver of arrows on her back, approached her as she docked came along the dock. "What business do you have on Stheno?" she demanded.

Lily bowed her head respectively. "I seek help for my unborn child," Lily said, doing her best to keep her voice from wavering.

"You are pregnant?" the lamia asked for conformation.

Lily nodded.

The lamia lowered her bow but kept it ready to bring up. "What help do you seek from us?"

"Any you are willing to give," Lily responded, praying they would allow her to plead her case.

The lamia thought for a moment before responding. "You may dock. We will take you to Naga Charis, she will decide what, if anything, we do to help."

"Thank you," Lily said as the lamia through her a rope to tie the boat to the dock.


The dark blue lamia, whom Lily learned was named Irene, and her group lead the witch thru an elegant city, made of white marble, to an even more elegant palace. As they walked, Lily, in conformation of her research, saw no male lamia. And all of the lamia wore little to no clothing, though many appeared to be wearing jewelry.

A red lamia, armed with a spear, stopped the group when they approached the entrance. "Irene, why have you brought this human to our palace?"

"She has come to our island seeking aid," Irene explained.

The red lamia turned her gaze to Lily, showing blue eyes with slitted pupils. "You must hand over your wand if you wish to speak to the Naga."

"Of course," Lily said as she slowly drew her wand from the sheath on her forearm and handed it to the red lamia.

"I promise I will care for this," the red said as took the wand. She turned to Irene and her group. "I will take her from here."

Irene smiled. "Of course. I will see you later tonight Oliza," she said before turning and gesturing to her group.

Oliza smiled at Irene before turning to Lily. "Your name human?" she asked politely.

"Lily Potter."

"Follow me," Oliza instructed as she began to slither away.

Oliza led them to a set of golden doors, guarded by to more lamia, unlike the other lamia she had seen, these two wore armor above the waist. They where armed with spears and shields, with a sword hanging at both their waist.

"Wait here while I see if the Naga will see you," Oliza instructed. "And don't pester the guards," she added as she disappeared through the door.

Lily waited nervously, under the gaze of the two guards. A few moments later, the door opened and Oliza gestured for Lily to enter.

As Lily entered the room, which was a magnificent hall, she noticed white haired, and scaled, lamia waiting at the end of the hall. She was adorned with gold jewelry and a golden tiara rested in her long hair. As Lily approached, she noticed the lamia had green eyes, much like her own.

Oliza bowed before the white lamia, Lily followed suit.

"Naga Charis, I present the human Lily Potter who come seeking our aid," Oliza said.

The Naga looked down at the two of them before speaking. "Rise," she instructed. She waved her had at Oliza, "You may leave us Oliza."

Oliza bowed her head. "Of course." Within moments Lily was left alone with the intimidating form of Naga Charis.

Charis smiled at Lily. "Tell me what aid you seek," she instructed.

Lily licked her lips before speaking. "How much do you know of the situation in England?"

Charis grimaced. "More than I care to. Your Lord Voldemort sent representative to our island in an effort to recruit us to his cause." She smiled darkly. "They have since joined our stone garden."

"A prophecy was made shortly after I found out I was pregnant."

Charis snorted. "Prophecy means little here."

Lily smiled weakly. "I agree, but Voldemort doesn't, and one of his men overheard the first part of the prophecy. The part he knows said: The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord approaches...born as the seventh month dies...born to those who have thrice defied him. Only one other couple has defied him three times that is having a child. Like me, their child is due to be born at the end of July. I cannot speak for them, but me and my husband are determined that when Voldemort comes for my child, our child has a chance to survive."

"You say child, I take it that means you do not yet know the sex of your child?" Charis asked.

"My husband and I would prefer to be surprised."

"Please, what is the part of the prophecy Voldemort does not now?" Charis asked, slithering closer to Lily.

"The Dark Lord shall mark them as his equal...and they shall have a power the dark Lord knows not...For neither can live while the other survives...The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord shall be born as the seventh moth dies."

The two women stood in silence for several moments before Charis spoke. "What would ask of us?"

Lily took in a deep breath. "Any help you can offer my child. I do not believe my husband and I will survive when Voldemort comes for our child."

The red-haired woman waited patiently as Charis thought for a moment. After a few moments, the Naga turned to Lily. "I know of one way we could help your child, but I do not know that you would accept, and if you did, I would have one condition."

"What?" Lily asked.

"I have no mate," Charis explained, "and I have no children. Should something happen to you and your husband, I would be willing to take the child and raise her here."

"Her?" Lily asked.

"In order for me to do that however, the child would have to be of my blood," Charis continued. "The only way we could do that, short of a blood adoption, is a ritual that can be performed here on Stheno. The child would be Lamia, as our blood is dominant, it would be female for that same reason. There are no male lamia."

"She would be lamia? I'm afraid that she would be discriminated if by chance we did survive though."

Charis smiled. Then, as Lily watched, Charis' tail began to shrink before turning into a set of shapely human legs. Lily blushed as she realized she was staring, and that Charis was still nude. "A little known fact about us," Charis explained, "is that we can change into a human form. Though on the island we prefer to remain in our natural form. Your daughter would be able to do the same."

