Chapter 2

"Adelina!" was all the young lamia heard before she was engulfed in a hug as she stepped out of the floo, and simultaneously pulled out of the way for Charis and the ever present duo of guards that accompanied the Naga whenever she left Stheno to come through.

"It's good to see you as well cousin," Adelina said with a smile. "But I do need to breath."

Adelina was set down by the taller girl that held her.

Angelina Johnson was two years older than Adelina, and was already enrolled at Hogwarts in Gryffindor house. The daughter of Brenda Johnson, an English witch of African descent, and Xira, Charis' younger sister,Angelina had inherited Brenda's dark skin with Xira's exotic features and green eyes. Her naturally green hair, which matched the scales on her lower-half when in her natural form, was dyed black making so that, when in the proper form, she looked completely human.

Xira and Brenda chuckled from the sidelines, as did Charis. It was also clear that the two guards where fighting back smirks at their princess and her cousin's antics.

Brenda Johnson was the only non-lamia in the room, even if one wouldn't know it as the lamia's where all in their human forms. Each lamia was also dressed; the guards in more combat ready clothes such as form fitting pants and shirts that would allow them to easily fight, they were each armed with a pair of muggle .50 cal semi-automatic handguns (which due to their increased strength allowed them to dual wield, a back up handgun of their choice, and three perfectly balanced knives; Angelina (being more used to human clothing having grown up in England) wore faded blue jeans and a red t-shirt emblazoned with a golden lion; Adelina, Charis, and Xira, each having been raised on Stheno and less comfortable in more formfitting clothes, wore ankle length dresses and loose dress shirts.

"No," Angelina said, looking at her cousin with a calculating eye, "what you need is a new wardrobe girl. That dress hides way too much of your figure."

"And I'm sure Adelina will appreciate your advice on the matter," Charis said, before her daughter could respond. Adelina just gave her mother an evil eye and the Naga smirked as her daughter was dragged of by her cousin.

Walking over, Charis and Xira greeted each as they hugged.

"It's been too long sister," Charis said with a smile.

Xira smirked as she answered, "That's because your too busy running Stheno."

Charis smiled and turned to Brenda as Xira greeted the guards. "And how are you doing Bren? Keeping Xira out of trouble I hope."

Brenda smiled. "As if I could stop her. I'm glad you're here, Angelina was excited to see Adelina again."

"I wonder why?" Charis mused, eying the staircase that the two girls had gone up. "How long has she been planning to give Adelina a makeover?"

"Ever since we confirmed that she would indeed be attending Hogwarts with her cousin," Xira said, joining in the conversation. "I honestly don't think Adelina will go for it. She has a more...traditional lamia mindset than our daughter."


As Angelina began going through her closet, attempting to find something her cousin would be comfortable wearing that wasn't pants, Adelina asked, "So what's Hogwarts like?"

Angelina stopped for a moment in thought before continuing her quest as she answered, "It's magnificent. The castle is a lot different from the palace on Stheno, not as elegant, but it makes up for it in it's size. It's like the difference between us and basilisk. The palace would be a lamia, elegant, beautiful, and powerful, while Hogwarts would be the basilisk, large, impressive, and powerful. The staircases will move, so you have to keep an eye out for them, and the walls are covered in portraits. The ceiling in the great hall, it's enchanted to look like the sky outside, a magical skylight if you will. But the best part is the quidditch pitch," she added with a smirk.

"What you see in that sport, I will never know," Adelina said with a shake of her head. "I would much more prefer to stay firmly with the ground under my tail."

"Aha!" Angelina exclaimed, pulling out a short blue skirt that would end at mid-thigh. "I don't wear these much, but you might enjoy them. Mind, you'll need to wear knicker underneath, otherwise you'll flash everyone when you bend over," she handed the skirt to Adelina. "Try it on. As for what I see in quidditch, I can't really explain it, but flying is nothing else. If you'd let me teach you to ride a broom, you'd probably enjoy it."

Adelina rolled her eyes as she took her dress off, not carrying that her cousin was going to see her without knicker (she was used to being completely naked on Stheno). "It's bad enough I'm going to have to climb onto a broom at Hogwarts. I am not going to let you teach me over a qualified professional." Putting on the blue skirt, Adelina looked at herself in the mirror. "You know this isn't bad, I actually like it," she said with a smile.

Angelina smirked. "Your forgetting that you need to wear knickers. I and our kind may not care too much about nudity, but I can guarantee you that the professors at will flip out if you show too much skin. I can just picture their reactions if you flashed some poor boy when you dropped a book."

The younger lamia grimaced. "In that case, I think I'll stick with dresses. It's annoying enough wearing clothes, I draw the line at wearing undergarments."

"I don't know," Angelina said, an evil smirk on her face. "Undergarments can be quite sexy at times, especially on other women."

"Speaking of which, what are the girls at Hogwarts like?"

Angelina's smirk turned absolutely insidious .


Albus Dumbledore was a happy man.

Tomorrow, the students would arrive for the school year, among them would be Adelina Rose Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived. While he was disappointed that the Dursley's apparently didn't try and stop the young girl from coming, and that Ollivander had never written to tell him that the second wand that contained one of Fawkes feathers hadn't been chosen, these were things beyond even his control and he recognized it. They would matter little in the long run.

