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"Edward," I moaned. He looked into my eyes and smiled.

I tangled my hands in his messy hair.

"Harder." I murmured.

I heard a car door open and close. I pulled away from Edward and gathered a blanket up around my naked body. "Someone is home." I said horrified.

He shooked his head. "Tanya isn't supposed to be here until five."

I breathed in relief as Edward crawled over me again.

He cracked in joke in my ear and I burst out in laughter as I swear I heard the front door open.

I started to groan in pleasure just as the bedroom door opened.

"Edward, why is Bella Swan's car here- Holy shit!" I closed my eyes and stopped breathing. Edward and I scrambled away from each other. "Get that slut, out of my house!" Tanya screamed. She was holding their two year old son. She shielded his eyes and told him to go to his room. The poor kid looked terrified and ran.

"It's not what it looks like!" Edward yelled as he slipped clothes back on. I stumbled down to the ground and fumbled with my clothes as I put them on.

"You slut!" Tanya shrieked as she stormed up towards me.

"Tanya," I cried, "I'm so sorry-" I was distracted my the burning sensation on my cheek. She slapped my face. I backed away slowly until I hit a dresser.

"In my own home." She spat. I stifled back tears. She turned to Edward. "I want a divorce." She smiled at me. "Are you happy, homewrecker? You get this asshole all to yourself now." Her lips curled into an even creepier smile. "I'm sure your husband will be happy to know you've been cheating on him."

I felt tears roll down my face. "Please Tanya, don't tell Jacob." I pleaded.

She glared at me. "Get out of my house." She gritted through her teeth. Edward came up behind me and wrapped an arm around me.

"Stop talking to her like that." Edward said, disgusted.

"Why?" Tanya snarled.

"Because-" He hesitated, "'Cause I love her." Tanya then started to run back and forth throwing Edward's stuff down the stairs.

I felt my heart stutter to a stop. I turned to him with a pained expression on my face. "I have to go." I put a hand on his chest. "You don't love me."

He shook his head. "But I do."

I pushed him away. "You're not supposed to though. I'm not supposed to love you either-"

"But you do!" He interrupted.

"Things are crumbling with your wife and I have to stop that from happening with Jacob." I leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Let's just, let's stop this, okay?" I didn't wait for his response. "You'll have my letter of resignation on your desk Monday morning."

Tanya stomped back in. She threw picture of their family at us. We ducked. "Why don't you go tell your son why his mommy is yelling? Why don't you tell him what a cheating scumbag you are?" She went out and threw about half Edward's closet down to the first floor.

"I have to go." I insisted.

I squeezed Edward's hand and hurried out of the house without another word.

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