Hey guys! I know you're expecting TVD next but this is an idea I had and I have writer's block on that story. So, in this story, its about a Raven Mocker named Phelos and Damien. I would have made his name Cherokee but I couldn't find a Cherokee name I liked. So, without further ado, I encourage you to read and enjoy! Read On!

Prologue: Angel's Wrath


Repaim was gone. And Father was angry.

"Phelos!" he called. I closed my eyes. I knew what would happen if I went to him. "Phelos!" he called again to me, his youngest son, and as such, his least favorite. Father's favorite punching bag.

"Yes, Father?" I asked, my red eyes looking at my all too human feet. Father did not even bother to reply. As soon as the words left my bird-like mouth, I felt a punch straight into my chest. Another soon came to my stomach and to the side of my face. I knew I could not fall, or the beating would only get worse. But he kept hitting and I could only stand it for so long. After a twenty-seventh punch, I finally fell.

I looked up to see my father's crooked smirk. I would have scowled at him if I could move my mouth in such a way.

"And, you fall, weakling." Father spat beside me and I thought in a moment of stupidity that it might be over. "Well, no son of mine is that weak without punishment!" he shouted. Then he kicked me in my ribs. Then repeatedly in my chest and the back of my head. The pain was so fierce that I almost cried out. But, if I had, my beating would increase tenfold. And, the only brother that bothered to stand up for me was gone.

"Oh, Rephaim. If you had to leave, why couldn't you take me with you?" I whispered and made sure to pitch my voice so low that Father wouldn't hear. I loved my father, I had to. It's the way I was raised. Just like I hated the people that Rephaim was with, they were the enemy. But, at the moment, anything was better.

But I also knew of Father's brighter side, which is only when he speaks of Nyx. His eyes light and he is kind to each and every one of us, even me. So, I closed my eyes and waited for either Father to leave or death's hands to pull me away.


"What's wrong, honey?" Stevie Rae asked me, her beautiful blue eyes full of concern.

"I'm not sure. I keep thinking of my one brother that I actually loved and cared for. In today's terms I think you would say I 'babied' him, seeing as he was the youngest. He was my father's favorite plaything, the one of us he'd most often take out his anger on. And, I stood up for him," I told her, "But, I'm not sure even he was worth saving." I shook my head and let Stevie Rae comfort me with empty words of 'it's okay' and 'don't worry'. But, the last thing she said was the one thing that actually came through my echoing thoughts.

"If he is worth saving, he will be saved. The only thing to do is wait and see." She paused and said, "Repaim, what was his name?"

"Phelos. His name was Phelos."


One hundred and seventy-three punches and kicks. One hundred and seventy-three punches and kicks before Father finally stopped hitting me. Tears soaked the soft black feathers of my face. And, I knew, that I was going to die. No one had been here to save me this time. I had broken sixteen ribs and lost a lot of blood. It lay in a pool around me.

I heard the flapping of wings and looked up. I saw the sky full of my brothers, with my father in the middle of them all. I was being left here to die, by the man who was my whole world and my so-called 'family'.

"Goodbye. I'll see you all in Hell, someday. Even you, Father," I said to the sky. I watched them until they disappeared. Then I closed my eyes, and concentrated on the feeling of my heart slowing with every beat it took, trying to let go of the pain, waiting for death to come.

I then heard footsteps and my heart lifted. Had my father returned? Then I heard a voice and my hopes crashed. Death seemed to be coming sooner than I expected.

"Jack! I miss, you so much. Why, why, why'd you leave me?" the boy standing in front of me whispered. I could see the blue crescent on his forehead, and could tell immediately he wasn't under Neferet and Father's spell in the least. This fledgling was the enemy. I tried not to make a sound, but could not resist moaning in pain as I tried to move away. The boy turned quickly.

As I saw his face, I immediately recognize him. He had come to this exact spot almost everyday and had done nothing but cry. I found myself watching him everyday he came, but had never been discovered. Until now.

"Who's there?" the boy said. I stayed silent. The boy walked over to investigate. The boy saw me and gasped. "A Raven Mocker."

"Go ahead and kill me. It's coming anyways," I said, grim. My voice was raspy from pain. I could see the hate in his eyes. I could also see from the way he was standing that he was about to turn and walk away. But something lit in his eyes and he turned back full frontal to me.


I was just going to turn and walk away. But, then something occurred to. Isn't that what Neferet did to Jack? Just left him there to die. I can't be like that, I refuse to be like that. He has a soul, he can hurt, and feel, and die just like us. So, I turned back to him.


The fledgling lifted me up, and carried me away.

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