The phone rings, an old woman answers it.


Mother-in-law, please excuse me for my long absence.


Keiko? ... so that was you we saw at the Fall Festival!

Where have you and the grandchildren been?


Mother-in-law, I deeply apologize...

please come to our old house tonight for dinner

with Father-in-law and Mr. & Mrs. Kawasaki.

I will explain everything then.


Keiko answers the knock at the front door.

Standing before Keiko is her Mother and Father In-Law and her best friend Mieko's Mother and Father In-Law.



Please forgive me ...

Keiko's mother-in-law steps forward and hugs her. The other old woman comes to her side.


Say no more child, all that matters is that you're back.

Keiko takes both woman by the hand and escorts them to where the children are standing.


Mother, this is your Grandson, Maiku.

And this is your Granddaughter - Karen.

(turning to Mieko's Mother-In-Law)

Grandmother Kawasaki,

this is your Granddaughter, Miina.

Both women hurry forward to hold their grandchildren that they have not seen for 16 years.


Everyone is sitting around the living room table. Miina, sitting between her grandparents,

Karen and Maiku sitting between their grandparents.



Well daughter-in-law, you have some explaining to do.

We haven't seen you or our grandchildren since

you left the day after the funeral for our sons and


The two sets of grandparents stares now bare down on Keiko.


Well you see I ... let's see where should I start?

Keiko looks over at her three children, but discovers that she isn't about to get

any support from them right now. They know she's in big trouble and they want

to stay clear of the wrath of the grandparents.


Well you see I ...

Keiko (realizing it herself)

I sure can't tell them the truth.

Once again Keiko looks towards the children for support.

This time the three children are all looking in different directions and whistling,

letting her know that she is on her own.


Well you see ... I had a mental break down after I lost everyone in the car accident.

I took the kids for a ride on the train and we were in a train wreck

and I lost all my identification and so when I woke up I didn't know who I was

and they didn't know who the children were so they put them in different orphanages.

I've been wondering around Japan and I finally got my memory back when I saw the children

at the school where I was teaching.

With sweat running down the sides of her face she looks over at the

children and see's them all with their heads bowed looking down at the ground.

Keiko looks at the grandparents and is met with blank stares of disbelief.

Keiko (realizing)

I am so dead!

Keiko quickly recomposes herself.


I have some wonderful news ...

Miina is engaged to be married.




Keiko congratulates herself, the grandparents attention is now elsewhere.


(turning to Miina)

My goodness child I've just found you and now

someone is going to take you away from me?


No Grandmother Kawasaki,

no one will be taking your granddaughter away!

In fact it's a marriage that will join your

houses together. Miina is engaged to Maiku.



How wonderful!


With everyone at the dinner table and the girls hurrying about from and to the kitchen

with the food. Everyone seems to be relaxing and getting acquainted.



The grandparents are saying their good-byes and turn and exit out the front door.

The children totally exhausted slowly walk up the stairs to their bedrooms.


Keiko slowly slides the front door closed and just stands there,

turns around and leans on the door and just slides down unto

the floor in complete physical and mental exhaustion.


I never thought I would make it through this night.

Suddenly there's a knock at the front door

Did someone forget their coat?

Opening the door Keiko is now confronted by two different sets of old couples

at the door. Keiko's face takes on a horrifying look.

Mother? ... Father? ... Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki?

Keiko's eyes go blank.


N-Y-U !

(and the sound of her body hitting the floor resounds throughout the house)

Keiko wakes up to the face of her old friend Hatsuho kneeling over her.


Sorry about the surprise little sister,

but I had to tell them now that you found the children,

they had to know. You're going to need all the support you

can get now that you have three new mouths to feed.

With the two sets of grandparents and Keiko sitting around

the living room table the "inquisition" starts.



We've had a son-in-law and grandchildren for

the last 18 years and you never told us!

MEIKO'S MOTHER - (KEIKO'S best friends mother)

Just when were you going to tell us?


(holding her hands up as if trying to stop a charging bull)

Please all of you, just listen and I will try to explain.

Keiko now relieved she can tell the truth this time,

but she knows that she's still in a lot of trouble.

Mieko and I were assigned as observers to this planet.

We met two Earth men and we fell in love and married them.



You married an alien without the Galactic Federation Council's approval?


(ignoring her father's remark)

And a year later I had twins, a boy we named Maiku and a girl we named Karen.



We have a grandson and granddaughter? Where are they?


Mother please let me finish!

Keiko now turning her attention to Mieko's parents.

At the same time Mieko had a beautiful girl named Miina.

MEIKO'S MOTHER - KEIKO'S best friends mother)


A granddaughter, but where is she?


Please everyone ... they are here and are just fine but there's a lot more I must tell you.

Two years later ... Mieko was killed in a car accident, also killed with her were her husband Akeno

and my husband Kenji. Keiko is suddenly hit with the memory of that day.

The tears start welling up in her eyes but she pushes herself on.

(her voice breaking a little)

I suddenly found myself alone on this planet.

I had lost my best friend and my husband all at the same time.

Mieko and I had made a promise to each other if anything

happened to one of us the other would raise their children.

I had to report Mieko's death to the Galactic Federation Council,

but at the same time I realized that if I told them the truth about

us being married and having children they would have...

Keiko turns to her mother with tears streaming down her cheeks.


Mother, they would have taken them from me and wiped their

minds and put them into a state run orphanage.

My children would be considered half breeds and would

never have been adopted by anyone on our planet.