The Naga smiled as she noticed Lily's blush, before changing her legs back into the long white serpent tail.

"I'm willing to go thru with the rit...," Lily was cut off as Charis held up her hand.

"Before you agree, you should know what you are getting into. As I said, my lamia blood will ensure that your...our daughter is lamia. This comes with the ability to speak serpenti, or parseltongue as you call it, increased strength, endurance, speed, and reflexes (even in human form). Once she turns sixteen, she would gain the ability to turn other, non-lamia, to stone. When angered, her hair would become venomous serpents. Nowt what I am worried about, is your reaction to this last bit. Although we are able to mate with males, as a general rule, we lamia are attracted to women alone, and possess the ability to impregnate other women, as well as be impregnated by other women ourselves, at least with humans and veela. The reason I worry for this, is that not only will it apply to our daughter, but the ritual that would enable this requires that you and I are intimate."

Lily stiffened. She wouldn't have a problem if her daughter was attracted to other women, but she wasn't. She was also married. Sleeping with anyone other than her husband concerned her.

Charis obviously noted Lily's discomfort. "I will tell you the one condition for my aid, and then I will give you some time to think about the offer, as you are obviously torn. My one requirement, is that you name our daughter Adelina. Now come, I will show you to a room and you may think about."

Lily followed the lamia Naga out of the room. Her thoughts where a turbulent mess.



Lily stood outside of the ritual circle, nervous about what was about to happen, completely nude. Her nipples were hard, simply from the chill of the room.

Across from her, on the other side of the circle, stood an equally nude Charis. The Naga was in her human form, in an effort to make Lily more comfortable. She smiled at the nervous woman. "It's okay to be nervous. Just remember, we cannot leave the circle until dawn, and we must not stop, so if you do pass out, I will continue my ministrations. Understand?"

Lily nodded.

Charis looked out a window to the sinking sun. "It's time, enter the circle and lay down," she instructed.

Lily walked to the center of the ritual circle, the room would soon be lit only by the candles methodically arranged around the run so that the ritual would work. Once she reached the center of the circle, Lily laid down on her back, and spread her legs towards Charis, exposing her pussy and neatly trimmed pubic hair.

As soon as she was in position, Charis walked into the circle. She gently began to caress the redheads skin, gently massaging and working her way towards Lily's modest breast.

Lily was surprised at how aroused she was becoming, it seemed as though Charis knew just where to touch to arouse her. James, had never given her so much pleasure so fast. She couldn't help but moan when Charis took her hardened nipple into her mouth, Charis' own large breast rubbing against her. The Naga lightly nipped the hardened bud, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body.

Charis smirked as Lily began to writhe and moan beneath her. She moved her hand down to caress Lily's sex. The woman beneath her hissed as Charis' hand made contact with her mound, which was already dripping from arousal. The Naga released Lily's nipple as she began to rub at Lily's pussy as she moved her lips down, kissing the redheads stomach as she went.

Lily thrust her hips up as Charis' mouth reached her pussy. She could feel the other woman as she rubbed, licked, and kissed her, arousing her even more. She gasped for air as Charis thrust her fingers roughly into her pussy and began to stroke.

"More," Lily moaned. "Please, more."

Charis smirked as she began to pick up her pace, only stopping when she felt Lily's walls clench around her fingers as she screamed her name.

Once Lily came down from the high from her orgasm, Charis began working her towards another.

It was the most pleasurable night of Lily's life.

Lemon End


Lily stood on the dock, next to her boat. Charis and her guard, along with Oliza and Irene, had come to see her off.

"Take this," Charis said as she held out a pendant necklace, "When our daughter is born, place it around her neck. It will let me know if you and you your husband have passed away, and keep her in her human form until she is old enough to understand when she should hide her true self."

Lily smiled and took the necklace from the Naga. "Thank you."

Charis smiled. "No, thank you Lily."

"Don't forget my requirement Charis," Lily reminded.

The Naga smiled. "I won't. Though I pray it never comes to that.

"I'll owl you pictures, I promise."


Seven Months Later

Lily and James smiled down at their baby girl.

Upon her return from Stheno, Lily had told James all of what had transpired, including her night with Charis. Contrary to being angry, as she thought he would be, James asked if he could join in next time. His wife had sent a stinging hex at a rather sensitive area in response.

Adelina Rose Potter was the joy of her parents. As she had been told by Charis, Adelina had been born a lamia. It was why James and Sirius, who had been let in on the secret, had delivered the girl themselves.

Before placing the pendent Charis had given her around her daughters neck, Lily, James and Sirius, had looked at their daughter in her natural form. Her snake half was pink, with two black stripes running down her back. She had yet to grow any hair, but based on her experience on Stheno, Lily predicted she would have pink and black hair once it began to grow. Her eyes were Lily and Charis' emerald green, with a slitted pupil.

The three proud adults were actually disappointed when Adelina's tail became legs


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