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"And what," Kalona paused for dramatic effect and my heart stopped as he glared at our hands, "is this?" Rephaim and Stevie Rae moved protectively in front of us. Kalona's eyes narrowed further. "Rephaim, the betrayer."

"Hello, Father," Rephaim answered calmly. "Please leave, we mean you no trouble." Kalona nodded as though agreeing.

"Of course." He glanced at Phelos beside me. "I shall just collect what is mine and be on my way."

"He's not yours!" I blurted. I felt the urge to cover my mouth but fought it. Kalona glared condescendingly at me.

"He is my son. You have no claim to him, fledgling." He looked at Phelos. "Correct, Phelos?" I saw Phelos trying to fight the urge to simply agree with him as he had always done.

"Not this time, Father," Phelos managed to choke out. I saw Kalona's hand fist at his side. "I am remaining here." I felt a shiver run through my body as I gripped his hand spasmodically. He squeezed back three times- I love you.

"And why is this? Why do you disobey me?"

"Because you almost killed me!" Phelos screamed. "You and my 'brothers'," he sneered the word, "left me to die on a rooftop. If not for one of Nyx's fledglings, you would have had no son to return to!"

"Leave, Kalona," Zoey whispered. "Your sons have chosen a different path. Leave." The words were filled with power, but Kalona refused to bow to anyone's will.

"Which fledgling, Phelos?" Kalona asked intently. I glanced to my side and Phelos nodded almost imperceptibly.

"It was me," I said quietly. Louder I said, "I saved him." Kalona laughed.

"Damien Maslin. Still mourning your lost love? Tell me, why would you save one of mine? Why would you save one such as him, born from violence and Darkness?" I took a deep breath.

"I do miss Jack," I felt Phelos flinch, "but it was not Phelos' fault that he was born to you, no more than it was Rephaim's fault. Phelos was half human, he had a soul. He deserved to be given a chance." I stroked the back of Phelos' hand with my thumb, trying to convey that no matter how I missed Jack, that did not hinder the way I loved him. I felt some of the tension in his body leave and I smiled. "And, I think, he's done well with the chance I have given him." Phelos' eyes smiled back at me and he whispered, "I love you Damien." Kalona's eyes flared with anger.

"No!" he shouted. "No son of mine will be this kind of atrocity!" He flared his wings and rushed us. Rephaim held his ground in front of us.

"I will not leave you again, little brother," he said. "Father, this is enough. Leave this place and never return. I was foolish to be hopeful of any goodness remaining in you." Kalona stopped before his once favored son.

"I do not wish to harm you, Rephaim. Move or be punished along with your brother." It was then I noticed the other moving towards us as well.


I felt a rush of gratitude towards my big brother. He was guarding me again, as he always had. I didn't respond as fear pumped through my body with every beat of my heart. It was happening again, and worse still, he would hurt Damien as well. But I wasn't strong enough. I'd never been more than an abused and unloved child when it came to Father. Then, the others began moving us as well.

Erin, Shaunee, Darius, and Aphrodite flanked my brother to his left and Zoey, Stark, and Kramisha joined the Red One to his right. We were completely blocked from Father's view. Damien took the moment to pull me towards him.

"No matter what happens now, I will always love you. You are who I needed to help me move on and I will never forget that." I felt a pang in my chest as I realized he spoke of Jack, the boy he loved before me, who he still missed. I wondered briefly if Damien loved him more than me.

It was then I realized- it didn't matter. He loved me. He loved me no less than Jack as he loved me differently and for different reasons. So I held him to me tightly as I whispered, "You are the true love of my soul and no matter what comes after this life, no matter if you find your Jack again, no matter if you choose him, I shall always be here to love you and protect you from danger. I love you no less for loving him." He kissed the top of my beak softly.

"Thank you for that. But, I would not leave you for him." I heard the unspoken but true reversal of that statement in the empty air. He then pitched his voice lower. "You saved me- from myself. You are my hero." That was what changed me, then. He called me his hero. Me, the coward who would never stop fearing the father who had beat him brutally. I stepped away from him and through the line of people in front of us. Looking behind me, I mouthed one word, "Goodbye."

I stepped forward and faced my nightmare. "Take me, Father. Take me, and leave the rest of them in peace. But, beat me, kill me, I shall still hold onto my love for Damien." I looked in his cold amber eyes. "You cannot take him from me." I saw the fiery rage blaze flare in his eyes as I stared into them. Time stopped for me, then. I heard an all too familiar voice in my head.

"Congratulations, Phelos. You have chosen the correct path that I set upon you," the voice from my dreams said. I smiled in my mind, where I had lips and a human face and body.

"Thank you, Madame," I said back, glad of her approval. I heard a laugh.

"Please, call me Nyx." There was beautiful flash of light between Father and I, and there stood the Goddess in all of her divine glory as time started again.

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