Once they grew up they would be social outcasts and

would only be able to get menial labor jobs. They would have

no chance to have a normal life on our home planet.


(cutting in to support Keiko)

I have also heard from reliable sources that some of these children

have just disappeared and never seen again just before they are

old enough to leave the orphanage.


(looking over at Hatsuho)

But that didn't happen to you and your children Hatsuho?


It was different with me. I met my husband when our research

ship found his earth space craft adrift in space.

He was the only member of his crew to survive.

The other scientists of our spaceship pleaded with

The Galactic Federation Council to take him in to

help better understand other cultures and the fact he was a fellow scientist.

Because of that our marriage was approved by the Galactic Federation Council.

But it still wasn't easy, our people wouldn't accept him at first.

It wasn't until his death while rescuing some high ranking

officials from a collision in space. He was awarded The

"Galactic Medal of Valor 1st Class" for his heroism which raised our family's

status to "Hero Of The State".


If it wasn't for this, my life and my children's lives would

have been a lot different and not for the good either.

Our people are very prejudice toward those from outside of our planet,

we still think that the universe revolves around us!


Before the Galactic Federation Council arrived to investigate Mieko's death

I took the children and hid them by leaving each one at a different

orphanage 200 miles apart from each other.

This way there was a good chance that the Federation Council

would never find them since I left no trace of who they were.

I only told the orphanages their first names.

My plan was to return to earth as soon as I could after the

accident inquiry was over. Because we had made unauthorized

contact with aliens, I was found guilty of violating our operational orders

and stripped of my Observers Certification. Without that I couldn't get on

another research expedition that would allow me to go back to Earth.


But when you came home why didn't you at least tell us?



How could I Mother? I couldn't take the chance of telling you

since father worked for a Department of the Galactic Federation Council.

If he knew he would have had to report it ...


(giving her father the evil eye)

... you know that's true don't you Father!

If Father didn't report it and the Galactic Federation Council found out,

he would have been severely punished.


(shrugging his shoulders)

She's right about that!


I put everything I had into studying and doing my internships

to get my certifications in a new field which would allow me to

apply for off-world expeditions again.

I just didn't realize it would take 16 years since I had

to get three levels of certifications to get qualified because

the competition was so stiff. Everyday for 16 years I would get up

and look at the pictures of Mieko and me with our husbands

and children. And every week I would go to Mieko's grave and

promise that I would not rest until I found Miina.



I always wondered, when we went together to Mieko's grave,

why you took so long kneeling at her grave each time...

I had no idea the burden on your heart and shoulders.

At the top of the stairs Maiku, Karen, and Miina have been out of sight

listening to everything said in the living room. Tears well up in each of their eyes.


She had us on her mind everyday.


We need to give our mother some understanding for what she's been through.


Her only concern was for the three of us all along.


MEIKO'S MOTHER - (KEIKO'S best friends mother)

We understand now my dear, but can we see our granddaughter - Now?


Yes, Yes ... our grandchildren.

Keiko now totally emotionally drained tries to smile.


Keiko, you just take it easy and I'll go bring the children down.

Hatsuho disappears up the stairs and returns with the three children in tow.


(turning to Mieko's parents)

Please let me introduce you to your Granddaughter Miina -

Miina your mother's parents.

(turning to her children)

Maiku, Karen, these are your Grandparents -

my mother and father.


Everyone is now sitting around the living room table. Maiku and Karen flanked by

their grandparents with Karen now welded to her grandmothers side.

Miina sitting between her newly found grandparents still trying to let it sink in.

Keiko and Hatsuho are busy bringing tea and snacks in from the kitchen for everyone,

it's truly a time to celebrate.


I also have some wonderful news ... Miina is engaged to be married.





My goodness child, I've just found you and now someone is going to take you away from me?


No one will be taking your granddaughter away ...

(arching her eyebrows)

... in fact it's a marriage that will join your houses together. Miina is engaged to Maiku.



This is wonderful!


So when is the wedding?


This summer as soon as they graduate from school.


That's wonderful. So after the honeymoon you kids can come live with us.

MEIKO'S MOTHER (KEIKO'S best friends mother)

Oh no, they can come live with us!

The battle of the grandparents has started, but Keiko puts an end to it before it gets ugly.


(slamming her fist on the table - BAM!)

Let me explain something to everyone,

I am their Mother and I have not seen my children for 16 years.

They are going to live here with me so that we can finally be a family again!

Now that she has gotten the attention of the grandparents.


Maiku will be starting college next year so he can't leave the planet now anyways.


(turning to Maiku)

My daughter Mizuho, was able to find a scholarship for you at a college

close enough that you can commute to it. That way you can

all be together as a family each night.


While I was working and studying back home on my planet,

I was saving as much money as I could.

Hatsuho helped me convert it to that cheap metal on

our planet called gold which allows me to convert it

to cash on this planet. With that and my teacher's salary,

Maiku won't have to work and can concentrate on school full time.


(holding her hand up and looking at her new engagement ring)

Yeah, the sooner he gets out of college and gets a job the sooner

he can get me a bigger diamond for my ring.

Isn't that right - Dear?


(taken off guard)

Uh ... yes ... dear!


(taking Keiko's arm)

Aren't they a cute couple?



How did we go from no grandparents to

two sets of grandparents in just one night?


Let alone finding our Mother after all this time.


Our family sure has grown from just two years ago.

And it may even grow some more if Maiku does his part.



And just what did you mean by that?


It would be fun to have a little niece running around, wouldn't it Miina?


Would you two please give me a break!

FADE OUT: (that means THE END)


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