This is starting as a birthday fic, combining the North America boys' birthdays. I'm sure I'll have it turn multi-chapter, only because horror is best that SO YOU KNOW: I will probably ad touches of humor and a couple of hugs and kisses, but it will mainly be family and horror. So don't worry.

Rating is for cussing, violence, and heavy non-con in the chapters that are yet to be.

"Al, I'm not sure a haunted house is the best place for our birthday this year…" The strawberry blonde clung to his stuffed bear as his brother surveyed the place they'd be renting for the month long party Alfred wanted."Come on, Matt! Don't be a pussy! This'll be great. And you and Gilbert can have a room to your selves!" Alfred smiled even wider as his brother went red, but effectively shut his face. He went up to the 19th century house and ran his hands along the banisters. The paint was chipping in many places, and was completely peeled off the walked up to the door, running his hand along it and grasping the brass knob. He turned it slowly, making it creak as it swung open to reveal a staircase and two doorways. Alfred walked past him and they explored the building, the younger being only slightly aware of the eyes that followed them throughout their tour of the manor.

Hours later, Alfred called the rental company to confirm that this was 'the one' he wanted their party to be in. The agency was hesitant, but finally gave in to the blonde, most likely so they wouldn't have to deal with him ever again.

This is fairly easy to right and is coming in reams, so the updates will hopefully come as quickly. I WIL however most likely discontinue 'Number XIII' and 'Online'. A poll on which to keep will be added to my page very soon.