Chapter 4

Author's Note: Blehhh this is such a short chapter. I'm sorry!

Dr. Wayland made his appearance during dinner. He waltzed into the dining hall where Alec, Maria, Maryse and Isabelle were just finishing their meal and got their attention by announcing, "The doctor has arrived!" Everyone at the table looked up and took score of the man's appearance. He appeared to be about Alec's age, with golden hair, golden eyes, and golden skin. Wearing a long grey coat, a rimmed hat, and a self-confident smirk, the young man somehow managed to look both rebellious and professional at the same time.

"Dr. Wayland! How nice to see you on such short notice!" Maria said, breaking the silence that had occured. She had made plans with him the day before, at his father's fish market.

The blonde tipped his hat at her. "My good lady, I pride myself on being punctual." He said with a wink, causing Maria to blush and Maryse to turn red from anger. "And, please, call me Jace." He looked around the table. "May I get introductions from you good people?" He asked, and they all complied by telling the doctor their names. "I see." He said. "Pleasure to meet you all. Now, could one of you show me to my patient's room?" He directed this question at Maria, obviously as a hint for her to offer, but it was Alec who stood up.

"I'll take you to him, Doctor." Alec pushed his chair away from the table and placed his napkin beside his half-eaten meal.

"Very well." The blonde said, covering his dissapointment with a rougish grin, "And call me Jace, my good man."

With some fairwells to the people still seated a the table, the pair left the dining hall and made their way through the halls to Max's room. Alec knew the route by heart. Jace, while looking around with admiration at the decore of the place, insisted on carrying a conversation with Alec as they walked. At first, Alec thought it was because the doctor liked the sound of his own voice, but he soon came to realize that Jace actually wanted to learn more about him.

Their chit-chat was cut short when they came to their destination. "This is it." Alec said, stopping in front of the door. Then, Alec uncomfortably asked, "Would you mind if I stayed for a bit?"

Jace gave him a knowing smile. "You want to see if I'm good to your brother." He stated and Alec blushed, but nodded. "That's sweet. Sure, you can stay for as long as you like...or as long as Max wants you to stay."

"Of course." Alec said compliantly and then Jace opened the door. Entering first, Alec announced, "Max, your new doctor is here."

The young boy sat up amongst his thick blankets as Jace entered the room. He ran his eyes over the confident man. "You're younger than I thought you'd be, Dr. Wayland." He said as Tabitha the nurse took the tray off his lap and left the room quietly.

Jace took off his hat and hung it on the bepost, letting his golden locks fall haphazardly. "Yeah I get that a lot." He said with a lopsided grin. "And please, call me Jace."

"Jace." Max seemed to taste the name on his tongue. "It suits you."

"Thank you, young sir." Jace said, taking a seat beside his bed. Alec stood awkwardly by the door. "My real name is Jonathan Christopher Wayland, but that's such a mouthful, so I just took the initials."

"J.C." Max said triumphantly. "I get it."

Jace winked at him. "You're a sharp one." He took out a clipboard from his briefcase and Alec chose that time to quietly slip out of the room. The doctor was obviously kind to his brother, and Max seemed to like him already. Alec had no need to stay there.


It had been three days since Magnus had last seen Alec. He didn't know why, but he felt a strange connection with the boy. Sure, he was a little jealous of him. After all, Alec did have everything he didn't. He was rich, he had a place to live (a castle, no less!), and he had a family. Magnus, on the other hand, had no money, no home, and he was utterly alone. His mom had run away and never come back and his dad had died of the disease outbreak a few years back. Magnus was left with nothing, and had been stealing things to survive-clothing, food-as well as sleeping wherever he could find a warm place.

Besides these hardships, Magnus had actually managed to stay a happy person. He found ways to entertain himself by making mischeif whenever he was bored. It made him enjoy life and he always tried to keep a positive outlook on it, despite his hardships.

The teen also got some extra money by singing in the square. He didn't have any instruments, but he sometimes used everyday objects to enhance his performance. Usually, though, Magnus would just stand and sing. Some of his songs were known folk-songs and others he had written himself. He would place his felt hat on the ground and people would throw in coins as they passed by and listened. Besides getting money, the music was a way for Magnus to express and enjoy himself.

When he had met Alec, Magnus was stealing some apples. He hadn't expected to get to know him when he first saw him, but decided to strike up a conversation when he noticed how lonely the other boy looked. They soon became partners in crime but Magnus wasn't sure what they were now...friends? He hadn't had a friend in a long time.

Looking down at the sparkly clip grasped in his palm, Magnus reflected how it felt to have a friend. He really wanted to see Alec again, but he didn't know how they could ever meet up. Alec lived in a castle somewhere and Magnus was always on the move, never in one place of the villiage twice.

He really hoped that they could find their way to each-other like the first time.

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