He had ensured the Dursleys would hate magic, and was positive that rather than fight, they just wanted to be rid of the girl. And as for the wand, not even he could force a wand to choose it's first master.

Regardless, he was confident the girl would be meek, lonely, and malleable. The Weasley's would meet her at the Platform and she would befriend young Ronald and be sorted into Gryffindor. Eventually he planned to start dosing the young girl with potions to ensure that she would fall for the young boy, and her friendship and eventual romance with him would keep her from learning too much.

After-all, he couldn't allow a young witch to surpass him in the pages of history. She would become just a footnote in the history books, while he, the Great Albus Dumbledore would become more legendary than Merlin himself.

All would go according to plan.


The Next Day

Angelina and Adelina were accompanied by their mothers and the Naga's guard as they stepped onto Platform 9 ¾. Angelina was dressed similarly as yesterday, only with a different shirt (a black shirt that said 'These Are Not My Eyes!' in white across her chest), while Adelina wore a short-sleeved white dress-shirt and one of the skirts given to her by Angelina, which, thanks to a shadow charm provided by Brenda, hid her nether-regions and permitted her to not wear any undergarments.

Angelina invited Adelina to sit with her and her two friends Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet, both of which Angelina had a slight crush on, but Adelina had teased her by telling her to have some time alone with her lovers.

Angelina had chased the younger girl around the house afterward, with the intent to tickle mercilessly.

So Adelina found an unoccupied compartment to sit in. and pulled out one of the advanced books her mother had bought for her, Moste Potent Potions.

The young lamia was reading the recipe for the drought of living death when the compartment door opened and a girl with bushy brown hair asked, "May I join you?"

Adelina smiled. "Of course, here, let me help you with that trunk."

After the too girls had lifted the trunk up into the storage rack, the Brown haired girl introduced herself. "I'm Hermione Granger by the way," she said, holding out her hand.

Adelina shook it and said, "Adelina Potter."

Hermione's eyes widened. "Are you really? You're in several history books."

"Don't believe them," the lamia assured her. "I promise you that for the most part, they are completely false." She pointed to her head, where the lightning bolt scar used to be. "See, no scar."

The two girls began to talk and get to know one another. Adelina of course left out the fact that she was a lamia, and a princess, and the location of her home. But the two girls found that they both had a love of books, especially Greek stories.

The train had started moving, and the two girls had been discussing the origins of the sirens from the Odyssey as being veela, when the compartment door opened again. A skinny red-haired boy stood in the doorway. He looked at the two girls, especially their foreheads, before saying, "Sorry, wrong compartment," and leaving the two girls alone.

Halfway through the train ride, a pudgy, nervous boy, who introduced himself as Neville Longbottom, asked if they'd seen a toad. They hadn't, but the two girls agreed to help him search. They found the toad half-an-hour later in the girls lavatory. They invited Neville to join them, and the boy had shyly agreed.

It turned out that Neville was a pure-blooded wizard, and knew an awful lot about plants. The two girls eagerly began a discussion with him on various magical flora, and his shyness gradually faded as he discussed something he seemed to genuinely know and care about.

A blond boy, that Neville later told the two girls was named Draco Malfoy, stopped at the compartment and, after checking the girl's foreheads like the red-haired bloke, sneered at them before walking away.

The arrival of the train to Hogwarts seemed to go faster than the three young magicals could believe.


In the Great hall of Hogwarts, Angelina Johnson watched as her cousin was escorted, along with the other first years, into the room by Professor McGonagall, the deputy headmistress and head of Gryffindor House. She sat beside the blond Katie Bell, and across from the dark haired Alicia Spinnet.

After the sorting hat sung it's new song, McGonagall pulled out a roll of parchment and began calling names.

Like the other students, Angelina politely applauded after each sorting, and applauded even louder when a student was sorted into her house. The first student sorted into Gryffindor was a girl named Lavender Brown.

When Angelina heard McGonagall call out Hermione Granger, she paid attention, as she noticed the girl had been talking with Adelina upon entering the hall, along with a boy she didn't recognize. After a few moments, the Hat called out "RAVENCLAW!" The dark-skinned lamia also paid attention when the boy, Neville Longbottom, was called. He was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Finally, McGonagall called out, "Potter Adelina." As the transfiguration professor lowered the hat onto her cousins head, Angelina kept her fingers crossed.


"Interesting, very interesting," the hat whispered into Adelina's mind. "Loyal, brave, intelligent, and cunning. But where to put you?"

"Isn't your job to decide?" Adelina asked sarcasticly.

"Don't get smart with me girl. But yes, it is my job. Hufflepuff is out, while you are loyal, there are few you would trust fully given your nature. No. That is not the house for you. While you are indeed cunning enough to survive the, excuse me, Snake Pit, I do not believe you would be happy there.. That leaves Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Ahh, I see now. If your sure then..."

"Sure about what?" Adelina asked confused.

The hat chuckled. "It seems your subconscious has already decided my dear. Even if you don't realize it, you want to be in..."

"RAVENCLAW!" the Hat shouted out to the hall.


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