30 years ago

Master, I have assessed the child's soul, it is not what you seek." Slade explained. Trigon roared in anger.

"How bad is she?" He seethed.

"Exactly the opposite, she is pure. Her pureness overpowered her destiny. Shall I kill her?" Slade offered.

"No, I will create another, one stronger. Fetch Arella immediately." Slade bowed and left Trigon's chamber. Trigon peered through the glass wall at his child. One name came to mind, Raven. That would be her name. He felt no attachment to her, he didn't love her, all wanted was to use her. Use her and rule the Earth. Unfortunately she had more of her mother's traits, and the pureness in Arella had overpowered the evil in Trigon. Trigon shook his head and awaited the return of the petty human.

"Master, Arella is here." Slade shifted Trigon out of his thoughts. Trigon smirked and looked down at the frightened human.

"Leave us, Slade. We have some... business to take care of." Arella's eyes widened in fear as Slade left the room. She looked at the floor and waited. "Come here." Arella stepped forward. Trigon grabbed her. Slade could hear her screams from down the hallway.

"NO! Please NO! AH! NOT AGAIN!" She screeched in terror... and thus Hawkly was born...


"Raven? Raven! Please wake up. Breakfast is prepared!" Starfire called. Raven opened her door slightly.

"Go away." She closed her door.

It was one week until her eighteenth birthday and she knew that the day was coming. The day that Trigon was going to take over the world, the day she would seize to exist. The day she would leave Robin. Raven shook her head and stared at the mirror on her desk. She remembered the day when beastboy and Cyborg had gotten themselves trapped in her mind. They saw sides of her that no one else knew existed. She wondered if she could hide inside her own mind on her eighteenth birthday... she dismissed the thought immediately. It was her destiny and she couldn't change it - no matter how badly she wanted to.

"Raven? Raven come out." It was Robin. Raven's stomach did a flip, she shoved the feeling into the pit of her stomach. She didn't want to mess up her powers.

"What is it?" She opened the door and walked out.

"I need to talk to you about something." Robin rubbed the back of his neck. Raven raised her eyebrows and put her hood down. Robin stared at her shocked.

"What?" She asked.

"Your hair... it's long." He pointed out. Raven touched her hair and realized how long it had gotten. She figured it was a mental thing, it seemed like Robin liked girls with long hair so she grew it out. She shook her head and put her hood back up.

"What's on your mind?" She asked.

"Starfire." Robin told her. She rolled her eyes under her hood, knowing the shadow it cast over her face would hide it.

"What about her?"

"I think she has feelings for me." Robin sighed.

"And that's a bad thing?" Raven asked.

"Yes, we are heroes and that's all I can be." Robin explained.

"So what's the problem?"

"I think I have feelings for her too."

"Why are you talking to ME about this... I've never been in a relationship." Robin looked up at her.

"Because you know me better than anyone else, because you've seen my history, my childhood." Raven smiled to herself, that was what bonded them to each other.

"Okay well um I guess you could give her a chance... I mean we aren't heroes every second of the day. I guess you could dedicate some seconds to Starfire." Raven said miserably.

"Yeah, you're right! I'm going to go tell her right now! Thanks Raven." Robin ran off.

"Anytime." Raven followed. She was walking slowly not wanting to see this confession of love. She walked in to see Robin and Starfire hugging.

"Yes Robin I would like that very much!" Starfire smiled. Raven's heart sank. Beastboy and Cyborg were saying it was about time. Out of no where Starfire hugged Raven.

"Thank you Raven. If it was not for you, Robin would not have asked me to go eat dinner tomorrow evening." Raven pushed her away.

"I don't do hugs, and yeah well your welcome."

The rest of the day past slowly and painfully for Raven. She almost threw up because of Robin and Starfire. They were the PDA couple and she couldn't stand it. She went to bed early. Sleep would not come to her so she flew up to the top of tower and sat looking out at the city. She heard footsteps and heard an unfamiliar voice. Raven turned into her bird form and hid in the shadows. It was Slade, and what looked to be Blackfire.

"Is the girl jealous, has she shown any emotions?" Slade asked.

"Not yet, but I'll get her there. I know she has feelings for him, and feeling anything at all is her weak spot. Just trust me Slade, I know what I'm doing."

The girl faced the shadows and Raven stifled a gasp, it wasn't blackfire, it was Starfire. In an outfit that matched Slade's and her eyes were no longer green, but fiery red. Raven turned into her human form and whispered the phrase 'Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos' black light shot from her hands as Slade was knocked off the edge. Starfire whipped her head towards the shadows and shot red beams from her hands. Raven stumbled out of the shadows.

"How dare you trick Robin, he doesn't deserve to be trifled with." Raven spat allowing herself to get angry. Starfire scoffed.

"Please, I'm not tricking Robin. I do love him, and I know you do as well. I am going to end you, I won't let anything come in the way of our relationship." Raven's eyes widened. Maybe I'm wrong.. Maybe this is Blackfire, it's impossible for Star to be anything but good, and she would never join Slade.

"Look Star, I wouldn't do anything to come between you and Robin. I know you must be... angered because of how your sister tried to take over, but I would never do that." Raven tried.

"Save it, I'm the more powerful one! You know you couldn't beat me in a fight." Raven lost it.

"I know you're Blackfire, you may sound like Starfire but she would never do this to any of her friends!" Raven said calmly. "Blackfire" laughed at that.

"I thought you'd be smarter, I'm not Blackfire, nor Starfire. I'm you." The Blackfire/Starfire being morphed into Raven, but it wasn't any colors she recognized, this was black raven.

Raven's eyes shot open and she felt arms around her. She looked up to see the face of Robin.

"Raven are you alright? I heard you screaming." Raven's eyes started to tear up. She clutched Robin like he was her life line.

"Please... don't leave me..." She whimpered, she would never let herself seem vulnerable to anyone, no one but him. She let her guard down for a moment and cried onto his shoulder.

"I'm here, Rae don't worry. What happened?" She lifted her face off of his chest and pulled her self together. She realized how silly she was being.

"I-it's Trigon, I think he's sending me dreams to scare me into being the portal, he's trying to show me that I am unloved and unwanted. He's trying to show me that my life here is worthless and it would be better if I didn't exist." Raven got up off of her bed and Robin followed.

"Raven, you know that isn't true. You have friends here who love you." Raven looked away from him.

"That isn't the kind of love I am talking about." She told him. His eyes widened in realization, she thought she saw a glint of pain.

"Raven there is someone out there for you." He tried to tell her.

"I know, and I've found him, unfortunately my feelings are reciprocated." She told him.

"How do you know?" He asked.

"Because he loves another." She replied.

"Maybe I can talk to him for you maybe I can-" Raven turned around and looked at him.

"It's you Robin."