This is the first piece I've written from Narcissa's point of view, but I hope to get the opportunity to develop her character more.

Cissy, Do You Love Me?

I stare at Bellatrix. She has changed so much since I knew her. Azkaban has changed her into someone unrecognizable. She meets my eyes, and I quickly look away. She has it. The look I saw in mother's eyes shortly before she died. The look I saw in the Dark Lord's eyes when he came looking for Lucius. That empty, blank look. She does not see me anymore. I am no longer Cissy to her.

Then the look changes. She looks alive again. Bella is back. "Cissy, is that you?" She asks, voice gentle.

I rush forward and envelop her in an embrace. I can hardly believe that she recognizes me, let alone wants to see me.

"Silly Cissy, did you have a nightmare again?" She asks, the familiar lilt back. "You really should stop coming into my room. I'm going off to Hogwarts next year, and then where will you go? You're growing into a big girl. The nightmares must leave sometime."

I pull back from her. "What are you talking about, Bella? You just got back from Azkaban, remember?"

She smiles at me for a moment, then her face hardens. "Who are you? Where am I?" She draws her wand quickly. "What have you done to me, you muggle?"

I can hardly respond before she throws curse after curse at me. Draco comes in and restrains her. She is still so weak, so unlike the Bella that I know.

After a moment, she calms down. "Lucius!" She says, smiling. "Have you brought along little Draco as well? It is so rare that you two come to visit me."

"This is Draco, Bella." I say quietly, hoping that she will come to her senses, that she will be okay.

Bella frowns at him. "No, I would have known if Draco had gotten so big." She turns to me, her eyes widen. "Cissy, you're playing a trick on me!" She laughs, like she used to back when we were children.

Draco looks at me, confused and with no small amount of fear. The Aunt Bella he remembers was never like this. I shake my head at him and he leaves quickly.

Bella's face changes from a smile to fear when he leaves. "Can you hear them?" She asks, drawing near to me.

"Hear what?" I ask, trying to remain calm. Surely she heard a house elf or something. I should really make sure they're more careful so they don't upset her.

"The muggles. Hurry, Cissy, we need to hide. They might see us." She draws me into the kitchen and swiftly shuts the door, breathing heavily. "The muggles have found us. Find the Dark Lord. I seem to have lost my wand—we'll need him to draw them off and kill them."

"Okay, Bella." I say, hoping she'll remain calm. She doesn't seem to notice that she's gripping her wand tightly. I leave to find Lucius and tell him the bad news. Hopefully taking her into battle will return her to herself, but it is a risk. I wish, more than ever, that she had never joined this stupid cause.

As I'm about to leave, she grabs hold of my wrist and pulls me to the floor.

"Cissy, do you love me?" She asks, much as I used to do as we were children. I rub her back soothingly and try not to cry.

"Of course, Bella. I will always love you."

She falls asleep in my lap, and I finally let the tears fall.

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