Len nervously walked into Kaito's darkened room. "Kaito-sama? You wanted to see me?" Kaito rose from his bed, and walked over to Len. "You've been very bad, haven't you, Len-kun?" Len blushed deeply. Had Kaito seen what he was doing with Len? "...Kaito-sama, it's not what you think..." he stuttered, but Kaito didn't give him a chance to finish. "Bend over, pants down, Len," Kaito said. Trembling, Len obeyed, bending over Kaito's bed. Len heard a metallic clinking as Kaito took off his belt. He was visibly shaking at this point. Kaito waited a moment, enjoying the sight of Len completely at his mercy. "Hands behind your back," he commanded as he removed his own pants. Confused, Len obeyed. Suddenly, Kaito was on top of Len, using the belt to bind Len's arms behind him. "Kaito-sama, what are you doin-" Len was abruptly cut off as Kaito forced his head into the mattress. "You've been... a VERY... bad boy," Kaito said as he repositioned himself while still holding Len's head in the mattress. With his other hand, he removed his now hard cock from his pants. Forcing Len's legs apart, he placed his head at the opening of Len's anus. Enjoying Len's muffled screams immensely, he violently forced himself all the way into Len. Len began to thrash around, trying to get the foreign object out of himself. Kaito kept a vigorous pace, all the while keeping Len pinned to the bed. As Len struggled more and more, clenching against the intruding member, Kaito could feel himself come harder than he ever had from Miku. After a brief moment, he removed himself from Len and went to go take a shower. Len kept crying into Kaito's bed.