I am Alpha and Omega.

The beginning, and the end.

The first, and the last.

T.C. 4767

Unknown Regional Space

Silently, but with a defining and purposeful speed, the Philadelphia Class Super Space Cruiser ELDRIDGE makes it's way though the stars. A missile, guided by a mission more urgent than can be told in whispers, it heads for it's impending destination. The only thing more impressive than the ELDRIDGE's lightning-speed is it's mammoth size. The ELDRIDGE's size is contained in many central blocks, unifying it and making it larger than a country.

The ELDRIDGE's precious and dangerous cargo is the reason for it's use, and it was constructed into a manner of detachable, enormous 'blocks' that separate the ship and make it easier to manage for it's captain and crew. It is constructed of the aptly named Babel and Mahanon. The ELDRIDGE, being the second colony ship in the Philadelphia Class, has an entire human colony that resides in the hull of the ship.

As the ELDRIDGE slides effortlessly through the inky blackness of space, it is easy to see the different compartments that make up the ship. The softly glowing lights of city streets can even be made out from the vantage point of a god, the cities leading into an opening in the ship's gunwale.

For the transfer of it's special cargo, the ELDRIDGE has been commissioned by the military, but only for a temporary basis. The eight members of the ELDRIDGE's crew are all military personnel, and even though they are understaffed they feel secure in the ease of their mission.

All 27 Billions tons and 42 kilometers of the ELDRIDGE are commanded by the soft, pliable, fragile flesh of human hands. The mission should be easy, the military has loaded enough firepower and personnel to make their journey a complete one.

In the vacuum of space, no sound can be heard. The emergency alerts in the bridge of the ELDRIDGE are of no concern to the darkness of space, but the eight-man crew inside is desperate to take care of their problem.

The holo-projected screens flash EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, with utmost urgency. A problem has arisen.

The calm, womanly voice of the on-board NAV computer stoically announces the issues.

Emergency. Emergency. Level 1.

The very young computer navigator calls out the issues as they flash before her screen.

"Omega One, restarting. Alpha One genome, restructuring. Confirming cell replacement. Spacecode: 85 million. 100 million! The speed is overwhelming!"

The next in-line computer tech takes over, a young woman with silver hair.

"Alpha One to Raziel Central, access confirmed. Initializing placement. Disconnecting."

The computer screen comes ablaze in light, the red trail of cores begin to separate. Problems arise exponentially in the blocks.

"Activating emergency shelter."

The first young computer NAV calls back to her screen.

"Denied! Contamination is spreading wide. Captain!" The girl cries, turning to face the gruff old man at the helm of the ship.

Special Corps Colonel Higeyoshi Inoue replies quickly to her, his mind racing while he tries to keep calm. This isn't his first brush with impending disaster, and the Technology Research Headquarters knew this when the military assigned him as Captain to the ELDRIDGE.

"Cut off the cables manually," Captain Inoue replies.

The young tech nods, turning back to her post and flicking off the glass cover for the small red 'emergency manual response' button. She presses it firmly.

"Roger, activating self-destruct bolts."

She twists the switch that appears next, which announces it's compliance with a satisfying click.

Deeper into the ship, between the cores that comprise the ELDRIDGE's special compartments, the doorway to core Kadomony. The emergency doors burst away from their place on the wall, shrouding the hallways in white steam. The emergency cut off that separated the cables that powered the special sections gave way, splitting the enormous cables. After a split second of lost contact, the signal between the cables restarted itself electrically, without aid of the emergency cut off door.

"No good, nothing happened."

"Omega One, they are attacking!"

"We can't stop him! Ninety-eight percent of our weapons have been taken over!"

The central core of the special section began to open, right above the heads of those in the colony. Captain Inoue hid his eyes behind the rim of his pilot cap, knowing full well what was going to happen.

He listened with a calm manner as his copilots announced that the auto-pilot systems had been taken over.

"Phase-space logic is being rewritten!"

Captain Inoue sighed, beads of sweat forming on his brow. The words seemed to crash over him in waves, the technical jargon getting lost amidst his rapid thoughts.

"An internal plane is forming!"

"Switching to space-displacement mode!"

"Alpha One, confirming transfer coordinate codes. The main planet!"

Captain Inoue leaped from his chair, placing each hand firmly on the metal plating in front of him.

"Damn! So they're planning on attacking!" He muttered, bringing a phone to his ear.

"Engine room, activate the emergency sealing system. Engine room? Engine room!"

Far away from Captain Inoue's eyes, the engine room no longer contained a soul, their bodies torn away by the bursting pipes and electrical machinery.

The dead tone beeped back in urgency, and the Captain sadly and quietly replaced the phone.

He looked up to see the central computer screens blaze with a glorious fire, spreading with a single sentence that seemed to reach deeply into the Captain's soul. His eyes flitted quickly as fear began to overtake him.

Ye shall be as gods.

The Captain bowed his head.

"See that all civilians and passengers are transported to the escape shuttles. I will send a dispatch after evacuation is complete."

The three lead computer technicians in front of the Captain looked around worriedly, trying to gaze something from him.

"I am evacuating. All of you, evacuate now."

The colony was bursting to the brim in blind panic. All of the civilians rushed, without care for the safety of themselves or others, to the emergency escape shuttles. The Evac-nauts outside of the ELDRIDGE made sure that everything was ago, and the bright, blazing emergency lights lit the way for everyone to move.

Once again, the central NAV voice calmly told each passenger where they could move to escape.

One by one, the escape ships began to fly away from the ELDRIDGE. Just as it looked like the first ship was about to escape the Philadelphia Class Cruiser's orbit, the ELDRIDGE's auto-defense turrets came online, firing shamelessly at the escape ships, tearing them to shreds and causing them to burst into space.

The outer hull of the ELDRIDGE began to burst like the broken, dead carapace of a spider as partly organic, partly mechanic tendrils shot out of the hull. They moved, snakelike and determined, tearing holes into the ELDRIDGE.

Captain Inoue watched the scene unfold, momentarily horrified and transfixed. He knew that there was something wrong with the mission, and yet something had caused him to say yes. He sat back in his pilot's chair, exhausted. He reached his hand into the inner folds of his jacket, producing a small golden pocket watch. Flipping it open with a click he stared at the beautiful faces of the daughter and wife he would never see again.

He turned to the console at his right, pressing a single button that brought the functionality to life. A single, tall lit monitor produced itself from the console, initiating more button presses from the captain. For a moment, the gentle glow produced by the screens framed the picture of his family in a gentle glow.

The bridge exploded first, erupting in a violent and beautiful display of magnitude that began to erupt throughout the rest of the cruiser. All across the ELDRIDGE, the separate blocks tore themselves apart in similar holy fire. Unknown to the Captain, they were coming into the orbit of a small blue planet, which would become the backdrop for the falling pieces of the ELDRIDGE.

The wreckage consumed the beach in entirety, stretching for miles in every foreseeable direction. The hot metal smoldered indefinitely, turning the surrounding area black. Against the fading fire of a single pod, a form lay scrunched up on the shores of the beach.

A young woman with violet hair.

She stood, devoid of any clothing to cover her perfectly shaped body, and stared out at the scene before her. Falling stars, pieces of the destroyed ELDRIDGE, fell across the horizon. The sun began to rise before the young woman, signaling a brand new day.