Kurt watched Blaine from offstage, reveling in the pure joy on his boyfriend's face. The way Blaine commanded the stage, the way his eyes sparkled as he bounced from note to note; Kurt was more than just a little turned on by Blaine's artistic prowess. When Blaine's set ended, Kurt reached out to him from behind stage left, beaming brightly.

"You were excellent. You looked so ecstatic,"

Blaine was laughing, reaching for a bottle of water and his boyfriend simultaneously. "I have to say," he told Kurt, panting a little after a solid half-hour of singing, "that that was far more fun than I expected. I mean, I love the Warblers to death, but I never thought that I could have more fun just performing on my own,"

Kurt led Blaine by the hand to the nearest dressing room, praying relentlessly that it was unoccupied. Upon finding it to be so, he tugged Blaine inside and locked the door.

"Woah, Kurt. Where's the fire?"

Kurt laughed at this, whipping around into Blaine's chest and reaching frantically for his face.

"Do you realize how hot you were out there? Do you realize how much you turned me on?"

Blaine's eyes went wide as he met Kurt's lips. Behind Kurt's soft, tender mouth was an eagerness he had never encountered. He pulled away upon realizing just how hungry his boyfriend was.

"Kurt, I don't think this is the place...,"

"This is exactly the place,"

Kurt had his hands against Blaine's sweat-soaked t-shirt, pushing him firmly up against the nearest counter. Blaine looked radiant beneath the glow of the dressing room lights, his eyes all full of wonder and his pulse still quick with adrenaline. Despite everything that had happened -the many trips to the hospital to visit Blaine's sister, a car accident that had left Blaine with fourteen stitches and no more BMW for the summer, and the impending search for a college- Blaine had lost none of his spice. "You're a god," Kurt told him before crushing his lips and tongue against Blaine's parted mouth.

"Are you really that turned on by my performing?" Blaine asked him when Kurt ducked to kiss his neck.

"When you were up there... alone," Kurt said between caresses, "all I wanted was to race across stage and tear your shirt off. I wanted every man and woman in that audience to know you were mine,"

Blaine had never seen Kurt like this -so wild and... horny. But he liked it, even though it scared him just a little.

By now, Kurt was fumbling with the bottom of Blaine's tee, and Blaine obliged with a gulp. As Kurt's hands ran back up his chest, his slender and oh-so-talented fingers catching in bits of his chest hair, Blaine let out a quiet moan. Kurt offered him a sadistic grin.

"Are you going to... what are you going to do to me?" Blaine squeaked. Kurt didn't answer right away... no, torturing his boyfriend with the hickey he was working into his collar bone was far too consuming a task. When he had finished, and Blaine's hands were trembling against Kurt's ass, he caught Blaine's head in his hands.

"Terrible, unspeakable things, my dear,"

And Blaine believed him.