Year 3210

Summary: Welcome to a world where there is no technology, vampires have been the dominate species for millennia and humans still live like the Indians did in the old west: nomadic tent dwellers. Vampires speak English while humans no longer do. Vampires are the only ones who remember how to read and write. Vampires are the only ones who know what happened to the world as we knew it. When civilization died so did some of the civilities of the vampires, they no longer fight the beast within. What year is it? 3210!

Think Planet of the Apes vampire style - minus the time travel!

Chapter 1

Jasper's POV

Gazing across the mile long distance between us and them, I calculated the exact moment when we would rush the herd. Emmett had begun to irritate me while he bounced anxiously on the balls of his feet, stretching like a runner before a marathon. We didn't need to stretch before we ran, a definite advantage to being a vampire, we were always in perfect shape for any physical exercise. We were forever locked in our perfect bodies, never moving back - never moving forward. I loved my brother, but the giant, burly, teddy bear had a short supply of patience.

The second I signaled for him to move in, he made a beeline for the opposite side of the herd from me. Thankfully, they were eating so they never saw our lightning fast movements. Once the last straggler moved into the group, we caused the stampede.

It was a simple task, one we'd performed hundreds of times over the years of our existence. Humans were predictable; they always did the same things when they saw us. Their instincts told them to grab their young and run. This made our task easier since that's exactly what we wanted them to do. The secret lie in the patience to wait for them to gather together. That way, when they ran, they herded in the direction we wanted them to go.

The moment we dashed in and started growling, they did as predicted, running straight toward our trap. Every now and then, one would stray to the side, trying to break off from the group, but we were fast enough to get them to veer back into the herd. We chased them the five miles to our awaiting pen. This part had always been the hardest for me - having to feel their fear and panic while they tried their best to stay one step ahead of us. It would never happen, but they didn't know that. We always slowed down to keep them moving, otherwise we'd have to carry them the whole way back. In my case that could be deadly.

I didn't have the same restraint as my adopted siblings. Being that close to our food source presented a daunting task for the most restrained of us, but for me it was almost impossible. Lucky for the old man that lagged behind, Emmett was the one who swept him up when he gave up trying to run anymore.

At times like these, I hated having such oversensitive ears. Their high pitched screams could be heard for a mile by a vampire's ears. The women's were the worst. Their high frequencies were ear-splitting to us.

I called ahead in my thoughts to Edward, alerting him that we were only a mile away so he could prepare the pen.

"Edward, we have eighteen coming your way, ten males, eight females, but four are children. Get the pen ready!"

The growls that greeted us were shocking. Edward was outright feral when he locked eyes on the young brunette in the back of the herd. He instantly crouched, preparing to pounce. He glared murderous at the humans scrambling by him in their feeble attempt to escape. The pens were solid wooden planks reaching twenty feet into the sky; once inside there would be no escape.

To our surprise, Edward snagged the brunette by the arm before she entered. Despite her struggles, my brother wasn't about to let her go, His warning snarls even had me backing away. The desperation flowing from him overwhelmed my senses, and I watched, helpless, when he threw her over his shoulder and sprinted off.