A rainy night in Minas Tirith, Legolas and Aragorn sat by the fire, drinking and talking of their lives over their pipes. Legolas mentioned a maiden that captured his attentions today in the main hall, and aragorn couldn't help but smile at the last time Legolas had told him of his romantic interests.

"Do you remember, long go when you loved that pretty slip of a mountain elf?" He asked. Legolas coughed as he inhaled his pipeweed the wrong way.


Aragorn leaned back in his chair, still smirking at his friend. He remembered back to a day in Rivendell, when Legolas had finally admitted that he felt a spark of a feeling towards one of the young visiting mountain elves.


"NO ESTEL! Don't tell Melia! Don't! No!" A shy young Legolas tugged on a mischievous Aragorn's sleeve, begging him not to tell the mountain elf of his affections.

"Come on Legolas! She will go back to the mountains in a few day's time, and you won't get anything!" Aragorn yelled in reply, trying to detach the young wood elf from his shirt.

"Maybe that's better" Legolas wailed pathetically. Aragorn rolled his eyes and dragged Legolas along the hall.

The two inched to the room where the young object of Legolas' affection was sitting, reading a book. Aragorn finally got fed up with Legolas' whining, so he picked him up and threw him into the room so he landed on his face in front of the mountain elf, slamming the door and locking it on the two.

"That should do it" He said as he walked away, dusting his hands off.

As he walked back through the square, he noticed a rather appealing tree, so he slipped the key into his pocket and climbed up the tree for a well-deserved nap.

Flashback End~

Aragorn watched as Legolas paused halfway through a sip of ale, remembering the same scene. The wood elf flushed, setting down his mug.

"Of course, how could I forget how you locked us in that room for several hours, then you hid and fell asleep with the key. Elrond was not pleased"

"I remember you were both crying at the end" Aragorn snickered. Legolas flushed more. The two fell into silence as the embers slowly died down.

"What happened between you?" Aragorn asked, puffing on his pipe. Legolas gripped his mug of ale.

"She laughed at me, then I got so upset I yelled at her, which made her cry, which made me cry"

Aragorn raised his eyebrows.

"I was eleven, Estel" This brought a smirk to Aragorn's face.

"If I recall, you got me back sometime later, when you caught me with Maldiel's daughter"

"Elrond was definitely not pleased"

"Indeed, no"

Their eyes met, their looks turning into amusement.

"We got him back, didn't we?"

The looks turned into full blown laughter.

"He nearly skinned us alive" Legolas guffawed. "It took weeks for that bad patch to grown back"

"Good times" Aragorn laughed. They raised their mugs and toasted to each other.

"To Legolas and Estel, official troublemakers of the elven world" Legolas said.

"And more" Aragorn finished.

The two touched mugs again, the amusement in their eyes knowing no bounds.

"You still should have asked that would elf to stay, in my opinion" Aragorn said through a mouth of ale. Legolas spit part of his drink back into the cup, causing Aragorn to make a face.

"Don't ask me to drink from your mug now" He muttered, taking a long draw in his pipe.

"She never wanted to see me again" Legolas replied, frowning at his now tainted mug of ale.


"May an orc eat you, Estel"