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Chapter 1

Rylan jolted awake. He lay there for a moment, wondering what it was that had awakened him. A second later he had his answer.

"Rylan?" the voice was a girl's, soft but insistent. It sounded like…

Rylan sat up. "Chim?"

Chim nodded, her face illuminated by the small fish-oil lamp she held. "Yes, it is I. My sister wants to see you in the throne room."

Rylan yawned. "What does Aunt Stellovet want now?"

Chim hesitated. "I do not know, but it sounded urgent."

"Urgent? Alright. Tell my aunt that I am on my way." Rylan got out of bed and started pulling clothes out of his dresser.

Chim half smiled. "Hurry. Stellovet is not in a good mood." She set the lamp down on the dresser, and then exited the room.

"Great." Muttered Rylan. His aunt in a bad mood was not something you would want to see. He quickly changed into his day clothes, and then strapped his sword-belt on. He exited the room, taking the lamp with him, and started down the hall.

Queen Stellovet sat in the throne room, waiting for her nephew to arrive. Her husband, King Chase, sat beside her. He was half-asleep, and she had to keep poking him to make sure he did not start snoring.

Stellovet sighed impatiently. "What is taking him so long? Chim, I thought you said he was on his way."

Chim stepped forward, looking nervous. "He is, Stelly. I—"

Stellovet's eyes flashed. "How many times do I have to tell you, Chim? Do not call me by that ridiculous pet name! You shall address me as 'your highness. Am I clear?"

Chim was shaking, either from anger or fear. "Y-yes, your highness."

"Excellent." Stellovet slumped back on her throne. "Where is that boy? He should have been here by—" Her complaint was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Oh, good." She said, and then called: "Enter."

The door opened and a young man about fourteen years of age stepped in. He sank into a low bow, suitable for entering the presence of the Queen and King, than straightened and smiled. "You sent for me, your highness?"

Stellovet smiled. "Yes Rylan. And please, how many times do I have to tell you? You are to address me as aunty, not your highness. We are on better terms than that, I think."

Chim let out a snort of indignation.

Stellovet looked at her. "Did you have something to say, sister?"

Chim shook her head. "Nothing, your highness."

Stellovet smiled. "Good. Now Rylan, I am sure you are wondering why I have summoned you so early in the morning, am I right?"

Rylan shrugged. "I must confess that the thought has crossed my mind, yes. Not that I mind getting up early," he added hastily.

Stellovet laughed. "Oh, you are amusing!" She turned to her husband, who was gently snoring. "Is he not, my dear?"

Chase started. "What? Oh. Yes." He yawned. "Good morning, Rylan. What are you doing here?"

Stellovet rolled her eyes. "I summoned him. Anyway, Rylan, I believe it is time that you proved yourself. After all, we can not have a weakling on the throne, can we?"

Rylan blinked. "On the throne?"

Stellovet smiled. "Yes. As you know, sadly, I have not been able to produce an heir, and probably never will. I would like to name you heir to the throne instead, but first, you need to prove yourself worthy."

Rylan was speechless. At last he said: "Very well. What would you have me do?"

Before Stellovet could reply, Chase interjected. "Wait! Whatever it is, it must not be too dangerous. I promised my sister I would protect Rylan, and I intend to keep that oath."

Stellovet rubbed her forehead. "Chase, do you think I would knowingly put the boy in danger?" Before Chase could reply, she plowed on. "Of course not. Now Rylan, I would like you to be my spy."

"Your spy?" Rylan was intrigued.

"Yes. I am sure you have heard about the rebel group?" Stellovet asked.

"Has not everyone? They are said to be in the jungle."

"Correct. I want you to join them. Pretend to be sympathetic to their cause. All the time though, you shall be reporting back to me on their numbers, their leaders, and their plans. By doing this successfully, you shall prove yourself worthy of the throne. Do you accept the mission?"

Rylan nodded. "I do."

"Excellent." Stellovet smiled. "You shall leave tomorrow. Go get some rest. You will need it."

And on that ominous note, Rylan bowed, and then exited the room.

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